Just What You Need: The Best Newborn Diapers (2019 updated)

May I just say… congratulations! You have given birth to your newborn!

Isn’t it wonderful? But now you have to ready yourself for parenthood. Well, unless of course you already have a few of your own! Now being a parent means a lot of work and especially lots of materials. Be ready to give what your newborn just what they need. You have to give them the basics like what to wear, drink, a crib to sleep on, toys to play with, and of course, the diapers! They are the essentials to newborns and parents.

We know quite well how diapers help us in our daily lives with our newborns. Without them, things would be quite a mess around the house! There are certain diapers that are made especially for newborn babies to make sure they will be comfortable as they will ever be!


​How to Choose the Right Diaper for Your Newborn?

When choosing the right diaper for your newborn, we have to make sure that it is a quality product before even making the purchase. We also have to know whether it is exactly the right size for your newborn.

What do I need to consider when choosing the right diaper for my newborn?

The factors that you have to consider in choosing a diaper are…

How absorbent is the diaper? When diapers are not absorbent enough, we do not want any leakage especially when we are traveling. The Super absorbent diaper also saves time and money since you do not need to change frequently.

Is it the right size? Is there a size available for my newborn?We must always choose the diaper that fits our newborn. A well fit diaper is and effective diaper.

Comfortable ? Uncomfortable diapers are one reason of newborn tantrum. The irritating feeling sends their bad mood sky high!

Is it Cost EffectiveTry to weigh if the diaper quality is worth its price. Sometimes price does not matter as long as you are contented on the quality of the product.

Convenience? Look for a design that is easy to put on. Newborns are hard to handle when it comes to diapers. They can’t keep themselves in one place even for just a second.

The 7 Different Types of Diapers

1. ​Disposable Diapers

​This can be both made out of cloth or synthetic disposable materials. Like the name itself, these diapers are disposable. They are made with chemicals that can absorb your baby’s excretions. After every excretion, this diaper shall be disposed or thrown away.

2. Cloth Diapers

​These cloth diapers can be made reusable or disposable. They are made out of a few layers of fabric. Such fabrics would include cotton, bamboo, microfiber, hemp and even fibers that are made out of plastic. You can wash this many times as well as reuse it as much as you want. Cloth diapers mainly go with waterproof diaper covers.

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3. All-in-One Diapers

These kinds of diapers are mostly made out of cloth. They are called All-in-One because of the layers that it is composed of which can be found in different kinds of diapers. The diaper can be fastened with either the use of snaps or a Velcro.

4. Contour or Fitted Diapers

A contour or a fitted diaper is a diaper that is made out of any material that is able to absorb any liquid sent out to it. This diaper does not require any folding nor does it exactly have any fastener. For that, you have to provide the fastener yourself. Such can be pins, a Snappi or a boingo.

5. Pocket Cloth Diapers

This diaper is called a Pocket Cloth Diaper because it contains a pocket where most of the absorbent material is placed. This pocket touches the baby’s skin and is responsible for taking away the moisture. It is open between the outer and the inner layer of the diaper.

5. Unfolded Diapers

These diapers are, well…unfolded! They come in shapes of rectangles, and it is up to you to fold it to your baby’s size or shape. This is as similar to contour or fitted diapers for they don’t also have any fasteners built with them. You will have to find a pin, a Snappi or a boingo too.

7. Pre-Folded Diapers

Compared to an unfolded diaper, or any other diaper, these diapers are considered the smallest of sizes. They are usually placed inside a waterproof diaper cover and are only needed to be folded once or two times.

Well, there you have it. These are the seven different kinds of diapers you can choose from. However, cloth and disposable diapers are the most commonly used kinds of diapers from millions of parents all around the world.

Disposable diapers are said to be the most recommended than cloth diapers. It is because the majority of people would prefer convenience and quality time. However, if you are an eco-friendly person, diapers made out of cloth are something you would probably choose.

So don’t forget to ever consider the few factors before choosing a diaper. They matter quite as much and may even benefit you in the early future. Knowing these factors can even save you from wasting money on a terrible quality product and even save your time and newborn if you have heeded the advice.

Let’s move on to the reviews!

The Best Diapers for Newborn Reviews

All of the products will be reviewed according to their pros and cons and will be rated accordingly.

This is our number one top pick! And these are their pros and cons…


  • You won’t have a hard time putting it on your baby
  • The product is very soft with extra padding
  • It gives out that light baby powder scent
  • ​It has a cut out for your newborn’s umbilical cord
  • The Diaper has stretchy and elastic sides for baby’s legs to move freely


  • Sometimes there may be leaks because of the elastic sides
  • If not put on your baby right, it may not hold the mess very well

As for our second best pick, we have cloth pocket type diapers. They still work as fine as the first pick, but never as great as the first.


  • The outsides or outer layer of the diaper is waterproof
  • The product can be customized to the size of your baby
  • It contains a pocket for a thick insert and the product already proves it
  • They are wonderfully soft made out of cotton
  • They are very easy to use.


  • If not tended soon enough, there may be some leaks
  • If your baby intends to move a lot, the fastener may unfasten

This third placer goes to this diaper! It is simply made for people who are environment-friendly and would love to choose one of Earth’s best!

Pros : 

  • The Diaper is environment-friendly
  • It is free from chlorine, latex, dye, and fragrance
  • The product is hypoallergenic to prevent any unwanted reactions
  • ​Very comfortable for your baby as it is soft and stretchy
  • Its panels can be fastened, and they help prevent any sorts of leakage

Cons :

  • They do not exactly lift away moisture
  • The diaper’s sticky tabs may wear off if always opening it


  • It contains a double layer of waterproof material to prevent it from ever leaking
  • The product is composed of durable snaps
  • The Diaper is Washing Machine-Friendly
  • They are very soft to the touch
  • Your newborn will have a very comfortable experience with these


  • After several washes, the product may wear out
  • Your newborn’s mess may stain the diaper


  • The diaper is built great for sensitive skin
  • It is free from chlorine, lotions and any fragrance
  • It is very absorbent
  • The product contains a leak protection
  • It keeps your baby’s skin dry and well-protected


  • The product runs small and ride low in the front
  • They have low capacity

Out of the 5 Top Best, here is Our Number One Pick!

Pampers Swaddlers Newborn 240 Diapers

Here is our winner among all the other four diapers! Pampers has been chosen as our number one best product for it has the following factors :

• It has the most positive reviews, getting hundreds of recommendations from parents all over the world for being effective.

• It is affordable as its price fits its quality.

• These diapers are also used in many different hospitals as the newborn’s first diaper. Nurses and doctors say that this diaper gives the newborn extreme comfort.

• It has enough capacity to hold the most of your newborn’s wastes.

• It is made to make sure it does not interfere with the newborn’s umbilical cord. Out of most of the reviewed diapers, this is the only diaper that contains this feature.

Pampers is designed for the comfort and convenience for newborn babies and parents as well. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start shopping! Get Pampers right away and use it for your precious newborn!

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Many newborns suffer from rashes almost every day due to the wrong selection of diapers. Scars may even develop when the rash has not been tended to. This is why this article was made for you! And every parent out there who is in need of help with choosing the right diaper for their newborn.

We made sure to choose the best quality diapers for your newborn to prevent any of these problems from happening. So how do you find this article? Did we manage to answer most of your questions? If so, and that you find this article quite helpful, please give it a like and share it with people who might need to know some of this information as well. Thank you for reading!

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