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Baby Favours One Side: Is It a Cause for Concern?

Giving birth is just one of the concerns for moms. The second – and the bigger source of worry – is raising a child from newborn to adulthood. Sometimes rearing kids can be so overwhelming parents miss out on the little details such as babies preferring one side when they’re lying on their backs or sleeping.

Before you start freaking out if something is wrong, know it’s fairly common for babies to do that. What you need to know is whether it should concern you and its potential long-term impact on your child’s health. 

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Co-Sleeping With Baby : The Ultimate Guide to Parents

Sleep is an essential factor in your child’s physical and psychological development. Creating a good sleeping environment and getting your baby to sleep peacefully might be your utmost concerns when arriving home with your newborn. Perhaps, a nice nursery is waiting for your little one, or because he is yet so small and fragile, you would let him sleep in your room for the meantime or your bed perhaps?

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Baby Wakes Up Every Hour: 12 Helpful Tips To Make Them Sleep Peacefully

Babies sleep a lot and that’s not something new, after all, what else do they have to do other than eating, pooping, sleeping, and burping? Being a baby, of course, napping is something that’s normal to them, and usually, a baby would be sleeping hours straight if they aren’t being disturbed, however, what happens when a baby wakes up every hour? Well, you won’t be getting any sleep yourself, that’s for sure.

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