Top 60 Mommy Blogs You Should Check Out Right Now

Having trouble searching the web for the best mommy blogs? This list will help you narrow down your choices!

In no particular order, here are the top 60 mommy blogs that parents can follow. From breastfeeding to maternity fashion, autism to kid-friendly recipes, these sources can help you improve and brighten up life with your kids.

It may be difficult searching for the parenting blog that suits you, so here we’re listing down some of the best! Take a look around and see which blog fits your lifestyle best


1. Scary Mommy

Scary Mommy was created by Jill Smokler in 2008. What started out as a blog that chronicles her days with kids has turned into something way bigger!

In 2015, it was acquired by a big media company. Since then, the blog has not only expanded topics but also added lots of useful parenting online tools like videos and news.

Divided into seven sections - Pregnancy, Kids, Living, News, Dads, Video, and Confessional (most of these have more subtopics) - the blog taps into a long list of parenting issues, from naming your baby to addressing special needs.

2. MamaVation

With over 187,000 likes on Facebook alone, this blog covers topics like health, wellness, food, and beauty - all of which will help both parents and their children.

What makes Mamavation unique is it’s the Activism section, which tackles topics from big corporation activities that affect children, to online food stamps. Founder Leah Segedie is a food activist, so you're in good hands!

The Health section is notable as well, as it features lots of well-researched wellness articles and tips that all parents can relate to and easily apply to everyday life.

3. Jolly Mom

Want to be a creative parent but don’t know where to begin? Check out this blog! Jolly Mom is an excellent site for arts, crafts, and other artistic pursuits. It regularly offers freebies, discounts, and offers too!

In this blog, Piera Jolly has a lot of artistic categories - from crafts to party ideas. There is also a comprehensive section devoted to recipes, which is excellent for parents who sometimes run out of food ideas. The printables are also pretty neat!

4. Cool Mom Picks

The hip and trendy Cool Mom Picks is the blog for moms (and dads!) who are looking fresh ideas - whether it’s for gifts, kid’s fashion, baby necessities, or food.

The Gift Guide section is excellent for those who want to give great baby/kid gifts, but don’t have the time to go to shops or the internet for ideas.

Arguably one of the best features of the blog is the Baby section, which is basically a one-stop shop for those who want to know about trendy and functional items (sub-sections include Maternity Wear That Doesn’t Suck, Strollers + Stroller-y Things).

5. Honest Mum

This site has been around since 2010, so you're sure that it has only top-notch content. Owned by blogger, writer, and filmmaker (among other things) Vicki, Honest Mum is an excellent source for articles on parenting, family, and everything in between.

Aside from articles on parenting and having a family, this award-winning blog is also excellent for moms who’d like to read about topics like style, beauty, and travel. The recipes and the original videos are wonderful, too!

Those who would like to start their own blog can learn a thing or two from the Blogging Tips section.

6. Mom Trends

MomTrends focuses more on lifestyle and fashion features. From maternity wear to clothing that you can buy for your kids, this one has got you covered.

Started by Nicole Feliciano in 2007, the site has expanded into a successful media brand. One of its goals is "to help busy, style-starved women keep in touch with what’s hip and cool."

This is excellent for moms who are into beauty trends, fitness, and wellness - it has articles that lets you take care of not only the kids but yourself, too!

7. Alpha Mom

This tastefully-designed blog is also very easy to navigate, and the witty article titles and captions are refreshing.

One of the highlights is the useful pregnancy calendar, which gives expecting moms lots of useful materials for pregnancy. One simply needs to sign up, and she’ll be able to receive a weekly newsletter.

It also has a comprehensive pregnancy section, which will helps expecting parents in topics like childbirth, preconception, and safety.

The Popular Columns section has a wonderful, comprehensive list of helpful advice, tackling topics like single motherhood, and raising teenagers.

8. Mom Does Reviews

The mom behind this review blog is Pam Maynard, an MRI technologist, a mom, and a wife. She does lots of product reviews, and also writes about fashion, food, and pets.

