Newborn Won’t Stop Eating! How to Survive It?

Are you worried? As a new mom, you might be wondering if your newborn is getting enough milk from you or she just can’t resist your milk. It may impose a problem in your part since you can’t get enough rest. You really do not need to worry about it; It is natural for some newborn to do this at some point within their early weeks. You can stop worrying when your newborn won't stop eating or feeding. You are about to learn why and how to overcome it!


How to know that this is just normal?

Another term for this condition is cluster feeding. This happens when your newborn won’t stop feeding. She will keep on asking for more several times in an hour. This is actually normal, allowing your newborn to feed longer and empties the milk. This will trigger another reproduction of milk for the breasts and will occur at about first to the third week of the newborn, on a daily basis, or random. As the newborn gets older, this will eventually subside.

However, there are also signs that would alert you that something is not right. Here are the signs:

• A newborn who feeds but does not gain weight. Let a doctor examine her.

• A newborn who is attached to the breast all the time and does not calm down or sleep after cluster-feeding must have certain medical conditions.

How to Overcome it when newborn won’t stop eating?

So not condition your mind that when your newborn won’t stop eating, it would make your life miserable at all times. There are always ways on how to make both yours and the newborn's day as comfy as possible.

 You observe your newborn’s usual feeding time. Once you have established her routine, prepare for it. You plan ahead. If your newborn will stop her non-stop eating at early dawn, that means you get a good sleep at night.

You drink a lot of water. When you feed a lot, that means you give a lot of milk to your newborn. Replenish your liquid as needed, always ready a glass of water at night.

​ Relax! You already know when your newborn won’t stop eating. Before the time comes, prepare your room or wherever you want to feed her. Put all the things that you need within your reach. Water, magazines, music or even food. Make it as comfortable as possible.

​ Make sure you are full before feeding. You are going to make yourself a feeding machine, so you better give your body the nourishment it needs.

 Call a friend. I tell you feeding a newborn for hours is boring. Invite somebody to talk to.

 Do not wait for your newborn to get hungry. In the long run, you will tend to know when she is about to get hungry. Offer your milk immediately to avoid her crying.

 Walk around. Do not stay in the bed or on the couch for so long. Mind you: It is so stressful. Walk around and bring your newborn with you. She will love it. Buy a sling so that you can carry her properly, and your hands are free! Watch a video on how it is when using a sling.

Here are recommended slings for you to choose:

  • Kangaroo Newborn Wrap
  • Safe Newborn Wrap
  • Hip Newborn Wrap

Use a breast pump. Pumps are very useful. You can prepare your milk ahead. When the feeding time comes, you can go out and enjoy or simply relax. Your husband can take care of your newborn.

How to be aware that your newborn is hungry?

There are familiar cues on how to recognize when your baby is hungry. Know them before they start crying. Be alert when you notice these!

 When your newborn starts to discover that her hand can be a pacifier.

 Notice when your newborn keeps turning her head from side to side? She is hungry!

 When your newborn acts like she wants to be fed.

 Starting to suck the blanket

 Your newborn is crying endlessly.

 When your newborn starts to be easily irritated and sensitive.

Here is a short video to see newborn cues when hungry.

How to tell if you are overfeeding your newborn?

When you notice your newborn have had a lot of feeds already, you start to wonder if she already got more than enough. How to tell?

 When your newborn is starting to spit out the milk, that means she got more than enough. Her tummy is already full so tendency, she might vomit afterward.

 Check if your newborn has wet nappies than expected. If you have more than eight wet nappies a day, she had more than enough.

 Extreme Flatulence - overfeeding leads to extra gas in the tummy. This could be painful and uncomfortable.

 Huge burps and frequent hiccups-obviously, your newborn just had a feast!

 Easily annoyed- just a little noise will wake her up, or a little kiss will make her cry.

Can’t sleep soundly- you newborn cannot sleep straight. She will cry in between sleep, and this could be tiring for moms.

 Your newborn is gaining more weight than normal, check the weight chart for newborns. If yours is way ahead, better start checking the amount of intakes.

Did you learn a lot from this article? Are you no longer worried? Remember the tips that we have just presented to you. Whether you breastfeed or bottle feed, they are still applicable. It is important to know that your newborn will always have enough milk from you. The more she feeds, the more you produce milk. Share these to moms who are now worrying about newborn won’t stop eating!

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