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Finding The Best Maternity Underwear (2019 Guide & Reviews)

Just like your pre-pregnancy clothes, your underwear will eventually become too snug as your belly size increases. You must consider investing in great maternity underwear specifically designed to fit your growing body.

Maternity underwear is not only addition to your pregnancy wardrobe but essential for additional support and comfort throughout your pregnancy and even beyond.

Let me help you choose your pair of the best maternity underwear that you’ll be most comfortable of and supported in. 

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Is Eating Beef Jerky While Pregnant Safe?

Is it safe to eat beef jerky while pregnant? Well, this is a common question asked by many soon-to-be mothers. Of course, it is a pretty normal query, considering that food cravings are one of the symptoms of pregnancy.

At this point, I have to emphasize that eating jerky is generally safe. But for pregnant women out there, I recommend that you should refrain yourself from eating this delicacy. Moreover, you should not eat other types of jerkies, too. I will state the reason in the next section.

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Best Body Pillow For Pregnancy – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Oh! The discomfort of ever sleeping in your third trimester! It is exciting that you've already entered your last trimester but isn't it a bit challenging to find the right position to actually get a perfectly good night's sleep? It really is very uncomfortable having to move from one position to another.

You know how it feels when your big tummy is really in the way when sleeping. This discomfort is lightened when D-day is already closing in. But let's face it, body pillows aren't just for us to use; your hubby may need it as well to lessen that horrible snoring.

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Baby with Big Nose On Ultrasound : Is it Normal?

Going for that monthly growth scan is pretty amazing; you will see just how much your little one is growing. But you just can't shake off the feeling or the question, 'Why does my baby have a big nose?' The only thing you probably saw in the growth scan was the big tubby nose that's probably centralized on the screen, right?

No need to freak out, really. Today, let's talk about you and your genes and the reasons why your baby's nose looks humongous.

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Baby Shaking in Womb? Welcome to the Third Trimester!

It felt like an earthquake inside! The first time you feel your baby moving inside gives you that shocking delight. You don't know whether it's painful or whether it tickles you, but you know just how ecstatic you feel because you can literally feel the first hand that your baby is alive and moving.

There are many reasons why your baby shakes, shivers or moves inside your womb and for sure, you'll be happy with every movement your little one makes.

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Missed Period Negative Pregnancy Test White Discharge: What Do They Mean?

A woman’s body is indeed incredible in its way. Who could bear a child for nine long months, deliver the baby and take care of her until she’s old enough to take care of herself? However, getting pregnant can be a daunting task for most couples. If you’re expecting there are times you will get a missed period negative pregnancy test white discharge – what could these mean?

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How to Tell if Baby is Breech? Learn it the Belly Mapping Way!

If there is one thing that mothers-to-be can’t control, is the worry of what will happen to her and the baby when it comes. It is real! It is a mixture of excitement and fear. What if there is something wrong inside?

How to tell if the baby is breech? All you like to have is a natural birth. But when there are indications that the baby is bottom down in the uterus, you will fear for the complications!

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