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Choosing the Best Gripe Water for Babies and Newborns In 2019

Colic. Gas. Tummy pain. Sounds familiar, right? If you are a new mother, you must be prepared to encounter those as possible reasons of your baby’s fussiness.

To relieve your little one of those symptoms, your Pediatrician may recommend gripe water.

So what exactly is gripe water?

Gripe water is an alternative medicine with organic or natural herb ingredients to soothe baby’s stomach ailments often associated with flatulence, colic, or hiccups.

To help you ease your baby’s discomfort, I would properly guide you to a better understanding of the benefits of gripe water and help you choose the best gripe water on the market today.
So, let’s start the show!

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Choosing The Best Pacifier For Your Baby (2019 Reviews)

When your baby is always fussy, you might need something handy to calm your little one. Pacifiers are made for that purpose. As the name implies, it “pacifies” by letting your baby suck the artificial nipple. Babies have a natural sucking reflex that help soothes them on any discomfort.

Using baby pacifiers has always been controversial. Other moms are afraid that their baby will get hooked and may bring an unfavorable result, but for some, a pacifier is a life-saver.

For moms who believe that a pacifier is a must-have, I provide for you a list of the best pacifiers in the shop today.

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Finding The Best Jogging Strollers (2019 Guide and Reviews)

Your baby is not a reason to stop and gave up what you love. May it be an occasional jog or running which you usually do before your little one came. It's a fact that you need to take care of your body now to be able to fulfill the duties of parenthood by staying active.

But strolling around the neighborhood means you have a kids’ stroller to push. Here’s what you need- a jogging stroller.

A jogging stroller is specifically made for parents’ on-the-go and likes to run.

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The 7 Best Baby-Safe Laundry Detergents 2019 (Reviews and Guide)

A laundry detergent for your baby’s clothes may be the least of your priority in your baby’s coming. But, you must realize that it is important as choosing baby diapers or formula.

If you have a baby, you would probably do the laundry every day, and between those diapering disasters and eating time mess-ups, you need a good detergent to wash the spots away.

Questions might pop in your head like, “Does my baby need a different laundry detergent?” or “Doesn’t a regular detergent cleans baby’s clothes the same way it is in ours?”

Here is my answer. Your regular detergent can clean your baby’s clothes and yours in the same way, but it is the component that differs. Your detergent may have ingredients that a way too harsh on your baby’s sensitive skin.

So, do you still need a baby laundry detergent? Absolutely, yes!

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Best Nasal Aspirators to Clear your Baby’s Congested Nose

When your little humans catch a cold, seeing them struggle to breathe is very frustrating, and I am sure you want to unblock those noses to help them breathe easier.

Unfortunately, your baby doesn’t know yet how to blow his nose to clear the congestion. So, who else will do that for him? Of course- you! In case you don’t know what to do or where to start; don’t you worry, a helping hand is ready to assist you- the nasal aspirator.

Nasal Aspirator for baby is a small device that basically draws fluids from your baby’s nose through suctioning. You may already see those bulb ones at the hospital when you gave birth, or they may actually let you bring one at home. Yes, that may help but most are disposable, and some parents say the suction level is not strong enough to draw all the mucous out.

In that case, my helping hand is all you need. Let me guide you in choosing the best nasal aspirator for your baby.​​​​

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Finding The Best Co Sleepers for your Newborns (2019 Guide)

Do you know that newborns sleep up to 16 to 17 hours a day?

Yes, infants sleep a lot- day and night. They spend the majority of their time sleeping within their first few months. Sleep is vital, as it affects their growth, development, and temperament too! At times when your baby shows crankiness and irritability, it may be due to his lack or interrupted sleep.

​The study suggests that sleeping close to your newborn is beneficial from birth until their first year.

So, to make sure that your baby’s sleep is comfortable, uninterrupted, and most importantly safe, I’ve rounded up some options for best co sleepers for you to consider before co-sleeping with your new bundle of joy.

​So, let’s start the show!

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The 7 Best Changing Pads for Your Baby In 2019 (Reviews & Guide)

Diaper Changing- doing it several times a day every day becomes a chore and sometimes a burden. It’s not only the repetitive process that could stress you out but also the mess and spills that can happen anytime, anywhere.

Why not ease your burden with this innovative product that is changing the way you change diapers- the Diaper Changing Pads!

Changing pads will not only make your diapering life easier, most importantly cleaner and safer to your baby.

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The Best Exersaucer Your Baby Will Ever Need (2019 Picks)

We may love spending most of our time with our baby but, seriously though, we won't be able to have time to do anything else. In cases where other things around the house need our particular attention, we need to put our little one down a bit and find a more convenient space for her to play while we go around and do stuff.

Well, we've tried bouncers, cribs, and playmats but a growing baby won't be able to stay in them for long, right? So, now that your baby can already crawl and move around, you need something more entertaining - like an exersaucer.

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What Is The Best Sit and Stand Stroller For 2019 : Reviews and More

Congratulations on your having another baby! Having a second child is overwhelming - at first, and suddenly it’s complete chaos. Managing two or more kids is much more work especially if you have to take them for a stroll outside without any help.

You might need to put your infant in a stroller, but the older child who can walk also needs to rest and maybe loves to ride along with his younger sibling. Here comes the Sit and Stand Stroller!

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Finding Only The Best Wipe Warmers 2019 Can Offer

I remember the time when I had my first baby. I was a mess. Everything is everywhere and practically everything I do to try and soothe my baby, I just ended up aggravating her. And the worst thing I dreaded every single time was... diaper changes. She seems like she's being tortured when I change her diaper and I end up all panicky when it happens.

Well, things ended from there when I found out that my baby freaks out because her butt is being wiped by arctic cold baby wipes. No wonder! I would too if my warm booty got splashed with really cold water. And that's when I went on the hunt for the best baby wipes warmers.

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