How To Pick Safe Toys For Your Active Baby

If you respect your child’s right to play, you will buy him or her safe toys to play with. It is worth noting, however, that toys are not just playthings. They educate and inspire your child. By so doing, they impact positively on his or her growth and development.

Buying toys for children is guided by three main factors, namely:

  • The age of the baby.

  • The gender of the baby.

  • The type of toys available.

  • Let us consider each of these factors briefly.

The Age of The Baby

Right from the time a child is born, she grows mentally and physically. Every day, month and year brings new changes, and so requires new toys and games. For example, from the first day to the end of the first month, infants stare at their hands. They also track movements with their eyes. In the next month, they begin playing with the fingers they were staring at in the previous month. They also begin smiling.

Days come and go. Playing with fingers graduates into gripping objects firmly. A kid plays with these objects in the third and fourth months. The smile is gradually replaced with laughter. The fifth month comes with the ability to transfer objects and toys from one hand to the other. In the following month, the child can rake small objects with his or her hands. This is the time to buy toys like never before.

After the cross of six months comes a myriad of changes to the child. Precisely, she crawls and scoots in the seventh month. She then sits comfortably without your support in the eighth month. By the ninth month, she will try to crawl up the stairs. She will also be able to clap her hands and she will enjoy interactive games.

During the last quarter of the year, the child can stack and sort her toys. She needs staking toys. If she comes across a book, she can turn the pages one by one. She will imitate your actions. When you make a call, for example, she will try to make one with empty hands. This is the time to buy her phone-like toys.

The Gender of The Baby

Children’s toys are tied to their growth and development into responsible adulthood. A boy will grow into a responsible man while a girl will grow into a responsible woman. This means that each baby requires a different set of toys. Naturally, boy will be fascinated by ride-on toys such as tractors with trailers. A girl, on the other hand, will be awed by teddy bears.

The Type of Toys Available

Some toys are not allowed in some countries. Others are just not available in the market when you need them. A child will make use of whatever is available for play. That is why you will see kids playing with spoons, cardboards, and plastic bowls. It is also possible to make handmade toys for your children.

Buying Guide for Toys for Your Active Baby

You now know the factors to consider when choosing a toy for your kid. Here are a few tips to buy the best toy from the market :

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    Understand your child - Don’t adopt the one-size-fits-all technique when choosing the right toy for baby. Every child is unique. For example, some children walk before they reach their first birthday. Others walk a while later. Therefore, consider the unique abilities of your baby and choose a suitable toy.
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    Buy a safe toy – Make sure you consider all the safety guidelines before you buy a toy. For instance, a good toy for your baby should be made of a safe material and should not have sharp edges.
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    Read reviews – You are always advised to read user reviews of toys before you buy them. This is so especially if you are buying the toys for the first time.
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    Too much of everything is dangerous – Buying your baby too many toys will do more harm than good.

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