How Long Does Baby Acne Last? 5 Things You Need To Know

Baby acne is a condition wherein blemishes and pimple-like dots appear on an infant’s face. This usually happens as early as your baby’s first to second week, and can stretch on for weeks (even months).


As a mother, I have witnessed and experienced this first hand. All my three kids had this when they were infants!

How long does baby acne last? Here are some of the most important information that you should know. Below are some of the things that I experienced myself, as well as things I learned from my readings online.

1. Why Do Babies Get Acne?

​This continues to be a mystery - no one knows for sure if there is one single cause of the condition. There are a number of possible causes, some of which include the following:

Some studies suggest that this could be caused by the mother’s hormones that are transferred to the baby’s system from the pregnancy. This is one of the reasons why it happens so early on in the baby’s life - the mother’s hormones are combined with the baby’s oils.

Others believe that it’s caused by medication - such as those for breastfeeding. It is believed that the baby also takes in these chemicals that result to some rashes on baby skin.

There are also some reported cases wherein the baby is reacting to a skincare product, particularly those that can block pores.

Sometimes baby acne gets worse or redder if you’re living in hotter temperature, or if your baby accidentally scratches it. Spit up milk and saliva on the face are also factors that can aggravate the condition.

2. How Long Do I Have To Wait Before My Baby’s Acne Disappears?

​These zit-like marks usually appear in newborns, so it may come as a surprise to new mothers, but there’s no need to panic! Baby acne is temporary

​So how long does baby acne last, really? There really isn’t a fixed answer to this, as it’s relative. Some babies have it for a couple of weeks, while others have it for months.

​My eldest daughter’s baby acne started showing up when she was two weeks old, and it lasted for about five weeks.

​I was actually on my way to the doctor in the first month because it was taking so long, but I waited it out a bit and then they gradually cleared up-thank goodness!

​I’ve read that it could actually last for a few months, so there is no need to worry if your baby is a bit late. Which brings me to my next point…

3. ​Do I Need To Worry About Baby Acne?

​Baby acne is very common, so my advice is DO NOT panic. Acne on babies is completely normal, so you should not worry if you notice that your baby is developing these spots.

​As I said in the previous section, baby acne will go away. Most babies are not bothered by baby acne, so don’t worry too much!

More often than not, there is no need for you to apply or drink any medication to get rid of it. It’s a natural occurrence that will fix itself in a matter of days or a few months.

However, if you notice that the acne spots aren’t going away (or worse, multiplying) after a month or two, then go ahead and consult your child’s doctor. You will most likely be given a type of gentle topical medication to help the marks subside.

4. ​What Are The Available Medications For Baby Acne?

Someone using coconut oil on baby acne, it's safe and effective method for baby.

​Some parents make use of gentle facial cleansers like Cetaphil to get rid of the baby acne. You can try this too, but make sure that you don’t scrub, or make sure that you use a very gentle towel to wipe it off.


​The good ol wash cloth and water method works well, too! No soap, no cleanser-just some water and a (really) soft cloth rubbed on your baby’s face, neck, and back will do wonders.

I’ve read online that some parents use anti-acne medication like benzoyl peroxide - this is a no-no in my book! It will only aggravate the situation, as these chemicals will be too strong for your baby’s skin. Using strong meds could result in irritation and redness.

A number of online resources are also suggesting that breast milk is a possible solution. Because breast milk has loads of antimicrobial properties, this can combat the impurities. Keep nursing, or you can also dab a little bit of the milk on your baby’s face! Lots of people swear by it!

When it comes to finding the best, most gentle facial cleanser, it is always best to consult your pediatrician. This way, you will be able to get the product that can work with your baby’s gentle and fragile skin.

Last but not least is the cheapest option you have: patience! Wait it out and notice that it’ll disappear on its own. No need for expensive cleansers and irritating lotions-just be patient and the acne will go before you even notice.

5. Is Baby Acne Similar To Milia?

Not all spots on the face are baby acne. You might be confusing baby acne from a condition called milia. Simply put, milia is a type of skin condition that looks like tiny white dots that grow on the face (particularly the cheeks, nose, and chin).

This is very common in newborns, but adults can have it too! If you notice (or if your baby’s doctor tells you) that your baby has this, don’t you worry. It is completely normal, not contagious, and not painful!

Like baby acne, you can expect this to disappear in about two to three weeks. A study says that while 40 to 50 percent of babies get this, it is not contagious. So again, do not panic!

​Milia is not related to baby acne, but they are alike in the sense that they will disappear in a few months or weeks.

​There You Have It!

​I hope you learned a thing or two about baby acne in this post! It is normal for a new mother to worry about these spots at first, but don’t fret - the marks will most likely go away!

​A lot of babies experience this condition, so do not worry if you notice that your infant doesn’t instantly get that baby smooth skin. All my three babies (two girls and a boy) had this, and it did not complicate anything at all.

​If you have questions and suggestions, I’d me more than happy to hear them in the comments below!

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