The Best Breast Milk Storage Bags That Can Make a Healthy Baby Happy

When you have a life on the outside as well as a baby to take care of, things can get difficult especially when they go hungry. For mothers who prefer breastfeeding for their babies, they need a reliable storage for the precious milk.

When outside and your child goes hungry, just whip out one of the best breast milk storage bags, get the bottle, and feed it to your baby. It’s fast, it’s efficient, and it’s just what you need!


What Is A Breast Milk Storage Bag?

​A breast milk storage bag is what to use when storing extracted fresh milk from a mother’s breast. A milk that a mother has extracted from herself. It’s a special plastic bag so durable and reliable that breast milk doesn’t spoil earlier than it is supposed to.

When going outside with the baby, it’s always a fact that at some time throughout the trip they would get hungry. This was designed for mothers to have an easier time without having to find the nearest feeding station.

Why and When Do You Need this Storage Bag?

​When a baby goes hungry going outside and you’re still at the stage where natural milk is healthier, going through a frenzy in finding a feeding station could be panicky.

  • With a breast milk storage bag, you would be able to carry around your milk without it having it go bad, allowing it to last longer and be safer.
  • Having this during the times when you are out with your baby and you don’t see any private area where you can give them what they need, this is when the storage bag would come in very handy.
  • Don’t go through the trouble of having other people glance your way through natural feeding, just store your natural milk inside of the bag and when your baby is hungry, just take out the bottle and start feeding.

If you’re a mother who isn’t quite fond of powdered milk and would rather prefer the natural feeding, then this would surely come in handy for you.

What Do You Need To Know Before You Consider Buying A Breast Milk Storage Bag?

​You may think that you can just choose any kind of breast milk storage bag, after all, they are all just the same, right?


These bags are special for a reason. They are designed in ways so that it would make your breast milk last longer. Breast milk gets easily spoiled, and so it would need something special to keep it fresh

1. Leak Proof

There wouldn’t be any point in a storage bag for breast milk when it wouldn’t be able to keep any of the milk inside.

Any correct milk storage bag would be able to keep the milk in without any sign of leakage. This is why the most basic feature that you should look for is the bag being leak proof.

2. Safe Plastic

​With the knowledge of BPA, Phthalate, Latex, and other types of harmful elements that can be found inside of the plastic around us, it’s going to be hard for you to give milk contaminated by these harmful substances.

So, you must find a type of bag that has a guaranteed safe plastic that is free of any of this toxins.

3. Accurate Measurements

With the right measurements, you would be able to plan ahead for things. It wouldn’t do good if the measurements weren’t accurate because that could probably result in either overfeeding or lacking.

Find the right bag that has the most accurate measurements to make it easier for you to predict.

4. Durable

Everything else aside, if the bag isn’t even close to durable, you would have a lot of milk spilled inside of your bag or on your lap. The bag that you must look for must be able to hold on without breaking for a long period of time, otherwise, it would be a disposable bag instead of one that should’ve been able to stay with you for a while.

5. Positioning

For your convenience, (and to avoid some small accidents) you would need a bag that would be able to stand upright by itself. Regular plastic bags would fall over, and if ever the bag was open, the milk would be wasted and spilled. Find a bag that would be able to stand, as well as lay flat. You probably won’t find this useful now, but you will see its benefits.

6. Sealing

How is it able to close and open? Is this the type of bag that uses a double zipper, or is it the type where you are only able to use it once? There are many ways that it can be sealed, and many times it’s alright. However, never get the bag that you have to rip open because you can imagine what would occur if ever you ripped it the wrong way.

Have you already learned how to find the right breast milk storage bag? With only these simple tips and elements you would have the right knowledge to pick the exact bag without it falling apart or spilling it all over both you and your baby.

Let’s move on to the Best Breast Milk Storage Bag reviews! All of the products that you will come across on this list have been selected according to the top customer reviews along with other feedbacks.

