5 Best Sausage Stuffers for Your Home and Business (2019 Reviews and Guides)

It is so easy to get quality sausages in supermarkets, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could make your own from scratch?

You’d be surprised at how easy it is to make homemade sausages. Over the years the technology of stuffers have improved and have become more and more accessible. In this article, we’ll give you some of the best options. Whether you’re using it for your daily meals or a small business, there is something here for everyone.


If you’ve ever thought about getting your own sausage stuffer, this article could help you make up your mind. Below, we’re concentrating on the best manual sausage stuffers and we’ll talk about different types of devices that will allow you to make fresh, homemade sausages. We’ll discuss factors such as price range, special features, and durability.

Things That You Should Consider When Looking at Sausage Stuffers.

  • Material: Whatever your budget is, you need to make sure that you get a sausage stuffer that has good material. High-quality stainless steel is your best bet--with material like this, you're sure that the stuffer won't get old and rusty even with repeated uses. Stainless is easy to clean, too.
  • Manual or Electric?: If you'd like to be in control of the process, go for the manual stuffers - not only will these allow you to make the sausages exactly how you want them, but they're usually more affordable too. This list will concentrate on manual stuffers, all great for home and commercial use.
  • Warranty: Look for a brand that has good warranty coverage. You'd want to get something that promises at least a year of service/replacement. Hopefully, you won't need to take back your product after purchase, but it it's best to be safe!

Top 5 Best Sausage Stuffers on the Market

LEM is a well-known brand of meat processing equipment used by both home cooks and chefs in professional kitchens.

This 25L sausage stuffer machine is on the pricier side of the spectrum, but its capabilities and features are guaranteed top-of-the-line.

Some of the features that you must take note of includes the following: four stuffing tubes made of high-quality stainless steel, a removable stainless steel cylinder, an air release valve in piston, and a 90-degree handle that allows smooth and efficient cranking.

It is also very sturdy - just install it on your table or countertop, and you can start making your own sausages. Because the frame is made of stainless steel bars, you're sure that it's sturdy and won't bend even when there's pressure.

The heavy duty gears will allow you to make sausages of different sizes (yes, even small ones). This has received a lot of praise from both hobbyists and pros for its durability and ease of use. One could efficiently produce hundreds of pounds of sausage per day without issues.

If you're looking for the best sausage stuffer for snack sticks, this may not be your best bet (the company says that it is not recommended). There are some users, however, who say otherwise, saying that snack stick making is possible with the correct tube.

 This one's excellent for home use too, but the price tag may set you back a bit. If you are looking for a sausage stuffer that you can use for a professional kitchen or a business, however, this is something that you should consider, as it's made of excellent stainless material.


  • Made of stainless steel
  • Heavy duty


  • Not cheap
  • thumbs-down
    Not recommended for snack sticks

This may be the most affordable sausage stuffer on this list, but don't let the price tag fool you - this one has received many praises from satisfied customers.

Made of high-quality stainless aluminum alloy, the GoPlus Horizontal Sausage Stuffer has received a lot of good reviews on its sturdiness and ease of use.

Some of the main features include a high-quality horizontal design that is also easy to operate. It comes with three sausage tubes, has a capacity of 3L, 3.6L or 4.8L, and does not make any noise when in use.

A common complaint that a number of users have noticed, however, is the tendency of the suction cup to malfunction while stuffing, so you'll sometimes need to readjust.

In addition, while it is possible to use this stuffer in a professional setting, it is more recommended for home use. It does not have special features like an air pressure relief valve, and it has plastic nozzles (more sophisticated brands have stainless/aluminum material), but it does get the job done, especially if you're just making a small batch.

If you’re just getting acquainted with stuffing sausages and don’t want to shell out too much, this is an excellent model to buy. It’s easy to operate and has all the things that you need to get started with a fun hobby. 


  • Affordable
  • Sturdy
  • Doesn't make noise when in use


  • Suction cup tends to malfunction
  • thumbs-down
    Some parts are plastic
  • thumbs-down
    No air pressure relief valve

The ChefJoy Vertical Sausage Stuffer has received a lot of good reviews among customers for its efficiency and affordability. All you need to do with this stuffer is secure it on any table edge, and you're all set.

