How Will I Know If the Room Temperature for Baby is Right?

One should remember that babies are different compared to grownups, after all, they’re still fresh out of the room and their skin is still super soft and sensitive. The room can never be too cold or too hot for a baby because if it is, they wouldn’t be comfortable. So, what is the ideal room temperature for baby?


Need something to tell the temperature?

Do not be contented in estimating the temperature of your baby’s room; you’re going to need the right device to help you. No need to spend so much money on expensive baby thermos or anything like that, after all, it’s just this easy!

1. Baby Monitors

In this world of technology, baby monitors are something that every mom would wish to have when their child is sleeping in another room.

However, in this generation of baby monitors, they aren’t just for listening or watching your baby, they come with an inbuilt thermometer for the room. An added feature to keep your baby safe.

2. Regular Room Thermometers

If you don’t have any baby monitors at your disposal or you aren’t planning on buying one anytime soon, a regular room thermometer will be able to do the same thing. Just put it inside of your baby’s room, and there you will have the right device.

Are You Putting Your Baby at Risk?

​You’d probably think that a little too hot or a little too cold would be alright?

"NO", do not settle for probabilities. You are putting your baby at risk.

​When your baby is exposed to a hot or cold temperature, it is a severe medical situation often linked to SIDS. As the season change so does the temperature. A parent’s responsibility is to frequently monitor the temperature of the room to ensure safety.

​A quick touch to your baby’s tummy or chest is efficient in knowing if they are cold or hot. Remember that babies are vulnerable to temperature when in a deep sleep. Make sure that the tummy or chest is warm and dry. So when your baby starts to be fussy, it is a hint that there is something wrong!

​What is The Right Baby Room Temperature?

Experts say that the ideal temperature for a baby’s room is between 18-22 degrees Celsius.

You think it is too cold?

Results of the certain research have known that this temperature range is safe and comfortable for a baby.

Regulate the Temp: “Keep your baby’s room warmer at day and cooler at night.”

If you do not own a thermostat, you can leave the windows wide open at day and use a fan during night time.

Temperature Guidelines:


18 degrees Celsius


21 degrees Celsius


18 degrees Celsius


22 degrees Celsius

Above are just guidelines, every baby is different so be vigilant! Ideal temperatures will also vary from every country.

What country are you?

There are countries that are super warm or super cold all throughout the year

You just need to adjust and look at the average ideal room temperature of 18-22 degrees Celsius.

REMEMBER: Babies are frail and fragile, pay attention to them and look for signs of chilling or overheating.

What are the signs that a baby is overheating?

Sneaking into your baby’s room before going to bed just to check the temperature is a routine for most mommies. But checking the temperature is not just enough. Below are signs that your baby is overheating.

  • check
    Your baby is warm to the touch.
  • check
    The skin is red, noticeable in the cheeks.
  • check
    Heartbeat is unstable, alarmingly rapid.
  • check
    High body temperature but is not sweating.
  • check
    Vomiting and Dizziness and appearing to be confused.
  • check
    Emergency Alarm: When your baby is non-responsive, do your best to coolthem right away!

What are signs that a baby is cold?

Exactly the opposite of overheating, you would also know if your baby is cold. Here are the signs:

  • Your baby’s hands and feet are cold.
  • The baby’s tummy is cold.
  • Your baby will look uncomfortable and fussy.
  • Room temperature is too low.
  • Emergency Alarm: Again, when the baby is unresponsive, this needs a quick remedy. Keep you baby warm right away. Being unresponsive is one sign of hypothermia.

What to do when room temperature is too cold or too hot?

To keep your baby’s comfort and safety, fix the problem right away. Here are some tips for you to do.

When it is too hot:

  • Open some of the room’s windows to let the cool air in.
  • Relocate your baby’s crib where the sun can’t directly hit your baby.
  • Change your baby’s clothes and blankets to light ones.
  • Change your baby’s blanket to thin ones
  • Turn on or Lower the temperature of your air conditioner.

When it is too cold:

  • Use warm clothes and blankets for your baby. Layer them if necessary.
  • Regulate the ideal room temperature.

May it be too warm or too cold, it is important to keep on checking the baby in the room. Monitor frequently. The only way to keep them safe is our being there for them always.

Was this just the right information that you were looking for? Was there anything that was left unsaid? Is there something else that you wanted to know?

Questions aside, hopefully, you understood what to do when it comes to regulating room temperature for baby. Keep your baby neither too warm nor too cold. Either way, keeping them always comfortable is every parent’s magic.

If you know anyone else who needs this article, please feel free to share. Our purpose is to help parents giving information for the safety of their babies!

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