How to Tell if Baby is Breech? Learn it the Belly Mapping Way!

If there is one thing that mothers-to-be can’t control, is the worry of what will happen to her and the baby when it comes. It is real! It is a mixture of excitement and fear. What if there is something wrong inside?

How to tell if the baby is breech? All you like to have is a natural birth. But when there are indications that the baby is bottom down in the uterus, you will fear for the complications!


Are there easy ways to know?

The Different Breech Presentations

Before we move on to the different steps on how to tell if the baby is breech, you need to know the different types of breech positions.


  • Complete Breech - The bottom of the baby is positioned downward with the legs folded at the knees and feet near the bottom.
  • Frank Breec- In this presentation, the baby’s bottom is positioned in the birth canal with its legs sticking straight up in front of the baby’s body and the feet near the head.
  • Footling Breech - This is just complete breech but one or both of the baby’s feet is directed downward and will go out first before the rest of the body. This could be one foot first or both feet together.
  • Kneeling Breec- Actually, this is very rare that it is no often mentioned as one of the breech positions. The baby’s presentation is kneeling (one or both legs) extended to the hips with knees bent.
  • Transverse - The best to describe this position is the “hammock style” when the baby is laying in a hammock. It is very rare though.

It is easier to tell the position of the baby inside the womb when it is already in the last term of the pregnancy. If you are one of those moms who treat ultrasound as the last option, then let us do the belly mapping way.

Belly Mapping

​Belly Mapping is steps of a process that can identify the baby’s position of the mother’s last term of being pregnant. This is a fun and exciting way to find it out. It is literally drawing in your belly the result after mapping.


​If you are greatly interested in this, find a doula or midwife that knows how to identify positions and belly mapping to help you in the process.

​What do you need?

​Of course, the very first thing that you will need in this tutorial is your belly! The rest will follow

  • Marke- You will certainly need this to draw or mark on your belly the position of your baby. Be sure that you will use the kind that is non-toxic. A bottle of finger paint is a very good option to use too!
  • Doll or anything that symbolizes your baby - It is more fun to bring something handy just to use and help you visualize your baby as the tutorial goes along.

Take note: “It is wise to belly mapping right after a midwife or doctor’s appointment. They’re best to tell if the baby is breech.”

Here are the steps. Let us have fun!

Step #1 - Let us find the baby’s head

You would like to assume that the head would be down. If you have not visited your doctor and you are clueless on the baby’s position, then, here is how to do it:

  • Lay down on the bed, relax
  • Put a slight pressure in your pelvic area. Use your hands.
  • Navigate gently all around your belly. Feel the head. You will know. It feels like a small ball. Try to wiggle a little bit, if there is just a slight movement, then the baby is head down!
  • If you feel something soft and round, it is your baby’s bottom. Then you will have an idea that the baby is breech

Take note: The arms and hands of the baby are most likely near the head. You can try to navigate to that part. Take the time to feel the little movements too and try to figure out the position.

Step #2 - Let us find your baby’s heartbeat!

  • Your midwife or doctor can help you locate your baby’s heartbeat. I recommend using the fetoscope if you do not like ultrasound.
  • Once you already know where the heartbeat is, mark an “x” to the area of your belly where it is. If the heartbeat is in the low part of your belly, then the baby is head down!
  • If the heartbeat is somewhere on the upper part of your belly, then most likely the baby is breech.

Take note: The heart is most likely be in some area of your baby’s back. When you feel it, it is noticeable that it feels like a solid, long mass. If there is none, then it might be that your baby is in a posterior position.

Step #3 - Find your baby’s bottom

  • Sometimes the butt of the baby is mistakenly taken as the head. Try to feel your tummy again and feel the hard and round ball. It is easy to identify now since you already know where the head is.
  • Draw a symbolic “butt” on your belly where you felt the butt is located
  • Feel the movements again and remember where your baby moves a lot. It would not be hard to find the legs and knees. It is not hard to forget the hurt it causes too when they move.
  • By the location of the movements, identify where the kicks come from. Anterior? Or posterior? Put another mark that signifies feet on your belly. 
  • If the marks are in the lower part of your belly, I fear it is in breech position.
  • Using your doll prop, make projections on the baby’s position based on the head and back parts location. Try to play with it visualizing the butt and the legs. By this, it is easy to visualize how the baby is positioned in your belly.

Some can get really creative with this belly mapping. Not only did they know the position of their baby, but they also made an art out of it!


Here is a video instruction on how to do the baby mapping. This is one fun way on how to tell if the baby is breech.

Mothers nowadays are more creative and well informed when it comes to pregnancies. Belly mapping is one way to teach you how to tell If your baby is breech or not. Well, whatever the outcome, it surely is an emotional bonding for you, your partner and the baby!

I know that mothers who opted for Belly Mapping discourage ultrasounds. Of course, there is no limit on how you like it to be. You can also have an ultrasound appointment with your doctor for faster and medical approach

For that mom-to-be who likes fun and art, this is for you! You can hit like and share!

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