One of the best things about the ChefJoy stuffer is it's very easy to clean, thanks to the smooth surfaces in both surface and interior. It's made of stainless steel and aluminum, so you are sure that it’s durable and won't gather rust.

The operation is easy - simply place your meat mixture into the filler, spin the handle, and you can start stuffing. The item comes with four sausage tubes so you can adjust the sizes of your products. It also doesn't produce much noise when stuffing, which is a big plus if you're making big batches.

This sausage stuffer model comes in different sizes: 1.5L, 3L, and 6L vertical; as well as 3L and 3.6L Horizontal. The prices range from $35 to $60, so they are very reasonably priced. One of the main advantages of having a vertical style stuffer such as this is it uses less space, so if you don't have a big kitchen, this is an excellent choice. 


  • Made from high-quality stainless steel and aluminum
  • Doesn't make noise when in use


  • No air pressure relief valve

Some of the features that should be highlighted in the Super Deal stainless steel sausage stuffer are: four stuffing tubes, two speeds (slow and fast), an air release valve, a removable cylinder, a locking nut that prevents leaks, four nozzles (to ensure a steady base), and a hand crank that can be used by right and left-handed users.

Whether you're using it to make sausages or snack sticks (it is better to buy a smaller nozzle to get the best results), this stuffer will deliver. It continues to receive a lot of praises for its sturdiness, easy crank, and easy clean-up. It doesn't hurt that it looks pretty sleek, too!

The 3L capacity may be a little small for a big, busy business, but it's effortless to reload so you won't have any problem making big batches.

This product is not cheap, but it's not as pricey as our first one either. At around $100, this device is excellent for both home and business use. It may not be easy, however, to get new parts, so make sure that you ask the seller how you can order in case you need them.

Whether you're a newbie who's just getting into making their own sausage, or an experienced professional demanding top-notch quality, this is a product that you can count on. If you're using this for business, the high quality assures that you'll be able to see a return on your investment fast, as you can crank up hundreds of sausages in a short period. 


  • Can be used by right-handed and left-handed users
  • Has two manual speeds
  • thumbs-up
    Easy to reload


  • The user may have difficulty obtaining additional parts

Starting at around $100, the Kitchener Stainless Steel Vertical Sausage Stuffer is another good investment if you are serious about making your own sausages.

Some of the features include a stainless steel air-release valve that will allow you to make perfect sausages, three stuffing tubes (3/4", 7/8" and 1 1/4"). If you're planning to make snack sticks, you will have to buy a smaller tube. It also mounts easily and is easy to clean - a common praise among users.

One of the best things about this product are the stainless steel materials - from the cylinder to the base. This means that it's heavy duty and can handle very demanding jobs, which makes it excellent for commercial use. The handle is large, so you'll get great leverage with little effort.

In addition, many customers have expressed their appreciation for the product's efficiency, allowing them to save time while stuffing. This is why this one's a good option if you plan to make big (read: hundreds of pounds at a time) servings.

In review, one of the users mentioned that you might have difficulty looking for new/additional stuffers for this one (because they may need to be ordered overseas), so when you buy - whether online or at an actual store - ask the person in charge where you can get parts in case you ever need them. 


  • Made from stainless steel materials
  • Mounts easily
  • thumbs-up
    Easy to clean


  • The user may have difficulty obtaining new stuffers

Our Top Pick

This is already a curated list of some of the sturdiest and most reasonably-priced sausage stuffers in the market today, but if we had to choose one, we’d have to pick the Super Deal Commercial Sausage Filler Sausage Stuffer - excellent materials user-friendly, and efficiently sturdy. It’s one of the best commercial sausage stuffers in stores today.

It's not the cheapest one on this list, but we're highly recommending it for its excellent quality. You are getting a bang for your buck and time because it's made from high-quality stainless steel that will allow you to produce hundreds of pounds of sausages in a short period.

If you are using this for business, you can expect a fast return on investment. If you're using it at home, you're sure to produce quality sausages to serve to family and friends. 

Good luck with your search!

I hope this article provided you with good sausage stuffer choices. Making your own sausages from scratch is exciting - not only will it allow you to know what exactly goes into your dish, but also let you get creative with different recipes that you can either serve to friends and family, or sell.

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