The Best Crib Mobile For Baby Of 2019 : 5 Reviews And Ultimate Guide

Keep your baby calm and happy when inside the crib. Music, colors, light, motion, and shapes stimulate the creative part of her brain. Not only that, if your baby is contented staying in her crib, you will have a lot of time to do the things around the house.

What is the best way to entertain her while you are busy?


I suggest providing your baby with the best crib mobile to keep her relaxed. Stay with me, and you will find out some of the awesome products that you can choose from. Discover its importance and how to buy it!

What is a Crib Mobile?

A baby mobile is a device attached to your baby’s crib to hold objects that are believed can stimulate the brain. You could find it dangling with different colorful shapes and toys. There are different designs of crib mobile for parents to choose from. In fact, there are two kinds of baby mobiles.

It is the ceiling mobile and the crib mobile. The crib mobile is the most popularly used

Ceiling mobile and Crib mobile

Crib Mobile

Ceiling Mobile

Ceiling Mobile are the only mobile available long time ago, mounted on the roof.

Is a Crib Mobile Important?

In the early stages of your baby’s life, they spend most of the time lying down. Staring at the ceiling, doing nothing is quite boring, don’t you think? How much more to a baby whose brain is full of curiosity, for surroundings that are all so new?

Avoid giving your baby time to cry and stress you out because there is nothing for her brain to focus to. Providing a crib mobile gives entertainment to your baby. Imagine the different objects flashing before her eyes and music to stimulate relaxation catching her attention until she falls asleep.

As a mother, it would mean, “me” time! For the baby, it would be lights, colors, and action!

We already know the importance of a crib mobile and how it would help you and the baby. Are you ready to see the Top 5 of the Best Crib Mobiles of 2019 ?

Crib Mobiles that are designed to serve the best educational entertainment for your baby!

How was the above showcase? I bet, you already have favorite that you are thinking of buying. Hold on to that, and stay with me.

Before all of that, let us move on to our buyer’s guide to help you choose what is best for you.

What To Look For In A Crib Mobile?

1. Musical Crib Mobiles

Wind operated

These are stationary mobiles mounted on the crib that are so light that a gentle breeze can move it. This type of mobile is no longer a hit for new parents since usually, the nursery does not have the wind to move it.

This type needs you to manually turn a key, lever or handle several times. Upon letting go, the music will start to play. In the process of playing, the mobile unwinds at the same time.

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Mechanically operated

This crib mobile has a small motor with it that is responsible for setting the mobile in motion. Just one push of the button and the mobile will start to play a melody for you.

You can choose different kinds. There are those that have a variety of music to choose from. That means multiple buttons to push.

This type of mobile is also called electronic mobile and will work only with the help of batteries.

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2. Direction of the motion

If you are familiar with the old mobile that only spins in a circular motion, then you would be amused to see what these new models have to offer.

Newly designed mobiles can turn, even with an alternate phase clockwise and counterclockwise. Or if you like, it can also move, up and down. This is so to keep the baby’s attention focused on it and diverted.

3. Kind of Toys

Among numerous mobile designs, there are also different kind of toys that comes with them. What kind of toys would you prefer to see dangling with the mobile?

You would know your baby’s interest. If you notice she loves stuff toys, cars or animals, then choose what you think your baby loves. Make sure that she will be interested in it.

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4. Consider the Design of Your Baby’s Crib

Choose the kind that would fit in your baby’s crib. Some mobiles are designed for a square shape crib. Some are for the round kind. Make sure it really fits during attachment. Otherwise, this will impose damage to your crib and harm to your baby.

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5. Theme You Prepared for Your Baby’s Room

Are you one of those parents who like to run a theme in your baby’s room? Then, you will have fun choosing the right type that would fit. From jungle, ocean to fairy tales, hundreds of themes are available

6. Extra Features

Models with many awesome features may come out expensive, but just in case, check some that you may like.

  • Flashing Lights
  • Projection night light
  • Removable or handy clips
  • Toys that can be removed for your baby to play with
  • Soft melodies
  • Remote Control Operated
  • Glow in the dark

Rarely you will find all of this features in one model, but you can choose the one that you really fancy.

