Coconut Oil for Baby Acne: How to Make It Work?

Acne for baby? It sounds unbelievable since I thought acne are just for teenagers. As I have learned that these are the little pimple-like rashes that appear on the baby skin, it seems like it. Knowing that coconut oil has lots of uses, I found out that it can possibly help in clearing it out. Let us find out more on how to apply coconut oil for baby acne.


1. Baby Acne

Since we are talking about how to treat baby acne with the use coconut oil, first let us learn what baby acne is. A common baby skin condition, it appears like tiny pimples all over the baby’s skin in the face and sometimes in the body.

2. How to get rid of baby acne?

Babies have delicate skin so as much as possible when something is wrong, we opt to go for home remedies. Baby acne is common to babies up to one month from birth but naturally, clears out on its own.

Although with that expectation, we still tend to look for remedies on how to get rid of it quick. I know that parents cannot bear it to see their babies suffering from red bumps all over.

Coconut oil is popular in home remedies and baby acne is one of its uses. If you are looking for a gentle way to soothe the baby’s discomfort, this oil is perfect. As a natural product, this should be a safe treatment for baby acne and bring back the flawless complexion. Let us find out how coconut oil can get rid of the baby acne.

Before that let us know what coconut oil can offer.

 It contains ordinary disinfectant properties

 Great moisturizer

 Highly rich in nutrients

 Contains a high level of Vitamin E for healthy skin growth and repair damaged skin.

 It contains saturated fats that make skin smooth to touch.

 Proteins- rejuvenates skin keeping it healthy both the inside and the outside.

Lauric Acid is an anti-microbial saturated fat that can clear out the acne from babies. If you apply the coconut oil, it will clear out the clog in the infected oil glands clearing its passage.

3. How to Use Coconut Oil for Baby Acne?

Step 1 : Prepare your coconut oil

A little amount of oil would already be enough to cover your baby’s affected areas. When the weather is cold, coconut oil will turn hard like a cream and when the weather is warm, it will melt down to oil.

Step 2 : Clean the affected areas with mild soap and dry

It is crucial that you clean the affected skin of your baby properly before applying the oil and ensure that the skin is completely dry. Applying oil to the dirty skin will make it worse. Dirt will be trapped with oil and would create more infection to your baby’s skin.

So, check it out first

How to clean your baby’s skin?

Step 3 : Apply any ointment or medication prescribed by the physician

If your doctor gave you medication for the acne, use it first, apply it according to the instructions for a quick result. If there is none, proceed to the next step.

It is best that when you use any medication, try it on at the skin with no infection to make sure there is no skin allergic reaction. If after waiting a few minutes and there is none, you can proceed with the treatment.

Step 4 : Apply a thin layer of coconut oil to the affected area

​Remember, do not put a lot of oil that is more than what the skin can absorb. Actually putting more would already be a waste and is no longer effective.

Upon applying for the first time, the coconut oil already creates a protective skin layer so more oil applied can longer penetrate.

So : ​

​How to apply the oil to your baby? 

Step 5 : Let it stay on your baby’s skin to soak for 20-25 minutes

​Usually, coconut oil is being absorbed by the skin naturally.

Step 6 : ​Take off the excess oil with a warm washcloth

​However, just in case you have applied more than what is needed, the tendency is your baby’s skin will be oily. Oily skin will be inviting more dirt to stick causing to worsen the condition. After giving time for oil to soak into the skin, wipe the skin gently with a warm cloth.

Step 7 : Do this twice daily

The application must be consistent with the more visible result. Applying coconut oil must be continuous not only until the acne clears out but also for prevention.

4. Some tips to take care of baby acne

+ Never use acne products to your baby’s skin.

+ Do not apply lotions to your baby’s skin, this may contain chemicals that would make the acne worse.

+ Please resist the urge to pinch and squeeze the acne. Aside from the fact that it would irritate the skin more, it would certainly be painful for your baby.

+ Be patient, knowing that acne is just normal and would clear out when baby grows old.

+ If you see that the acne has gotten worse and is not giving a lot of pain and discomfort to your baby, you need to consult a pediatrician.

+ Coconut oil is also good for prevention of baby acne. Use it the earlier, it would also prevent damaging the skin.

​+ Baby Acne bothers you more than your baby. Sometimes, if you leave it as it is, it will go away even without you noticing it.

Just in case, there are many coconut oils in any pharmacy or supermarket near you. If you do not have time to make your own coconut oil, you can buy it over the counter. Here are some recommendations:

Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil by Sky Organics

Nature's Paradise Baby Oil Coconut

Nature's Baby Organics Organic Baby Oil

However, if you feel like making it yourself, here is a video that would teach you how to make it:

5. How to Know What Coconut Oil is Safe for the Baby to Use?

Although coconut oil is known to be natural remedies, there are lots out there sold over the counter that is already mixed with chemicals for commercial consumptions. Below it the list of coconut oil that is best for your baby.

Pure- Extracted from dried coconut flesh, it is then milled to obtain the oil. Nothing else is added into it, that is why it is called pure.

Virgin- Extracted from the coconut milk. There is no heating done during the extraction to retain the antioxidants. This smells good.

​• Organic- Extracted from coconut trees that have been carefully grown without any chemicals. Purely organic and no chemicals involved whatsoever during the extraction.

​• Organic Virgin- Extracted from organic palm trees, this oil was extracted without the use of any chemical as well.

​All the types of coconut oil above are declared safe and best for the babies to use. Coconut oil has no risks for babies. However, there are isolated cases reported by people being allergic to it. If you observe your baby does not respond to it well, stop the application and seek medical help.

​Now you know that baby acne is just a natural skin condition that needs a natural remedy. When it comes to babies, you should make sure that you are using a gentle product to take care of your baby’s skin. Just follow the steps on how to use coconut oil for baby acne and the simple tips.

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​Was this article informative? Have you learned a lot upon reading? We made sure to cover everything you need to know about baby acne and its home remedy. Share this to all your friends and inform them about how the coconut can help us. If you want to drop a comment, be free to do it here.

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