It has great content on parenting - topics range from pregnancy to adoptive parenting, dealing with tantrums to child safety, and has a great section on fun and easy-to-make recipes that both kids and adults will enjoy.

The section Pets is one of unique features in the blog. Here, Pam discusses/reviews topics like pet treats and advice on getting a pet.

9. Kelly Mom

This is the site that parents must definitely visit if they need science-backed articles on parenting.

KellyMom focuses on evidence-based information on a wide array of topics under parenting and breastfeeding. The website owner, Kelly, is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, so you're in good hands!

The Pregnancy section has a lot of very useful articles about breastfeeding, discussing topics like milk production, how to begin the process, and its benefits.

The Nutrition section discusses topics like breastmilk nutrients and composition, vitamins, and supplements. There are also lots of links to further reading!

10. RockinMama

RockinMama is a blog that was started by mom and nurse – who wanted to write about her son’s first year. It has evolved to a site that contains “lifestyle resource for the modern mom.”

This one’s excellent for all parents who have children old enough to go to theme parks - there are features on destinations like Disneyland, SeaWorld, and Legoland. The Crafts/DIY section also has a lot of great ideas and easy-to-follow instructions.

The wonderful thing about this blog is that – it writes a lot about personal experiences, so you know that what you’re getting are raw content and first-hand experiences.

11. A Nation of Moms

This blog is owned by NYC-based Marysa, a mom of two. Her blog is a great source of ideas for moms with babies, toddlers, and small kids!

One of the best things about this blog is the eco-friendly advice (under the Life section, which also covers topics like finances, health and fitness, and technology). Marysa has a Masters degree in Resource Management/Environmental Education, so she knows what she's talking about!

The site is also an excellent source of food ideas. The Food section has got everything you need, from baby food to vegan options. Watch out for a lot of great giveaways, too!

12. Design Mom

Another blog that has a beautiful website! As the name suggests. DesignMom was created by designer Gabriel Blair, a mom of six, and an author of a best-selling book.

This is a great website for parents who want to be updated on current parenting trends, as well as those who are very particular about design - the site is a haven for tasteful trends you can't easily find anywhere else!

Another great feature of the blog is the DIY section, which has well-curated and easy-to-execute ideas that both parents and kids do (and strengthen parent-child bond while you’re at it).

​Since it’s a design blog, you’re sure that you’ll get only the best projects!

13. Mom Fuse

The great thing about parenting/lifestyle blog MomFuse is it covers a wide range of topics about raising kids, building a home, and wellness.

For instance, one day they'll have an article about making the house a kid friendly place, and the next day they'll talk about weight loss tips for busy parents.

The Recipes section of the blog is one of its best features. Here, there's a long list of great food ideas for the entire family, from appetizers to mains, snack ideas kids will love to slow-cooker recipes.

The Mom Blog Directory is excellent for those who are looking for further reading. The site has a long list of useful mom/parenting blogs that are conveniently arranged in categories!

14. Scrapbook Blog

This one used to be a blog that's more geared towards fashion and beauty, but it has since evolved to family topics, like being a mom and raising a family.

This is a great source of ideas and stories if you'd like to get first-hand experiences. As the blog name suggests, this one is basically like a scrapbook of family life - from pregnancy to travel, breastfeeding to recipes and restaurant reviews.

A section that really stands out is the ‘What the Kids’ did, read, wore, and played with, where blog owner Lauren lets us in how she spends her days with her kids - she writes stories, takes photos, and gives advice. You really can’t get more genuine than that!

15. Your Modern Family

One of the things that make this blog unique is the Saving Money section, which gives a lot of helpful advice on how to manage finances - from paying the mortgage to how to effectively use coupons.

Becky, the owner of the blog, is a mom of four. She used to be an elementary school teacher but is now a stay-at-home mom.

Aside from Your Modern Family, she is also the author of best-selling book "Potty Train in a Weekend."

The blog has excellent content on both not just parenting and kids, but in marriage as well!

16. Janet Lansbury

Some would recognize the name, and yes, that is Janet Lansbury, the model/actress who rose to popularity in the late 80s.

