Newborn Spitting Up Blood: Facts You Need to Keep in Mind

Imagine a parent’s reaction when their newborn is spitting up blood. They would be absolutely terrified to imagine that scene let alone witness it.

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Just think about it, it’s just like any other day, and you are a parent holding their beloved newborn inside of your arms, and then suddenly they start hacking and coughing until you find a glimpse of red spilling through their little lips. Horrifying.


What are you supposed to do? Why is your newborn doing this? What caused it? Go a little further down, and you will find everything that you need to know.

Hemoptysis in Newborns

What is Hemoptysis in newborns? Well, it is what we call when newborns are coughing up blood or bloody phlegm. We can’t really say that this is what your newborn has right now, after all, there are many possibilities, but you must never rule out something as dangerous as this.

Hemoptysis happens when your newborn has something wrong with something inside of their lungs. It could be a damaged bronchi, larynx or trachea. This could be associated with cancer if the newborn was older.

Take caution !

Possible Causes Why Your Newborn is Spitting Up Blood

There are many reasons as to why, but before you panic and start thinking that your newborn is in serious medical condition, you must first check if she is having a fever, a swollen belly, or lethargy. Here’s a small list of reason as to why your newborn would be spitting up blood.

1. Swallowed Maternal Blood

​First, you must look closer and see if your newborn has red flecks that resemble freckles. Their saliva should also be pink tinged, including their spit or vomit.

If you see these symptoms, they must’ve swallowed maternal blood. This means that the blood came from you or perhaps from your breasts or nipples when you were breastfeeding your child.

2.​ Forceful Spit Up

​Newborns vomit, that’s not something new. However, there are times when during vomiting or spit ups it would cause a small tear in one of the blood vessels within your newborn’s esophagus.

3. ​Clotting Disorder

​During a home delivery, there are chances that your newborn didn’t get a vitamin K injection. It may be cheaper, but nothing beats the extra care that hospital birthing gives your newborn.

4. ​Nasogastric Tube

​If you have given your newborn the nasogastric tube procedure or maybe something else related to it, he or she might have gotten a trauma or an irritation that is continuously leaking blood.

5. Pulmonary Arteriovenous Malformation

This is a rare type of malformation. It’s when there is an abnormal opening between your newborn’s lung artery and a lung vein, and this happens a lot when it hasn’t been oxygenated. This can be something very expensive to take care of since it requires surgery.

6. Goodpasture’s Syndrome

This is a condition where both the glomerulonephritis and the pulmonary hemorrhage is accompanied by circulating antibodies against the basement membranes.

This affects the kidney and the lungs. This means that there is something wrong inside of your newborn’s immune system, making it attack the healthy cells instead of the bad ones.

7. Laryngitis

This is what happens when your newborn has an inflammation of the mucous membrane lining the larynx. The larynx is located in the upper part of the respiratory tract. It may be the reason why your newborn is coughing up blood.

8. Esophagitis

This happens when there is an infection affecting the esophagus. The esophagus is important because it is a tube where the food passes until it reaches the stomach.

9. Nosebleed

Blood from the nose traveled down to the throat. The newborn will spit it up or cough it out. This is very common and not to worry about.

10. Irritation of the throat from violent coughing

When a newborn has a cough, frequent coughing can irritate the throat and may bleed. This is one minor cause of newborn spitting up blood. Nothing to get alarmed about. Once a cough is healed, so does the irritation.

11. Tuberculosis

An infection of the lungs is a serious cause of newborn spitting up blood. Your inborn might have gotten infected by the bacteria through the air when somebody infected by it cough or sneezes.

If you believe that there really is something wrong with your newborn, immediately go to the hospital and contact a pediatrician. Nothing beats mother’s instinct. Do not delay a treatment for your newborn longer than it’s supposed to; There are chances it could be fatal.

If your baby is having symptoms of abdominal distention, green vomiting, lethargy, or a fever, that’s when you must definitely go to the hospital. It’s at times like this when you should search for prompt medical attention.

​Here’s a video on how you are supposed to handle normal spit-up newborns and when they vomit.

Things you need to remember when newborn starts spitting up blood!

​Read through all of these steps carefully, you don’t want something bad to happen to your newborn now, do you?

STEP 1 : Don’t Panic!

You should never panic at times like these. Keep your presence of mind. You might cause an accident that makes stress for your newborn, making the situation even worse. You work through the situation as calmly as you can and make sure that you have the rationality to think things through clearly.

STEP 2: Observe your Newborn

Go back up and see the different symptoms and reasons that explain the possibilities of what’s happening to your newborn. If you find that the symptoms are just pint-tinged newborn spit-up or vomit, that means that the blood didn’t come from them, but from you.

​If you find that there really is something wrong with your newborn and that things are more serious than they seem, you must take procedures to make sure that your newborn is as comfortable as they can be.

STEP 3 : Stay Calm and Contact a Pediatrician

​There might be no need to go to the hospital just yet. Contact your preferred pediatrician and tell them the different symptoms of your newborn and ask them what’s wrong and if it’s serious.

​STEP 4: Rush to the Hospital

​If you can’t contact a pediatrician and it seems that you have no idea what’s going on with your baby, and you feel as if there is something really wrong, you have to go to the hospital immediately and give your newborn the care that they need.

During the ride to the hospital, you must make sure that your newborn is comfortable because coughing up blood can be very painful.

​It is essential in situations like this to never ever panic. If you panic things can result in something negative. Clear your mind and focus on the safety of your child.

Tips on how to minimize your newborn’s spitting:

​Here are natural tips that are easy for you to remember. Simple but essential to help control your newborn’s spitting-up.

Ensure that your baby burps after feeding- It will prevent air from building up inside her tummy and lessens spit-ups.

Lessen movements- every after feeding, lessen movements that would keep your baby in motion. Do not swing or rock her too hard.

Do not overfeed- give fewer portions of milk. Feed your newborn in short intervals. Never make her too full.

Different ways in soothing your baby when in pain:

Your newborn may not be able to complain because they aren’t able to talk, but they must be in a lot of pain due to that coughing and hacking. Especially if they are coughing up blood. They might even start crying.

If you are still unsure on how to soothe your baby when they are in pain, here are a few tips.

• Swaddle your newborn

​A baby always needs warmth, and they are most comfortable when they are basking underneath their mother’s natural heat. Cover them up with a soft blanket and lay them down on your chest so that they can calm down.

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​• Distract your newborn

​Distract them from the pain. Try to do anything you can that would grab their attention away from what’s hurting them. You can do many things! Give them their favorite toy, make silly faces, give them soft music, the silence inside of a running car, and especially… the voice of their parents.

Talk to them as much as you can, even though you know that they can’t understand you.

​• Caress your newborn softly

​Skin contact, that’s what your newborn needs. Give your baby as many cuddles as you possibly can. Mother’s warmth will calm the newborn down. Never stop caressing the baby because the constant rubbing will keep the baby focused on that feeling.

​• Try Tylenol

​If your newborn starts crying and you aren’t able to stop them from doing so, that must mean that they are in severe pain.

Give them something light like Tylenol that would take care of their pain for just a moment, in result giving them relief.

If you need more explanation and examples as to how you are supposed to soothe your newborn, here is a video that I provided that you must watch in order for you to further understand what it is that you are supposed to do in order for you to calm a crying newborn.

Are you satisfied with the information that we have provided you? If the situation is already as bad as it can be, don’t delay getting your newborn to the hospital. Stop everything you are doing and go right away. Your newborn needs attention, and if you aren’t a new parent, then you would know this very well.

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