The 7 Best Changing Pads for Your Baby In 2019 (Reviews & Guide)

Diaper Changing- doing it several times a day every day becomes a chore and sometimes a burden. It’s not only the repetitive process that could stress you out but also the mess and spills that can happen anytime, anywhere.

Why not ease your burden with this innovative product that is changing the way you change diapers- the Diaper Changing Pads!

Changing pads will not only make your diapering life easier, most importantly cleaner and safer to your baby.


The Best Diaper Changing Pads

​Here are some details of the best changing pads for a quick comparison:

* Note : Pad covers (sold separately) are available in different colors

Let me help you out with your diapering task with my list of the best changing pads that are worth checking out. So here we go!

The Summer Infant Contoured Changing Pad has been regarded by many as one of the best changing pad in the market.

​This pad ensures maximum safety with its high contoured walls on two sides to keep your baby from rolling plus a quick release safety belt to keep him in place. Not only that, there is another security strap to attach the pad to your table top and a non-skid bottom to ensure it won’t slip or move.

​Diapering may not be a smoother time to your baby, but this pad will ease discomfort by its soft quilted foam pad with a double layered quilted vinyl material. The 100% waterproof, PVC –free top layer allows ease of cleaning.

​The pad size of 16 by 32 inches will fit most standard changing tables and fits right to universal pad covers.

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​The brand also sells plush covers in soft, warm fabrics with a lot of colors and patterns to choose. But personally, I think they are not necessary since occasional spillage can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth. Washing the covers would just make it more of a hassle.

​It is easy to move to from room to room with its very light weight. Some parents even say they used it to change diapers in the car.

​So, why did I choose this pad as the best pick on my list? Well, simply because it has a lot to offer. It designed for absolute security, durability, and comfort to your baby.

​What more can I say about this awesome product that got everything I was looking for in a changing pad? Did I forget to mention that it is very affordable too? Yes, a lot of benefits for a lower price.

What We Like:

  • It is relatively inexpensive
  • 100% waterproof
  • Fits on most standard changing tables
  • Fits most universal pad covers
  • Non-skid bottom

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Some parents complain of a plastic smell of the pad
  • Some parents say the pad is sliding on a hard surface
  • Not ideal for traveling
  • Vinyl and quilted stitches may rip easily
  • Quilts can build up dirt

2. Runner Up: PooPoose Wiggle-Free

This “doctor designed and mom approved” Wiggle Free Changing Pad is the best choice for moms who believe in “safety first” above all when it comes to their babies.

What I like about this pad is the main feature- the swaddle-like Velcro strap that keeps your baby in place. It is specially intended for wiggling and fussy babies. Also, the foam is contoured for extra security. The better safety function will keep your mind at ease during diapering and also frees up one hand so that the job would be quickly done.

The strap is soft, gentle, and calms your baby plus it could be adjusted to accommodate newborns to toddlers. And when the strap becomes dirty, you can just detach it from the pad and throw to your washing machine.

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It is not only the safety features that I considered in choosing this pad as my alternative pick. The pad is also leveled up in sanitary aspect with the hypo allergenic, non-toxic, medical grade material. The waterproof fabric wipes off easily thus preventing bacterial growth. If you want to cover the pad, the brand also sells pad covers with the same fabric capacity, but you can still use the pad either way.

Its downside is the mid-range price that may not be suitable for other parents. But considering your baby’s safety and comfort, it is all worth it.

What We Like:

  • Less mobility for babies
  • Swaddle-like belt
  • Removable and washable strap
  • Waterproof
  • Medical-grade materials

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Mid-range price may not be acceptable to some parents
  • No non-skid bottom
  • Strap may be too big for tiny newborns
  • Strap may be easier to open by older babies
  • Velcro tape may be too loud for sleepy babies

Unlike the majority of diaper changing pads, this one provides full security at a reasonable price. The four contoured edges will hold liquids in case of unexpected spills that will probably happen anytime.

To prevent the spill from soaking the pad, it guarantees a water resistant quilted double layer of vinyl which also allows ease of cleaning. The surface can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. Underneath is a soft, foam pad to ensure your child’s comfort.

The raised sides together with the adjustable quick release belt work together to make sure your baby is protected from all angles even if you use it in higher places. Also, has a non-skid backing to prevent the pad to move or slip.

It has the same size with the Summer Infant 2-Sided which means it is also fitted with most changing tables and changing pads.

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This pad may not be the cheapest on my list, but it is the most affordable of all the 4-sided changing pads available. If you are looking for a quality changing pad but have a limited budget, this is your best pick!

What We Like:

  • It is very affordable
  • The four contoured sides
  • Waterproof
  • Double layer padding

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Some parents say quilted stitches are difficult to clean
  • It is hard to find covers that will fit the four side design
  • Vinyl can rip easily

4. Upgrade Pick- Keekaroo Peanut Changer

The Peanut Changing Pad is a game changer. This molded pad is the priciest on my list but, mind you; the over-all quality matches the price.

This JPMA certified changing pad made of a medically tested material for safe hospital or home use.

Though it looks like a hard plastic, the Keekaro is soft and cushy, meaning your baby will be more comfortable and secured with its slip resistant material from top to bottom.

Since it is a solid material, it does not absorb liquid, so bacterial growth is limited and cleaning up is a breeze. You know what that means? No more clothes and covers to wash all the time. Such a relief!

