Mommies to The Rescue: Why My Newborn Won’t Sleep Alone?

Learn why newborns cry when they are alone, how to make them sleep alone and safety reminders for you to remember!

Worried that your newborn won’t sleep alone? When you are a new mother, there are lots of baby stuff you need to understand. Sure, you searched every forum on the internet, but when it comes to real situations, there are moments that you like to panic. No need to worry, let your mother instincts guide you and certainly you will get there. In this article, you will learn why babies cry when alone, how to make them get used to it and some friendly tips to help you carry on.


​Why Do Newborn Won’t Sleep Alone?

You have already fed her, tucked her in the crib and seems like she has fallen asleep. Yeah, it took you forever to do that too. Yet, when you start your first step out from the room, she suddenly cries. Huh! How would you feel? First, you need to understand why. Learning the reasons will help you how to deal with it.

She is just not sleepy yet

This happens when she has a lot of activity during the day. All are something new to her, so everything makes her excited. It may be the loud voices of family members, the many hands who wanted to carry her, the kisses, the cuddles and all new discoveries! She just can’t get enough, she wants more!

She is too Alert

Do you have a sensitive baby? Some babies are very sensitive and alert to sounds. Footsteps, phone ringing, voices or car engines. Just a slight sound would immediately wake her up. It is much difficult during wee hours of the night and everything is quiet. A little toy dropping would make her scream! This is true too with skin sensitivity. A little feeling of rough in her clothes won’t make her happy.

Exhausted Baby

An overtired baby is very hard to put to sleep. Not familiar of being worn-out, she is just as irritable and uncomfortable altogether. This usually happens after big events like visitors or outdoor activities. Needing a moment of peace and quiet, she would calm down if you are too. Check on your mood, maybe you are feeling the same, they can tell, you know!

She needs to see the light

Babies must learn that there is the day, and there is night. Being used to the outdoor routine early in the morning when the sun is warm and soothing. It restrains a hormone called melatonin that controls the sleep-wake cycle. When night comes, it would make her feel sleepy.

The baby is hungry

When your baby is used to feeding before going to bed, she would think that that is the usual routine. It won’t be a hassle if she only gets hungry at daytime. Yet, when it occurs at night, it would be tiring for you. Try to change your feeding earlier within the day before short naps. Cut out the feeding before bedtime.

Whenever possible, do not feed her in her room. That would make her remember that her room is for sleeping and not for feeding. After feeding her at night, put her back in her room to sleep. Here is a short video to lighten up your day. It would also make you better understand what you are going through. 

​How to make your newborn sleep safe and sound alone?

I feel you! You desperately want your bed back. More importantly, you need the sleep and good rest for you to be able to take care of your baby. A healthy mom, a happy baby! How would you do that?

Do it Gradually: Make a time plan.

1. First week, you let your baby sleep with you close to her side.

2. Second week, let your baby sleep with you on the bed but apart to each other.

3. Third week, let your baby sleep with you on another bed or couch but the same room.

4. Fourth week, you can time yourself on checking on him maybe every 5-10 minutes. Making the baby feel you are always around.

5. By the end of the week, you are free to go, mom!

Keep a Distance

It is normal that your baby would cry sometimes when alone in the room. Let somebody else go and check on her (maybe your partner). In this stage, avoid frequent interaction with her as much as possible. She would learn that even if she cries, she won’t be taken out from her cot.

Toys and other accessories

Bring out all the toys and other baby stuff you hoarded when she was not yet born. It is show time! Musical toys, wind chimes, voice records of you, or simply relaxing music that can help put her into a deep slumber. Here are a few that you might want to buy :

  1. Chime Toy
  2. Wind Chimes
  3. Infant Soothe and Vibe Portable Soother
  4. Musical Mobile

Make her entire place comfortable

Provide her with smooth sheets, comfortable and not irritating. Cool sheets if summer and warm sheets during winter. That goes with her clothes too. Put her in the quietest room in the house. Give her a little light on (a tiny baby lamp would do) and make the rest of the room dark.

Above tips are for you to do it alone. However, there are moments that you need to take a break and have a time for yourself. It is recommended that you call a family that knows how to take care of babies like “your mom” or a close friend you trust. Let them do it for you and enjoy a “mom’s day off”.

Here is a video for you to enjoy, try to pick up some tips too! 

Surely, everything is getting clear in your mind and guessing, you already have lots of plans on how to start another night with your baby. Before we wrap-up, we have a little something for you to get by.

Safety Reminders When You Leave Your Newborn Alone Inside the Room

  • Do not forget to keep the sides of the crib to be always up
  • Invest on baby monitors, smoke detectors and fire extinguishers for a fire emergency
  • Keep electrical wires out of baby’s sight. Put plastic caps on all live outlets.
  • A big “NO” to pillows.
  • Use baby-friendly wall paints. Keep small objects away
  • Crib rails must not be widely apart. 2-3 inches is safe enough.
  • Keep crib far from electric lamps and place it away from windows.
  • NEVER leave the baby alone in the house.

By now, everything should be black and white. Do not worry, mommy always knows best. As a mother, you have this instinct on what is the right thing to do. This article is just a friendly guideline to make your life as a mom a bit easier and stress-free.

And to all daddies out there, we are pretty sure, you are alert on learning these tips too. Kudos, to both of you! If you want to share your own experience, try to comment here, we would love to know!

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