How to Induce Lactation Quickly: Things You Need to Know

Are you doing adoptive breastfeeding? This article will teach you different methods on how to induce lactation quickly - an introduction on the different methods available to women today.


Before I start the discussion, I’ll give you a brief background on what you need to do before you induce lactation. These pointers are especially important if this is your first time doing it, or if you’ve never been pregnant.

I have tried inducing lactation at home, so some of the items below will be about my personal experiences, while others will be about things I learned from either online research or simply talking to mommy friends.

Below, I’ll provide the most popular options for inducing lactation - some are natural, while others need a bit of help from technologies and supplements. Take a look around and see which one will work best for you!

Things You Need To Know Before Inducing Lactation

​Women’s bodies are truly amazing! Did you know that an adult woman can induce lactation without being pregnant? Your body will respond to either stimulation or medication by making milk.

​Induced lactation is the process of making milk for a child you did not give birth to. Breastfeeding is one of the best ways to form an attachment to the infant, so adoptive mothers use this method to connect to a much deeper level

​There are different ways to do this - some women prefer the stimulation method, while other swear by more advanced medicine. I’ll talk about these two and more below, so you can see all options available.

​Before I begin, I strongly suggest that you will need to condition yourself before you start the lactation process. Over and above everything, you will need to condition your breasts - failing to do so will lead to soreness.

How to Induce Lactation Quickly: The Natural Way

​There are different ways to do this - some women prefer the stimulation method, while other swear by more advanced medicine. I’ll talk about these two and more below, so you can see all options available.

It is not as simple as it looks, however. This method will take time and effort, so it’s likely that you’ll experience frustrations along the way. As I said in the introduction, conditioning one's body is required. If it’s your first time, it will take longer - up to months.

​After a few weeks, your body will understand and assume that it needs milk. Mother nature is truly amazing!

​The idea is simple: all you need to do is stimulate your nipple and areola. This is ideal for women who have nursing partners.

​It is best if you make them latch on you like an infant - for about eight times, 20 minutes a day, “dry breast feed” them. You can also do finger stimulation around the area

​If eight times is too much for you, then you can reduce it to two to three, for 20 minutes each time. After a few weeks or months, your body will respond by producing milk.

​This is a big commitment, and it will not be easy, but your patience will pay off in the end.

How to Induce Lactation Quickly: Using a Breast Pump

If you won’t be able to get help from another person, can try the breast pump method. This is still technically natural, as there is no intake of any substance - the only difference is you’re getting help from a breast pump!

Like the method above, you need to condition your breasts. One suggestion is to pump every two hours during the day and three hours every night in the first 48 hours of pumping.

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After this, you can gradually increase the pumps. For around 8to 12 times every day, you should pump for about 10-15 minutes on low/medium setting. In between, you can massage and likely tickle your breasts. It’s advised that you do this every three hours.

There are too many breast pumps to choose from, so I suggest that you do your research well. These things aren’t cheap, so you must make sure that you’re sure. I’ve heard a lot of good reviews about the Medela breast pumps!

One important thing that I’d like to note is that if you have never been pregnant, there is a chance that using a breast pump may not be the best option for you - but don’t let this stop you from trying! Women’s bodies are extremely unique!

How to Induce Lactation Quickly: With Herbal Supplements

Another way that can help you produce milk is using herbal supplements. One of the most popular product is fenugreek, a spice that has been used since ancient times to increase a woman’s milk supply.

According to studies, fenugreek is said to significantly increase milk production - up to 900 percent! Available in capsule form usually available in health food stores, this has become a popular choice for breastfeeding women to promote milk flow.

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Taken by mouth, fenugreek is also good for those who have digestive problems like upset stomach, gastritis, and constipation. It's also used by those suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome and diabetes (it helps lower blood sugar levels).

I have not tried this particular method, but I know someone who swears by it! A friend who consulted a breastfeeding clinic was asked to try this out, and she said that she had a significant increase in milk flow in less than a week.

One of the most common issues raised by people taking fenugreek is its smell. Many agree that they end up smelling like maple syrup! Their flavors are so similar that fenugreek is actually used as a flavoring agent to imitation versions of maple syrup.

​As with all herbal supplements, you need to take precautions. Some women reportedly develop diarrhea, for instance. Make sure that you consult with your doctor or breastfeeding clinic before you take it.

How to Induce Lactation Quickly: With Prescribed Hormones

Lots of women are also becoming more and more open to medications to help them with lactation.

Take note that if you would like to try hormones - estrogen and progesterone - you should consult a professional first. Do not self-medicate or follow whatever you read online. You need to make sure that it’s suited for your body.

These hormones will imitate the hormone levels of those who are pregnant. One of the prescribed substances is galactagogue - which is a milk stimulating substance. Fenugreek is actually an herbal version of this!

Intake of prescribed hormones such as this one could take months. Again, make sure that you ask a lactation consultant in your local clinic before you buy anything!

Good Luck!

​Was the link useful to you? I hope you had learned a lot from the items I provided below! It is not easy to induce lactation quickly, but the methods above can help you get closer to your goal.

​Got comments? Share your thoughts in the comments section below! Also, don’t forget to share this with family and friends who might need it. I’d also be thrilled to hear stories and additional tips, so feel free to share away!

​Thanks so much for reading. Until next time!

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