Keekaro stands up for its durability as they offer a 5-year warranty. This pad is guaranteed to last long surely until your next baby.

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What We Like:

  • Does not absorb liquid
  • Durable material
  • Medically tested

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It’s expensive
  • May get a little chilly during cold months

5. Best Changing Pad for Travel- Skip Hop Pronto Changing Station

The Pronto Changing Station is a must-have and your all in-one solution for diapering away from home.

The extra wide changing pad folds into an easy-to-carry clutch with a handy clip that you can strap to your stroller or your wrist. A mesh pocket in the pad is great for storing items like diapers, wipes, creams- everything you need for diaper changing plus a zippered pocket for personal items like your cell phone or keys.

So functional and stylish, isn’t it? So how about its main purpose of changing your baby?

Well, it may not be able to level up the comfort of your changing pad at home, but certainly, it serves its essential function of helping you out on the road. The pad is gigantic, so you will not worry about messy accidents, and the head section is padded for your baby’s extra comfort.

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If you only need a changing pad, you can just zip it off the bag to use independently. It is waterproof all-over so you can easily wipe off any spills or you can just throw it into your washing machine when you get home.

What We Like:

  • Foldable
  • Generously sized pad
  • Plenty of storage
  • Machine washable

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It is not padded enough
  • The material is rather rough

6. Best Organic Changing Pad - Naturepedic 2-Sided Contoured

If you are an organic enthusiast, this is the best one of a kind in the market. This changing pad has most of the designs like the others on the list while giving you the benefits of a natural, chemical-free material.

The pad features a luxurious organic cotton fabric with a non-allergic, food grade waterproof coating which is also hypoallergenic, thus providing resistance from stains and dust mites.

What I like about this product is the air core support feature that provides a firm and comfortable base. Some parents say it doesn’t change its form since they bought it. It will last long then, and with its standard size, it will be used until the toddler years of your little one.

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It can be used with or without your changing table, and though it doesn’t have a non-skid bottom, it does come with snaps which you can screw into any surface plus a buckle for your child’s safety.

The only downside of this pad is the price, and we all know it’s not surprising for an organic product to be pricey, but with the benefits it provides, you actually get what you pay for.

What We Like:

  • Organic cotton fabric
  • Non-allergic and hypoallergenic
  • Waterproof

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Relatively expensive
  • No non-skid bottom

7. Best Changing Pad for Table and Dresser Tops - LA Baby 4-Sided Cocoon Style

When you have a changing table at home, you might want a pad that will anchor to it to make sure it doesn’t slip off. In this case, the LA Baby 4-Sided Changing Pad is your best choice. The 30-inch length is sized to fit on any table top and dresser.

The safety features of this changing pad could not be overlooked. It includes screws that you can fasten to any furniture and a non-skid bottom to prevent the pad from slipping. The baby is prevented from turning over with the quick release safety belt plus it kept him safely in the middle and protected from every angle with the cocoon-like design and the 4-inch high walls on each side.

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The contoured soft pad provides comfort plus it will ensure the best possible level of cleanliness with its waterproof, non-toxic and anti-microbial properties.

What We Like:

  • Fits most changing tables
  • Non-skid bottom
  • Strap and screws
  • High walls on sides
  • Waterproof

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The quilted design may rip easily
  • Size may not fit older babies
  • Quilts may gather dirt and may be difficult to clean

Types of Changing Pads

1. Standard

The standard pad is a mini-mattress that is specifically designed for diaper changing, preferably for home-use. The sturdy structure can be used on the top of a changing table, a dresser, or any other surface. Safety features are provided for its purpose.

2. Portable

Most portable changing pads are lightweight and foldable, making them great for travels. Some portable pads fold into a small bag with pockets to store your baby’s diaper changing essential items.

How to Buy the Right Changing Pad for your Baby

In your search for the best changing pad, here are some factors you might want to consider:


Most changing tables come with changing pads. But if it doesn’t, or you want to change it, make sure that the pad will fit your space.

Another is the size of your baby. The newborn, for sure, will likely fit the pad, but how about if your baby becomes older? Some pads come in longer lengths to accommodate larger babies.

Safety Functions

Most changing pads are designed with your baby’s safety in mind. You just have to choose the pad that is suitable to your needs. When you are using a table top, then an added security of a non-slip bottom or screws is what you need.


Most changing pads are waterproof and only needs to wipe clean. Some have materials that do not absorb liquids thus preventing the growth of bacteria and molds.


Babies should be comfortable to avoid fussiness during changing times. Most pads are cushioned and padded to ensure your babies comfort.


Changing Pads should be lightweight so you can move it around the house and change your baby’s diaper anywhere you want. Some are more portable enough to bring on travels.


You change your baby’s diaper every day from infancy and may be up to his toddler years. Make sure your pad can last until then.


Your baby’s skin is so important so you might want to look for something chemical-free, non-allergic or organic.


My list above allows you to choose from different price ranges that suit your budget and preferences.


To benefit with the pad’s function of a) protecting the baby from dirty surfaces and b) protecting surfaces from diaper spills, you must choose the right pad that performs these functions well.

That’s why I choose to use the Summer Infant 2-Sided Contoured Changing Pad for my baby, and it doesn’t disappoint me. Sometimes, as a mother, you just have to follow your instinct to find the products that suit your family.

I already gave you the information I believe is enough for you to be well-informed before settling on any changing pad to use on your baby. Happy diapering!

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