This blog, however, is not about entertainment. Janet took classes for Resources for Infant Educarers (RIE), and soon became an RIE associate and certified Parent/Infant Guidance class instructor.

She exhibits her expertise and knowledge in this blog, which has a Parenting Advice section, which tackles topics like babies and their behavior, and infant and toddler development.

​Those who’d like to contact and consult with her may also do so (fees are provided on the site), but take note that she gets a lot of letters, and bookings can take months.

17. Abundant Mama

The Abundant Mama Project is a place where moms can get inspiration; a community that offers tips and encouragement on parenting, motherhood, and everything in between.

Motherhood could be very chaotic, and this blog hopes to give advice and support on how to find peace. This is a great place for moms (and both parents, actually!) who would like to get advice on how to take care of themselves.

From mindfulness to playfulness, this blog has so many wonderful suggestions on how to make sure that both you and your child is getting the necessary care and peace.

18. Wry Mummy

Looking for a mom blog that’s both informative and entertaining? Wry Mummy is for you! Witty writing, useful how-tos, and helpful reviews.

The blog has great articles about raising kids/parenting ("How to Parent When You're on a Diet") and family ("Does School Suck The Fun Out Of Family?").

Arguably one of the best sections is the Wry How To's, which are as entertaining as they are useful. It’s no wonder that site owner Jess - mom of three and also a writer for the Huffington Post - continues to receive honors and features.

19. Mummy Daddy and Me Makes Three

What started out as a hobby blog during a maternity leave has turned into a family site that has developed quite a following (they now have thousands of followers on social media).

Mom Katie uses this site to tell stories of the family's adventures - from topics like travels to building their new house.

Her husband Jon also helps out in the blog - from coding to taking the photos.

One of the best parts about the blog is the beautiful photography! The pictures they take - whether it's the adorable photos of the kids or a shot of the entire family in an amazing backdrop - are always so pretty and full of soul.

20. Thrifty Nifty Mommy

The blog was started by Janessa, a mom of four, in 2010. Originally focusing on reviews of family-friendly items, the blog has evolved into a go-to site for everything about family, babies, and parenting.

Aside from tips and features on having a baby (i.e. breastfeeding, home birth, baby gear, feeding), the site also has educational arts/crafts features and giveaways. There is also a helpful section devoted to pregnancy loss.

There are sponsored posts on the site, but the great thing about them is that they remain useful and educational.

21. Birth Without Fear Blog

The blog name says it all - this one's a beautiful blog that discusses the different choices that women have in childbirth.

If you are pregnant and looking for a site that will walk you through the different options for your pregnancy, this one is for you! This site is packed with educational articles by mothers, for mothers.

Aside from different birthing methods, the wide array of topics covered includes breastfeeding, co-sleeping, circumcision, and loss.

22. Hands Free Mama

Great design, great content! This blog is an excellent source for parenting advice, as well as articles that will teach parents about self-love.

The owner of the blog is New York Times bestselling author Rachel Macy Stafford. She now has three books: 'Only Love Today', 'Hands Free Life', and 'Hands Free Mama'.

Needless to say, this site has all the expert advice you need.

Parents who are interested in attending her speaking engagements can check on her tour schedule on the site. If you're thinking of purchasing her books, this is a great place to start and get acquainted with her style.

23. Have Baby Will Travel

Traveling with your baby, toddler, or young child? This blog is for you. Created by mom Corinne McDermott, Have Baby Will Travel is a place where parents can get tips on how to be on the road with a child.

It’s a “one-stop shop web brochure for busy parents with questions on traveling with baby”. Here, you can count on doable and practical tips - Corinne’s work has appeared in big publications like Toronto Star and The Huffington Post.

From road trips to flying, cruising to theme parks, this site has got all the essentials covered. There’s a great section about Disney destinations, too, for those who would like to visit the theme park with the kids.

24. Positively Oakes

The photos alone will make you want to spend a long time on this blog! This wonderfully-designed blog is owned by Jess, who created the site in 2012.

