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Missed Period Negative Pregnancy Test White Discharge: What Do They Mean?

A woman’s body is indeed incredible in its way. Who could bear a child for nine long months, deliver the baby and take care of her until she’s old enough to take care of herself? However, getting pregnant can be a daunting task for most couples. If you’re expecting there are times you will get a missed period negative pregnancy test white discharge – what could these mean?

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How to Tell if Baby is Breech? Learn it the Belly Mapping Way!

If there is one thing that mothers-to-be can’t control, is the worry of what will happen to her and the baby when it comes. It is real! It is a mixture of excitement and fear. What if there is something wrong inside?

How to tell if the baby is breech? All you like to have is a natural birth. But when there are indications that the baby is bottom down in the uterus, you will fear for the complications!

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