Do you already know what to consider before you choose the best Crib Mobile? Then, you are now ready for our Top 5 Review for 2019.

Please know that all these products found in our Top 5 Best Crib Mobile were carefully chosen from among the best to serve your needs. Based on the customer reviews and distributor feedbacks, these models rank top.

Made from manufacturers with a reputation for quality and expertise, whatever you choose is a winner.

The Top 5 Best Crib Mobiles Review

Via Amazon.Com

This projector mobile is presenting a flamboyant animal-themed design, sweet music and a captivating light show that dances overhead. The tantalizing canopy keeps images close, making it easy for young babies to focus.

When baby grows older, you can remove the mobile and project the show directly on the ceiling, with music or sounds playing for more fun!


  • The melodies are very relaxing
  • The remote is very convenient.
  • It is sturdy and can be easily attached to the side of the crib.
  • The projection and the stuff animals are good.
  • The light projector is a good idea and worth the value.
  • Very handy, can go everywhere with the kids.


  • You need tiny screwdrivers to assemble it.
  • It is hard to turn off the music at night without the remote.

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This crib mobile transforms into a music box and night light. It has four melody selections (two classical and two nature sounds.) Your baby would love the three delightful characters moving freely to the sound of comforting music.

This crib mobile amuses your baby and boosts significant developmental skills.


  • The remote is convenient.
  • The mobile is vibrant and eye catching.
  • Best for battery life
  • Sturdy enough


  • The buzzing motorboat sound is noisy.
  • It has a loose plastic slip on, so it fell on our baby.

Via Amazon.com

This take along mobile is very convenient for parents who are always on the go. The portable design is made so you can travel everywhere with it. With this versatile design, you can keep your baby entertained and soothed as you move out all day.


  • Fits perfectly in the crib and bassinet.
  • It is detachable so you can attach it to the stroller or car seat.
  • The volume is perfect and soothing.
  • Sturdy and battery last long.
  • Music automatically turns off after 30 minutes.
  • The suitable size for pack-n-play.
  • The animals are face down so baby can see it better.
  • Easy to adjust
  • Bright and vibrant colors are fun.


  • The clamp is not durable
  • Music quality is awful.

Via Amazon.Com

This model introduces baby to high contrast images and colors for early visual development. The adjustable cord allows you to easily change the distance of cards from the baby as their vision develops.


  • The graphics have month label, easy to know what fits baby.
  • Good combinations and quality.
  • Very easy to assemble.
  • The height is adjustable.


  • Pieces easily fall off
  • You need to move it manually

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This crib mobile features ocean-themed graphics on the ceiling and plays long-lasting soft music. Projection mobiles project graphics on the wall and a 2-1 toy that transforms into a crib toy as baby grows.

Musical mobile plays 45+ soothing songs, melodies, sounds and phrases; You can set the timer for different long lasting intervals of sound.

The VTech Soothing Ocean Slumbers Mobile will help your baby sail away to sweet dreams. Your baby will love being in their crib as they drift off to sleep.


  • The star projection on the ceiling is a nice feature.
  • It is easy to put together.


  • Does not have good customer service.
  • Poor quality, it easily breaks.

The Verdict

​Have you chosen your own pick? Have you decided what product to buy and bring home with you?

​Personally, I am confident that the Tiny Love Take Along Mobile, Tiny Princess is the best crib mobile for me. I love the fact that I can attach it anywhere so that I can bring it everywhere we go. The price is also practical for my budget, and I am excited to let my baby see it.

​Do we have the same pick? Whatever yours is, trust that you have chosen the right one that suits your baby’s need.

​How was our Best Crib Mobile review? Did it help you a lot in deciding what to buy? Was our buyer’s guide useful to you? Whether you prefer the mobile that concentrates on developing informative abilities or ease for your baby, I am sure there is a mobile that fits just exactly for you.

​We hope that you are satisfied in selecting the product for you.

​If you think that this article was useful and worth sharing to all that needs to buy crib mobile, you are free to hit like and share! Good luck!

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