Positively Oakes is a lifestyle blog that has great content on fashion, style, and even décor, but also has useful material on pregnancy, motherhood, and raising

The idea of the blog is to tackle the different aspects of family life - from having an organized home to taking care of oneself, from raising a child to going on family vacations.

25. A Mom’s Take

One of the great things about A Mom’s Take blog is it has different voices and perspectives. Janel owns and is the lead blogger on the site, but there are other moms that are part of the team, too.

This is mostly a lifestyle blog for parents - some of the categories include holidays, activities for the family, travel, and crafts.

The site is loaded with practical tips on building an efficient household too - ie. Hanging DIY towels, how to properly do laundry, how to arrange a guest room and son on.

26. Be a Fun Mum

Be a Fun Mum has loads useful pieces on fun activities, DIY projects that you can do with the kids, and other easy-to-make crafts.

All of these point to one goal: to be a mother who celebrates herself and others, to enjoy motherhood, and to be free.

It’s inspiring not just because of all the creative ideas, but because of the joy that a parent would have while doing them.

You will definitely not run out of ideas here - the Facebook followers will agree.

27. The Survival Mom

This blog, created by mom Lisa Bedford, started on 2009 when she learned about the concept of prepping, which is basically preparing for possible emergencies by stocking on supplies.

According to Lisa, “preppers quiet plan for the possibility of an emergency.” The goal is to be self-sufficient and prepare for worst-case scenarios practically.

If you’re a prepper, or simply want to know what prepping is all about, this site is a must visit.

One of the most unique sections of the site is called “Skill of the Month”, which is a great resource for acquiring new, practical skills. You don’t necessarily need to be a prepper to do this - looking to learn new things is enough to participate!

28. Romy and the Bunnies

This one is for the moms who want to be constantly updated on topics like style, fashion, fitness, health skincare, and travel.

One of the best sections of the blog is simply called "Interviews." Here, the site features mothers from different fields - entertainment, fashion, design, and art (just to name a few!)

This site helps mothers and mothers-to-be with health, wellness, style, and everything in between - their 46,000 Instagram (a very well-curated page) and 4,400 Facebook followers agree.

29. I Am Not the Baby Sitter

This site features affiliate links to features products and promos - a great source of ideas and inspirations on everything about family and parenting.

From gift ideas to the best beauty products for travel; from tips on how to make your home cozy to a list of things to do before conception, this site has useful and entertaining content that parents will love.

Because the articles have affiliate links, you will be able to read up on the topic you're interested in using other sources.

30. Obviously Marvelous

Obviously Marvelous is a lifestyle blog that caters to parents who are having a baby or raising a family.

This site has helpful articles about pregnancy - having articles about things like the best nursing bra, maternity clothing, diapers, and so on. The Food section has a lot of really great recipes that you can easily make at home, too!

There are also loads of useful reviews and exciting giveaways on the blog, so not only will you be able to get a good article - you’ll also get a chance to get free stuff.

31. The Twinkle Diaries

Caro, the blog's owner, is a designer and an art director, so you're sure that this site has well-curated content and beautiful design.

This is the site that you must definitely visit if you're into everything style, art, home, and DIY. The Life section has great stories about Caro's family life, and Adventures has plenty of great family travel advice.

One of the most unique features of the blog is the Pantone section, wherein she uses Pantone palettes to help parents with styling - from dressing up to decorating a home. This section alone has already so many wonderful ideas.

32. The Fab Mom

You might have seen this blog owner on TV - she's Jill Simonian, a TV host, journalist, author and Parenting Lifestyle expert.

This blog has been featured lots of websites and magazines, so you're sure that you're getting great content.

The goal of the site is to motivate lifestyle for mothers - Jill posts about her family, work, and how she balances both. The site has very useful on topics like parenting, food, product finds, and fitness.

One of the best features of the blog is the Fails section, where you'll get to see the beauty in imperfection!

33. Anchored Mommy

The Baby category has a lot of helpful tips and tricks for moms taking care of newborns, toddlers, and young children - topics range from helping babies get over acid reflux to breastfeeding in public.

