The 5 Best Sleep Sack For Your Baby (2019 Guide & Reviews)

Can you imagine how comfortable it might be if we are to use sleep sack all day?At least we know that letting our babies wear the best sleep sacks can give them coziness all throughout the day.


Remember the issue of thick blankets as a risk to babies being suffocated? Sleep sacks are a genius solution!

Sleep sacks are just like a sleeping bag and a soft blanket combined into one! What could be a safer choice to warm your child?

What Is A Sleep Sack?

​Indeed, for someone unaware about the sleep sack, the name can seem rather odd and comedic. A sleep sack is like footsies babies wear, but instead, it allows more movement and comfortability. Just like how it’s named, it resembles a sack in a way.

​A sack that baby wear during sleep? It is a sleep sack! A blanket you can wear like a sleeping gown.

What Can A Sleep Sack Do For Your Baby?

You may be thinking that you can use a regular sleeping blanket, however, before you go on tucking in your baby in their usual bedtime outfit, check out these different attributes of what a sleep sack can do for your baby.

• Greater mobility

For energetic babies, they would love to toss and turn in the middle of the night. When wearing a sleep sack, movement is easy and secure. No wobbly blankets and you can sleep well too!

• Safety

As a parent, you wouldn’t want to let your baby stay cold in the night, but you also don’t want them to go under a risk of suffocation or choking. With a sleep sack, she would be able to stay covered safely.

• Low Allergy Risk

A sleep sack would be safe for a baby whose skin is still sensitive to some fabrics. With the best sleep sacks, you will worry less knowing that there are no added chemicals in the fabric that would harm their sensitive skin.

There is no risk of allergic reactions or late night itching.

• Saves Money and Time

Since you already have sleep sacks for your baby, you saved extra money for blankets and laundry. Most importantly, you have saved time and effort too!

• No More Swaddling!

When your baby is getting bigger, it is already impossible to swaddle before sleeping. Sleep sacks are the best solution when your baby is too old for swaddling and is ready for a blanket.

• Convenient For Travel

When you are mobile, it is advisable to let your baby wear baby sacks. It would save you the trouble of picking up dropped blankets on the floor.

Two Types of Sleep Sack:

1​. Baby Sleep Sack

It is the most commonly used. This is just seeing your baby wearing her blanket. Enclosing her into a pleasant and warm shell. Applicable only for babies who do not know how to walk yet.

​Baby Sleep Sack must not be worn while baby knows how to stand and walk already. It will make them fall face forward on the ground.

​2. Toddler Sleep Sack

These are just identical with baby sleep sack except for the fact that it already has feet openings. This is for the purpose of locomotion. Toddlers already know how to walk.


What Are The Attributes You Must Look For In An Excellent Sleep Sack?

Baby sacks aren’t as plain as they sound, and in fact, the sleeping sacks that are among the bests have numerous different features that would be perfect for you baby. Qualities that new moms should indeed need to observe and consider because it would help a great deal. It is practical and safe.

Below are the different factors you should pay attention to when looking for the right sleeping sack.

1. Does it provide the right temperature for your child?

One of the most crucial features that these sleep sacks are supposed to provide for your baby is a comfortable sleep, especially in a cold weather. One of the best sleep sacks offers a temperature regulating merino wool as their chosen cloth. That means no excess moister from your child that creates sweaty backs.

2. Is it easy to clean and put away?

It would be quite a hassle if the material were made out of cloth that is not washing machine friendly. Choose a sleep sack with an easier design, one that is quick and easy for those mothers who are busy and always in a rush. Zippers is advisable than buttons.

3. Is it void of any chemicals or cloth that creates an allergic reaction?

​Baby’s soft skin is very sensitive. When they come in contact with clothing that has chemicals, there might be a side effect mostly itchiness due to an allergic reaction. Find cloth that is perfectly trusted and safe for your child.

4. Material thickness

Mind the weather! If you live in a place that is warm all year, you choose the thin clothing material. And of course, if you live in a cold area, choose the thick ones!

Remember: Sleep sacks are meant to be worn to replace the hassle of using a blanket. Do not think of it as a substitute for your baby’s pajamas.

