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Baby Stuffy Nose at Night : All You Need To Know

Remember the times you wake up choking for air because your nose is really stuffy? It's really difficult when we have a congested nose. Now, imagine how much more difficult it would be for our babies to suffer from a heavily congested nose.

You see, baby stuffy nose at night is much more difficult for our little ones so they end up being really fussy. However, if we help our babies breathe better and make them feel more comfortable, both you and your baby will sleep through the night with ease.

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Tummy Troubles: How to Give Relief When Baby Farts a lot?

My baby farted again! It became a hilarious moment in the family when a member keeps on farting especially when it is a baby. When babies fart, it is easy to laugh about it. Why is that?

Do you know that farting is treatable? I am not saying that when your baby farts a lot, she is sick. Fart is caused by the air that your baby accumulated inside her system. Although farting never hurts, it is the gas pain that gives her pain and discomfort.

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