Blog owner Brittany is a military wife and fitness enthusiast, so expect a lot of great workout suggestions and a glimpse into her military life.

Style and beauty tips and the great Recipe section, have excellent, easy-to-do tips as well.

34. A Boy and His Mom

This site is owned by a single mom of a little boy (thus the blog name). It might look very simple, and minimalist compared to the other items on this list, but the content is packed with useful information on everything parenting-related.

There aren't any categories provided, so first-time visitors will just basically need to scroll down and see if they find something they like.

The blog has great posts about food, and a lot of wellness, health, and fitness advice, too! Readers can also watch out for great giveaways.

35. 5 Minutes for Mom

5 Minutes for Mom is a blog that focuses on raising a family and taking care of oneself. The sections include Family, Fashion, Health and Fitness, Travel, and so on.

The site was founded by twins Janice and Susan, who wanted to create a website that not only provides informative articles but entertaining content as well.

One of the things that make the blog stand out is the Stop Bullying category, which helps spread their wonderful anti-bullying cause.

36. Simply Being Mommy

There are many articles that are sponsored, but the great thing about this blog is Crystal, the owner, makes sure that she discloses if it is and ad, and says that all ideas and opinions are her own.

If you'd like to read some first-hand accounts and experienced on surrogacy, this is an excellent site to visit. Simply click on the surrogacy archives on the site and read about her journey.

The Travel section, filled with loads of tips on how to travel with kids/the family, is also a joy to explore!

37. Bellyitch Blog

The Bellyitch blog is a great site to visit if you're into news about family, parenting, kids, and celebrity pregnancies. It boasts of being a "5-times daily round-the-clock unique content" blog for parents who need their daily dose of information.

One can visit this site without any particular subject in mind, but since there are so many interesting topics, you will surely end up learning a new thing (or two!).

The site has special sections for coupons and giveaways, too, so readers have more to watch out for.

38. Clarks Condensed

This family blog talks about a wide array of parenting and family topics. Some of the main highlights include pregnancy, breastfeeding, parenting, and marriage.

It also has a lot of easy-to-make recipes that are very easy to make and kid/adult friendly, as well as craft and DIY activities that you can do yourself or with your kids!

Arguably one of the best and practical section is the Thrifty Living, which can help a lot of parents with budget and money.

39. Mom Spark

Mom Spark was founded by mom Amy Bellgardt, a lifestyle and travel blogger and a social media strategist.

This site is filled with all things pretty and delicious - from mermaid-themed parties you can throw for your kid, to a fruit pie that you can prepare as snacks for the family.

The DIY section is noteworthy - packed with ideas that you can do with your kids or some quirky, easy-to make projects that you can add to your home.

40. Parenting Chaos

Looking for a site where you can get contains strategies on education and play? Parenting Chaos, a blog is for you!

Arguably one of the strengths of this blog is the section called Autism, where parents will be able to get great ideas on how to help, deal, and live with children with the condition.

This is also an excellent source of educational activities for children - there are dozens of options, making learning ABCs and 123s extremely fun.

41. Cherish 365

This blog was created by wife, mom, and journalist Jennifer Borget. Cherish 365 is a site mostly devoted to raising children and a family, and the joy and challenges encountered in between.

With a slogan that goes "Making the Most of Every Day," Jennifer shares with us her life with her husband and kids. Aside from tackling pregnancy and having a baby/kids, this site is also an excellent source of first-hand tips on what it's like to homeschool children.

It's also worth mentioning that the site's design is beautiful, and the photography is amazing! There are also great sections on interracial marriage and multiracial parenting.

42. Project Nursery

Looking for a creative family/parenting website where you can get decorating ideas? This one's for you!

Created by Melisa Fluhr and Pam Ginocchio, Project Nursery has amazing DIY, design, and decor ideas for all types of parents!

The kids can join in on the fun, too (these are great for family bonding activities).

This blog has a big following on social media. The well-curated content is supported by over 150,000 people on Facebook and has 234,000 followers on Instagram.

43. Tall Mom Tiny Baby

This site shows that pregnancy and raising kids could be tough, so parents should have a strong support system to help them get through all the changes and challenges.

