Newborn Won’t Sleep in Crib: Amazingly Helpful Ideas on How to Make Them

Know the reasons why newborn won't sleep in crib, wonderful techniques on how to tuck them in, Safety Reminders for Parents and other related tips.


Are you worried that your newborn won’t sleep in crib? As a mother, you would always want to tend to your child. Seeing your newborn in this situation would stress you out, but don’t worry. This problem is extremely common once it comes to newbie mothers. It will be easy to get newborns to sleep in no time. Get ready to learn how to face the struggles and conquer it with flying colors.

Why Your Newborn Won't Sleep In Crib?

You feed your child some good milk, having a few minutes of playing and tossing him or her into the air and after that, you tuck the little one in the crib to sleep, but you notice the cute and adorable eyes are still widely open, what?! Yep, you are the only one exhausted. Your newborn is totally up and alert. You have to make those adorable eyes doze to sleep. How to make your newborn sleep in her/his awesome crib? You’re going to have to understand and learn how to cope with this first.

​6 Reasons Why Your Newborn Won’t sleep in Crib:


Your Newborn isn’t Comfortable with the Crib

Newborn skin is very sensitive, unlike toddlers, kids, teens, and adults. The sheets might be too rough, too hard, or too flat. If you are to welcome a newborn at home, you’re going to have to buy nice, soft and fluffy sheets so that your baby will be nice and comfy. Make sure to make the crib neither too hot nor too cold.

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Your Newborn Can’t Get Enough of the Excitement

After a long day of hugs and kisses, the kiddo gets curious. They are so new to the world that they want to have adventures and explore to learn new things. That is why they stay up. Besides, newborns can’t get enough of the bonding with mom. On top of that, over-excitement could lead to exhaustion. Being tired makes newborns cranky.


The Newborn’s Hungry

This is one of the most common causes of newborn crying and mommies have the instinct for when to feed. Remember those nights you can’t sleep because your stomach is growling all the time? No one would want to bear that in the middle of the night or day. Your newborn may be feeling the same way and would want to be fed some nice milk from her mother

Tip : Best not to let your newborn get used to being fed in her room. This will make her learn the distinction of the room from the rest of the house. Her room is for sleeping only and not for feeding/eating.


The Newborn is Not Used to the Crib

Your newborn needs you and wants you to stay by her side. She got used to it for the first few moments from birth. She would miss your voice, warmth, your scent and even the beating of your heart when she gets close to you. Putting her in a crib could be empty for her. She is not used to it, the comfortable mattress does not match the softness and warmth of your skin, the silence of the room would make her long for the sound of your heartbeat and your voice. For her, the crib is a strange and lonely place.


Your Newborn Simply Detest Being in it

Do you remember those terrible moments when you were already stressed, annoyed, unhappy or just busy, you tend to put your newborn in the crib? Especially those times when you are out of your wits, you just have to surrender them to their cribs? Yeah, without you realizing it, the newborns tend to associate that with abandonment or punishment. The next time you tuck them to their crib, their memories goes back to those unpleasant experience. Newborns are very sensitive, in all aspects. So it is not really the actual crib that she hates, and it is something that you can’t buy from the shops!


Does Your Newborn Have Some Medical Conditions?

Before you decide to separate your newborn from you during sleeping, make sure she does not suffer from Colic or any other medical conditions that would make her need you often. It is dangerous to leave a newborn alone in the crib without assistance

6 Ideas on How to Make Your Newborn Sleep in the Crib

After knowing the reasons from above, how do you plan to make them sleep inside?

1. Make the crib comfy like your embrace

You must have made all the effort to make the crib comfy for your newborn. Remember, neither too warm nor too cold. Too soft nor too hard. However, swaddle your newborn when you are putting her to sleep, it would make her feel that she is still cuddled up in your arms.

2. Do the Simple Steps of “How to Make your Baby Sleep Soundly Alone”

Make a Time Plan : 

  • 1st Week- Stay close to your baby while she or he is asleep.
  • 2nd week- Sleep with your baby but a little bit far apart.
  • 3rd Week- Sleep with your baby but on another bed or sofa in the same room.
  • 4th week- Let your baby sleep alone in the room but with you checking on him or her every 5-10 minutes.
  • 5th Week- Go to bed. Your baby’s a true learner.

3. Make a before sleeping routine

Be consistent in making a routine. Once your newborn gets used to it, she is ready to sleep in the crib. This will serve as the finale of the day for her every night.

Here are some ideas:

  • Giving your baby a nice warm bath- a fresh and relax feeling can help newborns doze off. Here is a video on how to bath a newborn
  • Read a Nice Story - Hearing your soothing voice can make them feel secure and safe.
  • Feeding time - feeding time with mom is not just about the milk. The familiar warmth of the mom’s touch makes newborns fall asleep. Do not overfeed and make sure to make them burp before going to bed.
  • Give your newborn a little time to play inside the crib. Satisfy her want to do so until she feels drowsy.

4. Focus on your newborn

From the before bedtime routine until your newborn fall asleep, You need to stay focused. Allocate this time just for her. Limit distractions.

This is a time to connect. Your newborn will feel it. Before you go out of the room, leave a gentle light on, a background music (nature background is best), turn on the baby monitor. Do this, daily, the same time, the same routine

5. Make your newborn know you are with her

  • Try using a mattress that has your scent. It is like smelling you all over.
  • Leaving a record of your voice talking to her, a song from you, or a story narrated by you.
  • The simplest and the most common is putting the newborn’s crib inside your room. At least for now, you will get your bed back. How to make your newborn sleep alone in her room, would be another story

6. Make the crib a happy place

Slowly familiarize your newborn to her crib. Spend time with her inside. Make it a fun place by putting toys in it. Let her own it. Establish happy memories with her in it. Now, that would be a fantasy land when she sleeps.

A Few Reminders for Your Newborn’s Safety:

  • If you are to leave your baby alone, make sure there is no small object that she can put inside her mouth. It may choke her.
  • Don’t place objects near your newborn’s crib. It might fall and hit her.
  • Do not place the crib near the window or near electrical wires.
  • Keep a “Baby Monitor” in the room just in case. 

How did this article help you? It covered at least some of the basic issues on mother-baby transitions. It may appear to be easy as you read it but in reality, this is a tough job for a mom to do. It is not just the newborn who does not like to leave mom’s side but of course mom too. This requires firm conditioning of the mind and a lot of support from loved ones around. Share this article with everyone who is having the same transition and give us some tips on how you made it!

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