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6 Best Foods That Help Increase Milk Production {Guest Post}

Do you think that you’re not producing enough milk? In this post, let me let you in on the food items that helps increase lactation.

Most of these items are not just for producing more milk - they’re for overall health as well! Packed with nutrients and essential vitamins, you can incorporate these in your cooking, or simply eat them on their own (I will be providing preparation suggestions, too!) 

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Don’t Be Scared of a Baby Grunting While Nursing: Here’s What to Do

While babies are every mother’s pride and joy, they are also the source of life’s greatest mysteries. Because they can’t talk yet, every cry and whimper can send parents, and even other family members and friends, in a panic. “Is the baby sick?” “Did I do something wrong?” “What can I do to stop him or her from crying?”

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