Tall Mom Tiny Baby: the Adventures of Mary Larsen is a blog that aims to be "a one stop shop for honest, humorous, and real parenting tips and stories".

Entertaining, smart, and extremely useful, the articles on this site will help parent become more confident in what they do - from raising kids to personal health and wellness. They also have their very own podcast!

44. The Simple Moms

The Simple Moms blog's goal is to be the go-to site for moms all over the United States and beyond.

One of the best things about this blog is that the owners tell the readers what they really think of the products that they feature.

All items that they review are really tested by the bloggers themselves - honest and helpful!

There's a wide array of topics and sections here, but some that really stand out are the Frugal Living section, which offers practical tips and discounts; and the Recipes, which can also be great bonding experiences!

45. Thoughtful Parent

The Thoughtful Parent is a blog that contains research-based child development articles, aiming to provide helpful and insightful information on parenting and raising a family.

Blog owner Amy has a doctorate in Human Development and Family Sciences, so you know that you're in good hands! She has two little boys of her own, and she’s using this blog to share with us how she’s turning them into responsible adults.

The site is not divided into specific sections, but it's really not a big deal. A simple visit will open you to so many interesting topics that you would want to read about.

46. The Mad Mommy

Wife and mother Echo aka The Mad Mommy owns this honest, funny, and helpful blog that all parents can relate to.

There are recipes, reviews, and giveaways, but this site's biggest strength is really in the helpful articles and honest posts about important topics like autism, bullying, and stress.

Her son was diagnosed with high functioning autism. Under the parenting section, Echo writes articles about autism and how her family deals with it - lots of things to learn here if you are going through the same thing.

47. Triad Moms on Main

Triad Moms on Main is a parenting resource for those in Triad, North Carolina area. While it contains a lot of helpful resources for its target audience, parents from any part of the world will also have a lot of great things to learn here.

There is a wide range of useful topics for all types of parents: from delicious recipes you can make with the kids to summer activities you can do as a family, from infertility to depression.

There is a search box on the upper right side of the page, so if you're looking for a specific topic, all you need to do is type it here!

48. Out and About Mom

Like the previous blog, this blog is a resource devoted to a specific area, but this doesn't mean that people outside of the target audience are left out!

Out and About Mom, which targets the Connecticut area, has a lot of great outing ideas for the family. If you are not from here, you will still be able to find loads of great ideas and tips that you can apply to your next family outing.

Check out the Extras section for some links for further reading on topics like crafts, baby, food, and travel.

49. The Pumping Mommy

Having trouble or simply want to learn more about pumping and breastfeeding? This is the one site that you should spend some time exploring!

The Pumping Mommy is devoted to all things "liquid gold," aka breast milk. From pumping accessories to making breastfeeding schedules, this site has loads of information and great advice on the topic.

This blog will teach the basics, discuss pumping issues, review products, and even introduce moms to their rights as a breastfeeding employee. Indeed, a one-stop shop offering everything for breastfeeding.

50. Dr Psych Mom

Dr. Psych Mom is Samantha Rodman, a Maryland-based psychologist/author behind this site. She has written two books: How to Talk to Kids About Your Divorce and 52 Emails To Transform Your Marriage.

In this site, she tackles topics like parenting, sex, and couples counseling. If you don't find what you need on the sections, you may also choose to send her questions (there is a specific category for Q&A).

If you want a site that has family, parenting, and couples advice by an expert, this one should definitely be on your list!

51. Pregnant Chicken

Pregnant Chicken has been around since 2010, delivering features about pregnancy, having kids, and raising a family.

Aside from the attractive, clean layout, this site is extremely entertaining. It's funny and educational at the same time. It's not every day that you'll come across mommy site categories like "asshattery" and "scary shit series"!

Some of the most helpful sections are the pregnancy calendar, a glossary of pregnancy terms, and the reviews. Whether you're expecting or currently enjoying parenthood, this is a site where you can definitely learn!

52. Marvelous Mommy

This blog not only has beautiful design and photography, it also has excellent content as well.

