Newborn Rolling Over for the First Time: Is It Not an Overwhelming Emotion?

Life! When new skills like newborn rolling over are being manifested for the first time, it is a stepping stone to life itself.

Memories! Get ready to race to the drawers and grab your camera to video your baby rolling over and doing other stunts for the first time.

Hardship and Determination! Let your newborn be inspired and learn new things his or her way. As a parent, you must know how it will all feel! Get ready to know the reasons and facts why your Newborn is Rolling Over!


Why do Newborns Roll over?

When newborns are gaining control of their movements, it is a good sign that their physical development is getting more stable and stronger. Rolling over for the first time means newborn is gaining control in her head movements. This would usually be followed by sitting down and of course rolling over.

And what motivated them in doing so? It could be her desire to go near you or that toy that she really likes to get.

Newborn Rolling Over - Is It Good?

Rolling, sitting down and climbing are a good exercise for your newborn. It is good for strengthening the bones and hand grips. Since it is something new for her, at an early stage, she will learn a little purpose on how to go about in her life.

You better give her a challenge daily, like putting her bottle and toy further from where she is lying down. It will keep her mind and body busy.

Learning new moves will give newborn confidence and courage making her want to do more! It will not take long before she learns to crawl and stand!

When and How do they learn how to roll over?

During her next few months of age, your newborn might be crawling on her belly on the floor, so it is obvious that she will always start from belly to back. Most of the time she will fail and end up lying down and not turning over at all. After this, they may do it vice-versa. Newborns will learn how to roll over during their first 3 to 4 months.

Since rolling over does take in a lot of muscular strength for them, during their 6 to 7 months rather, they will be able to master it nice and easy. Yet, newborn’s physical development varies from each other.

Here are the steps on the newborn’s early physical development:

1. 1-3 month-old

  • Turns her head from side to side while lying on back.
  • Turns her head from side to side while lying on back.
  • Starts to use her arms for support at the same time raising her shoulders. This is like the push-ups you see in the gym although theirs are cute mini ones.

2. 4-5 month-old

  • Those mini push-ups gave your newborn muscle strength that made her ready for the next steps. By this time, she will start to arch her back and lift her chest off the crib
  • Can do the swimming thing on her tummy, kicking her legs and using her hands forward motion
  • Good head control and rolls over from side to side.

3. 6 month-old

Muscles all ready, your newborn starts rolling over from belly to back and vice-versa. Well, some babies skip some steps like crawling or rolling over and go straight to sitting down and climbing. Humans as always are unique in every other way.

How to teach your newborn to roll over?

​When you see your newborn rolling over needs perfection, you can teach her how to do it better and faster. Teaching your newborn is easy once she is determined to learn how to roll.

Motivate her.

You are at the same time helping her develop motor skills and enhances brain activity coordinating the left and right side of the body responsible for handwriting and reading.

Step 1 : Put a toy or milk at the side where she wants to roll over. She will try to take when hungry or wants to play.

Step 2 : Lie down by your newborn’s side, further than usual. Try to see if she tries to roll over wanting to get close to you.

Step 3 : When your newborn starts to roll over, you can assist her gently to the side where she wants to until she learns to do it by herself.

Step 4 : Do not limit her space. Keeping your newborn inside a stroller or other equipment that does not give her enough space to move will prevent her from learning to roll over. Place her in open space like on the floor.

Step 5 : Give your newborn plenty of time to experiment on movements. They are still curious on things that she can do.

​Do not overdo this. The newborn will eventually learn how to roll in their own time. Do not hasten it; It might do harm than expected.

What happens if your newborn doesn’t roll over?

​What happens you ask?

Well, it is really just fine. Your newborn will learn eventually. Newborn developments do not occur at the same time to all. Your newborn might be able to learn something else that would intrigue you.

​If your newborn has not yet learned how to flip one way to the other and he or she is already 6 months old and is still not able to learn how to sit up and crawl, then I suggest you should go bring her for a check-up. A little help from the experts will give you a big relief.

Tips for Parents During This Important Milestone

To make these moments all to be happy and exciting, here are some useful tips for parents to help experience this milestone with fewer bumps.

1. If possible always place a newborn on a wide flat surface for easy locomotion and where there are enough light and air for playing time.

2. Place a soft mattress for your newborn to lie on. It will at least protect her head from hitting the hard surface of the floor.

3. When inside the crib, be sure to pull up the sides to prevent your newborn from falling.

4. When on the bed, put large pillows at the edges, to stop your newborn from falling down.

5. Free the space where your newborn is lying down from blankets, pillows, fabrics and other things that might suffocate her.

6. Keep away toys that can be swallowed or sharp that might hurt her during the process.

7. Every time your newborn shows progress, show her encouragement and assurance that everything will be okay.

8. Do not compare the progress of your newborn to others. Each of them is unique.

9. DO NOT LEAVE your newborn unattended.

So how was this piece of information? Was it enough to make you feel okay with your baby rolling over? Well, I hope it did! Get ready for life itself!

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