Have you already gotten the basic needs for a sleep sack? Well, I guess it’s time for you to see the list of all the Best Sleep Sacks showcase.

5 Best Sleep Sack For Baby Reviews

​All of the products that you will come across have all been specially picked according to their average rating. Their best attributes have been pointed out after much deliberation as well as their flaws. All of this has been to ensure that you get the right sleeping sack for your baby.


Do you want the perfect blanket for your baby that’s big, fluffy and available in all sizes? I bet this would be the right one for your baby. With different colors suitable for all genders, this sleep sack will be able to keep your baby warm, simple and easy

No need to fumble with numerous different buttons. Just snap it on, and your baby is ready to go to bed. It is completely safe!


  • Temperature-regulating merino wool is a genius feature.
  • Adjustable sizing for convenience.
  • Completely safe from suffocation and overheating.
  • Easy to put on the baby.
  • Organic and itch free qualities is important.


  • No negative review


This gender neutral, puppy patterned sleep sack is an adorable piece. This is perfect for babies who love crawling around on their crib. With its foot openings, it functions as a sack for moving around and for a baby’s sleeping gown as well providing warmth and cover to the little feet.

No buttons or complicated straps to worry about. It’s the perfect sleep sack for mothers who are always on the go who need to care for their babies.


  • Inverted zipper style makes it easier for both mother and baby during changing.
  • Gender neutral color suits all babies.
  • Style allows more mobility for babies when they are awake.
  • Kick-proof and stays on all night.


  • No feet covering to keep their toes warm.
  • Not recommended for winter use

Via Amazon.Com

A sleep sack made exactly for babies still new into this world. It has enough room so that your child wouldn’t feel compressed in any way, and even allows them to kick as much as they want. It's sleeveless designs reduce the risk of overheating.

This design is recognized as “Hip Healthy” by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

​The chances of your baby overheating during their sleep are small because they were designed in order to have your baby warm with just the right amount of heat.


  • The soft polyester cloth is suitable for my baby’s skin.
  • Three adjustable swaddles to your baby’s preferred hold is helpful.
  • Makes adjusting fasteners for babies of all sizes.
  • Special design makes it so that babies can kick without any removal.


  • Can be too warm for babies at times
  • Can only be used during the winter

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This sleep sack unzips from the bottom to make diaper changing easy, and its sleeveless design reduces the risk of overheating your baby. Now you don’t need to worry on blankets falling off the bed!

#1 Choice of hospitals. Used by hospitals worldwide for safe sleep education


  • I like the soft cotton for my baby’s sensitive skin.
  • Comes in many different sizes for me to choose from.
  • The special zipper design for easier changing is helpful.
  • Can be used all year round no matter the season.
  • The zipper doesn’t bother baby when sleeping on their belly.


  • Zipper sometimes have malfunctions

Via Amazon.Com

With this, your baby would be able to sleep without kicking off any of the covers. For your baby’s comfort, there is a slide zipper designed to open and fold-flat just in case it’s time to change your baby’s diaper.

No more sweating at the back since there are synthetic fibers that absorb moisture allowing your baby a comfortable sleeping experience as possible. It’s made out of soft poly along with the soft cotton inner lining for a warmer and happier baby.


  • Side zipper and adjustable arm holes is very convenient in putting it on.
  • Can fit for multiple baby sizes, my baby can still wear it even she gets bigger.
  • Special bell shape design resembles the swaddling comfort.
  • Made out of the right materials for the weather.


  • Made only for winter use

My Best Choice!

​In my personal opinion, out of all of the sleep sacks that I have listed, the ANTIPODES MERINO sleep sack is the one that I most prefer.

Why is that, you ask?

Well, it has a special temperature regulating merino wool as its main cloth as well as adjustable lengths. If that’s not enough for you, it is labeled as completely safe and itch free against all harmful chemicals for sensitive baby skin.

​Now, how was our Best Sleep Sack review? Have you finally decided what to choose? Please keep in mind that whatever it is you end up buying, it comes from amongst the best. We may have different choices, but it will end up to be the best!

​If you think this review have helped you in your venture of choosing the best sleep sack for your baby, you can hit like and share!

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