Marvelous Mommy is Amy, a 29-year-old mom who has been blogging on this site since 2010. Here, she shares her life with her family of four - from life at home to their travels.

Those who would like to get inspirations on what food to prepare for the family, there's the Menu Plan Monday section with excellent meal ideas. The DIY Projects category has loads of fun activities to do, too!

53. Mommy Palooza

Candy, owner of Mommypalooza, talks about topics like parenting, family, style, beauty, and everything in between.

From easy-to-do recipes to loads of great giveaways, this blog always has something new for readers. The Disney section is extremely helpful, too!

The Product Reviews section has a lot of useful information on items that you may consider checking out! It has a wide range of featured baby-friendly and parent-approved items.

54. Mommy B Knows Best

Mommy B Knows best doesn't have a specific niche - instead, it's a great source of different parenting and family topics. As the description states, it's a hodge-podge website of all things family.

The website is conveniently divided into six categories homemaking, healthy living, social good, travel, fashion, and reviews. Most of these have sub-sections, so you won't have a hard time finding what you need.

One of the categories that stands out is the Reviews section has loads of honest and helpful articles about items that you might need.

55. The Choosy Mommy

The Choosy Mommy is a blog that aims to be the go-to site for parenting and kids. This is owned by Christine, a mom of two who is based in western Pennsylvania.

The blog is focused on product reviews, and there are features on topics like health, travel, and safety too! Simply scroll down the list of articles, and you'll surely find something that you would want to check out.

Don’t know where to begin? Look at the left-hand side of the page to see the list of popular posts. Keep an eye on the different giveaways, too!

56. Preparedness Mama

As the blog name suggests, this one's about preparedness. Created by Shelle Wells, this is a great site to visit if you're the type who always wants to be ready for unexpected events

If you'd like to start your own garden, this site has excellent articles on how to do it DIY, complete with the steps and materials you will need. This section talks about topics like herbs, soil building, and composting.

Another section that stands out is simply called Preparedness, which tackles topics like survival kits, water storage, and finances. The Food Storage section has loads of great tips as well!

57. This West Coast Mommy

The blog is mostly focused on what's happening on the Canadian West coast, but those who don't live in the area can get a lot of great ideas here, too!

The West Coast Mommy is a well-curated site that parents will find useful. Moms who are expecting can read the Birth Stories section, written by different writers who have experienced it themselves.

Want to read great articles devoted only to cloth diapers? The unique thing about this blog has a great standalone section for this, packed with product reviews and gift ideas!

58. Homemade Mommy

Homemade Mommy is a blog devoted to healthy food and DIY beauty essentials.

The site has a great section called Real Food Basics, where each article focuses on a single food or health topic. If you'd like to learn about essential oils, this blog has also got you covered!

The Real Recipes section contains lots of easy-to make, healthy, and delicious recipes - from pregnancy smoothies and healthy salads to cakes and soups.

59. The Military Wife and Mom

This blog is by a nurse and mom Lauren, who uses the site to help parents, military spouses, teachers, and caregivers by providing great advice, useful recommendations, and beautiful stories.

In The Military Mom, Here, she aims to help parents to tackle big challenges using actionable, step-by-step solutions. Some of the common topics include parenting, motherhood, and self-love.

There are also lots of helpful material about military life and being a military wife.

60. Bipolar Mom Life

Bipolar Mom Life is a blog owned by Jennifer, a wife, mother, and mental health advocate. She has Bipolar Disorder – type 1 and uses the site to blog about her experiences, learnings, and everyday life.

This blog is brave and helpful. It takes a lot of courage to talk about mental illness, and this is where Jennifer succeeds.

If you are a parent who has a similar condition or simply want to learn more about it, this is a good site to visit - it's raw, honest, and helpful in so many ways.

This blog has received some honors, including The Best Bipolar Blogs of 2014, 2016, and 2017; and a finalist in a health activist award.


The internet literally has thousands of good mommy blogs, so I hope that you found the ones that you need here! I hope you had a great time reading this article and exploring the 60 blogs. I sure had a great time writing it!

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