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Newborn Spitting Up Blood: Facts You Need to Keep in Mind

Imagine a parent’s reaction when their newborn is spitting up blood. They would be absolutely terrified to imagine that scene let alone witness it.

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Just think about it, it’s just like any other day, and you are a parent holding their beloved newborn inside of your arms, and then suddenly they start hacking and coughing until you find a glimpse of red spilling through their little lips. Horrifying.

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Panic Mode: Newborn Wakes Up Screaming! Is She in Pain?

Screaming can be startling especially if it is in the middle of the night. In a moment, as a mom, you would feel like in panic worried what could have happened to your newborn. It would be much harder if she is sleeping in her own room. There could be a lot of causes why she screams. Could she be hurt? Dreaming? Or what?? One important thing that you should do is to learn all about your newborn's condition. Why does your newborn wakes up screaming?

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Newborn Rolling Over for the First Time: Is It Not an Overwhelming Emotion?

Life! When new skills like newborn rolling over are being manifested for the first time, it is a stepping stone to life itself.

Memories! Get ready to race to the drawers and grab your camera to video your baby rolling over and doing other stunts for the first time.

Hardship and Determination! Let your newborn be inspired and learn new things his or her way. As a parent, you must know how it will all feel! Get ready to know the reasons and facts why your Newborn is Rolling Over!

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Newborn Won’t Stop Eating! How to Survive It?

Are you worried? As a new mom, you might be wondering if your newborn is getting enough milk from you or she just can’t resist your milk. It may impose a problem in your part since you can’t get enough rest. You really do not need to worry about it; It is natural for some newborn to do this at some point within their early weeks. You can stop worrying when your newborn won't stop eating or feeding. You are about to learn why and how to overcome it!

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