Newborn Chapped Lips: How to Effectively Get Rid of It?

Learn some home remedies, given medical facts, guides on how to prevent it, know the causes, how to help your newborn and some useful tips. 


It looks like cracked! Have you been into this predicament before? Chapped lips is a very common and minor skin disease on the lips but seeing your newborn suffering from it is disturbing. It would make you wish to have the pain instead. Newborn chapped lips may be a minor skin disease, but once it comes to feeding, it is truly depressing. You need to know what it is all about to help newborn and yourself, right away!

What are chapped lips?

Chapped lips appear to be skin peeling on your newborn’s lips. It looks like dry skin that is starting to crack. This could be very uncomfortable and painful for them especially if they are hungry and need to feed.

Causes of Newborn Chapped Lips

If you find your newborn's lips are cracking, it may be because of one of the reasons. Try to find out which of these you think may have caused it.

Licking of lips- The saliva will quickly evaporate making your lips dryer than before. Continuous licking will irritate the skin resulting to chapped lips.

Dehydration- lack of water will eventually make newborn skin dry. This will lead to chapped lips condition.

Hot Weather- Can lead to Dehydration. The heat will lead to your newborn's constant sweating. Be sure to replenish water.

Breathing through the mouth- Will dry newborn's lips as she releases air.

• Sucking of lips- the same outcome as the licking of lips.

• Medical Conditions- Certain diseases like allergies may cause chapped lips. Be keen to find out; It is a clear warning.

• Dry Winter- the same outcome for Hot Weather. Humidity dries up skin bad.

• Too exposed to the wind- Too much exposure can make newborn's lips dry or freeze.

• Medications- Newborns who have certain reactions to taken medicines may have chapped lips

• Lack of Vitamins and nutrients- some newborns are born to have certain vitamins and nutrients deficiency. Chapped lips may occur while they are still stabilizing the immune system.

• Cosmetics allergy- if as a mom, you are fond of cosmetics, do not kiss your newborn's lips with your lipstick on.

Either one of these problems is the cause of your child’s cracked up lips. It’s okay to let your kid go out and have fun but just be aware and alert of these reasons.

How to Prevent Chapped Lips?

Fortunately, chapped lips can easily be prevented. The key is to be observant and diligent in taking care of your newborn.

 Make sure the temperature in your house is just right to make your baby cozy. If it is winter, invest for a humidifier, it is worth it.

Here are best humidifier models to guide you when buying:

 When going outside in a windy or cold weather, let newborn wear hoods and swaddling them can help.

 When in medication, ask your pediatrician if the drug has a history of newborn allergies.

 Never kiss your newborn with your lipstick on. Cosmetics have chemicals that are harmful to newborn's sensitive skin.

How to Treat Chapped Lips?

Home remedies are effective and cheap but if you observe that condition is worsening, consult a doctor. Let us try some remedies at home.

• Apply Petroleum Jelly or olive oil on your newborn's lips before she sleeps. This will help moisturize the lips while protecting her from drooling in sweet slumber. A baby lip moisturizer would also be recommendable.

• Another method is to gently spread breast milk on your child’s lips with your two fingers. You should leave a bit of the area wet. Breast milk has healing properties and can protect your newborn from certain bacteria.

• Feed your newborn properly. Make sure she gets enough. It is advisable to schedule your times on when you need to feed her.

Here is a video on how to bottle feed newborn the proper way

Here is a video on how to breastfeed newborn the proper way

How to tell if your newborn is suffering from any medical issues?

Chapped lips may be a sign of a serious medical condition. If you see anything strange with your newborn's breathing, color, or regular activities, you must know there is something wrong. Be alert for “symptoms” to early detect possible situations.

Here are some out of many health problems that you need to look out for:

Dehydration- Newborn who is dehydrated may display these conditions:

  • Always sleepy or sleeping
  • Gets easily irritated
  • ​Dry skin
  • Sunken eyes and fontanel
  • ​No more tears when crying
  • ​Dry mouth/lips
  • ​Less number of wet diapers

​• Breathing Through Mouth- although newborns may breathe using their mouth, sometimes this is a sign that they may have some respiratory problems. Check if she has colds or a cough. This means she is suffering from stuffy nose and could be a problem during feeding

​• Kawasaki Disease- a serious medical condition, you should bring your newborn to the doctor right away. Here are the signs of Kawasaki Disease:

  • check
    Fever that lasts days
  • check
    Red Eyes
  • check
    Body Rash
  • check
    Chapped, swollen, red lips and tongue
  • check
    Swollen red feet and hands
  • check
    Swollen lymph nodes in the neck

Knowing what chapped lips is all about, you already have an idea on what to do with your newborn. Do not panic nor be passive about it. Try to maintain presence of mind and think on the right things to do. Being passive may cause danger to your newborn, she may have been suffering some medical conditions that need immediate attention. Be vigilant as a parent. To all the expert mothers out there, we encourage you to share your experience on successful home remedies. It would definitely help another mom in distress!

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