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Finding the Best Breast Pumps You Can Buy (2019 Guide and Reviews)

When it comes to baby’s nutrition, you want to give your baby only the best, so you choose to breastfeed. You are so determined that you want to give your baby only your breast milk, by all means, no matter where you are.

If you have landed on this page, it’s probably you want to buy a breast pump since you are planning or already are breastfeeding your little one, but some situations do not let you do it exclusively. It’s either you are going back to work, or you have to go out occasionally.

As the best mom that you are, I want to lessen your load, save you time and effort, and guide you to the right path of finding the best breast pump that fits your lifestyle and budget.

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Finding The Best Nursery Glider of 2019 (Reviews and Guide)

While completing the nursery for your new baby, you certainly make sure that it would provide comfort to your little one. But, how about a place that would be comfortable for both of you? Yes, you! And your little one of course.

On your baby’s first months, you would spend a lot of time rocking him to sleep. And if you are a nursing mom, you need a good place to establish a proper feeding routine.

It is why I highly recommend adding a nursery glider to your nursery must-haves. This piece of furniture provides a gentle gliding motion for a high level of comfort to relax a fussy baby and a tired parent.

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6 Best Foods That Help Increase Milk Production {Guest Post}

Do you think that you’re not producing enough milk? In this post, let me let you in on the food items that helps increase lactation.

Most of these items are not just for producing more milk - they’re for overall health as well! Packed with nutrients and essential vitamins, you can incorporate these in your cooking, or simply eat them on their own (I will be providing preparation suggestions, too!) 

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