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Why Do Babies Ears Smell? All Things You Need To Know

Ah, the smell of babies – fresh, light, and . . . icky? Contrary to what many people, especially parents, believe, infants can have a wide variety of odors in different parts of the body. But while many of them don’t mean anything other than he needs some cleaning, they may imply a visit to the doctor or more attention to the stinky body part. Take, for example, baby ears smell.

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Baby Low Temperature: Why You Should Be Bothered and What You Should Do

It’s not only moms, siblings, and the rest of the family that have to adjust to the arrival of the baby. The infant also does the same thing. One of their biggest challenges is regulating their body temperature.

To be considered not sick, an adult should have a body temperature around 37 degrees Celsius. It can go about 36.5 degrees or 37.5 degrees. If it climbs to at least 38 degrees, then a person is considered to have a fever. Temperatures can differ depending on where they are obtained. Armpit temperatures are lower.

Babies, on the other hand, have about the same ideal body core temperature. The problem is, because of their size and the amount of body fat they contain, they find it harder to regulate.

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Baby Spit Up Curdled Milk: Is It Normal ?

No matter how often we have already familiarized ourselves with our babies spitting up, the concern over a minor vomit will never go away. The thing is, we all know that infants spit up. In fact, it is so common that we would often expect our infants to spit up once in a while.

If you notice, spitting up often happens right after feeding or when you are trying to burp your little one. And usually, it is nothing to worry about since spit-ups are just small amounts of milk throw-up. Babies feel fine and well and aren't too eager to feed again after they spit up.

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My Baby Has Red Cheeks, What Could It Be?

Rosy Cheeks, Puffy Cheeks, Red Cheeks. Babies have them all at one point in time, one way or another.

We often see our baby's face color change from time to time but seeing the sudden changes from morning to evening or from day one to day two can be alarming, especially for new parents or for parents who just happen to experience such major changes in your recent baby.

Redness of cheeks can both be normal and abnormal. Now, let's see exactly what's okay and what's not.

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Baby Stuffy Nose at Night : All You Need To Know

Remember the times you wake up choking for air because your nose is really stuffy? It's really difficult when we have a congested nose. Now, imagine how much more difficult it would be for our babies to suffer from a heavily congested nose.

You see, baby stuffy nose at night is much more difficult for our little ones so they end up being really fussy. However, if we help our babies breathe better and make them feel more comfortable, both you and your baby will sleep through the night with ease.

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