5 Best Breast Milk Storage Bags Reviews


This is the product that guarantees all of the requirements that you need to look for inside of a breast milk storage bag. It’s a leak-proof back that ensures that you wouldn’t have any long smelling milk stains inside of your bag or on your clothes, and since it’s also self-standing, it means that accidental spills will not be coming anytime soon.

Some say it has a small opening but it works just fine. If you’re worried about the plastic, clear your mind, after all, this is BPA free as well as all the other chemicals. Its measurements are said to be 95% accurate which is already quite high for a regular storage bag.

You wouldn’t have to go through the struggles of trying to rip it apart since it has already a ready line that makes it easier for you to tear.


  • No chance of leakage
  • Upright standing
  • Safety guaranteed
  • ​Accurate measurements
  • Designed by real parents


  • Small opening
  • A little difficult to pour the milk


If you’re the type to freeze breast milk, then this is the one for you. To make things easier, you would be able to pump your milk directly inside of this bag using your pumper without any hassle!

This back is supposedly the strongest and largest milk storage bag available, and with reinforced seams, you can bet that they would be able to hold the milk inside. For your efficiency, you would be able to keep the bag standing upright or basically just lying down flat. Of course, it can get better!

This bag is completely BPA and BPS free, so fear no more and proceed to feed your child with the milk!


  • Very good when freezing breastmilk
  • Can pump directly into bags
  • Reinforced side seams
  • Easy to fill
  • BPA and BPS free


  • Needs to be poured with both hands (can’t hold a baby with one hand and pour with the other)
  • Busts immediately when dropped


Just like any other breastmilk storage bag, you will be able to freeze milk in this bag without any problems. Another thing to mention is that this has been recognized for its accurate measurement as well as labeling and organizing.

To make sure that there are no germs or contaminants making things unsafe for your baby, this bag has been pre-sterilized. Upright and standing as well as lying flat, like always, this storage bag can do both!


  • Easy to seal with double zipper seal
  • Known for accurate measurement
  • Pre-sterilized
  • Fits into bottle warmers
  • Thicker plastic


  • Not so leak-proof
  • Not chemical free-guaranteed


With its design slightly different from the others, this breast milk storage bag does well when pouring and collecting. It’s super easy to collect and comfortable when pouring.

You can even pump it directly into the bags or transfer them from the bottles without having to tape or twist ties. To make spills less frequent, this unique design has been created for those struggling parents who have to hold a baby with one arm as well as serve milk with the other hand.

With the zip seal bag and its BPA free guarantee, it is the type of bag that you would look for.


  • Unique design makes it easier
  • New design prevents splitting or cracking
  • Chances of spills are smaller
  • Can pump milk directly into the bags
  • BPA free guaranteed


  • Measurements are off
  • Ziploc is very tight


Other than having its adorable design, this Dr. DUDU breast milk storage bag is an easy tear. No need to get frustrated over having to rip it apart just to get the slightest of the milk that you have stored.

It has a special patented zipper design makes it so that you have extra security and sealing (double sealed). At the very bottom of the bag, you would be able to find a spout. This spout design was made to make it easier to pour and easier to use.


  • The easy-pour spout design
  • Easy-cut tearing design
  • Absolutely no BPA
  • Very durable and sturdy
  • Double zipper seal


  • Quality isn’t consistent
  • In certain packages, you may find holes

Now, all of the reviews have been read and observed. To sum up, everything has happened, I’ve given you the different guidelines to find when looking for a good milk storage bag as well as given a list of the best bags for mothers to use. Not everyone is the same in preference, however with these bags anybody would be able to use them.

Which Breast Milk Storage Bags You Should Buy?


Out of all the other potential bags, I firmly chose Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags !


Well, for one, its design is something very adorable to look at. Other than that, it has all the other requirements needed when looking for the right breastmilk storage bag, and more! It even allows you to pump milk directly inside of it, and so that means less hassle for both me and the baby.

Save yourself the time and effort of looking for the best breastmilk storage bags yourself and look at this list of the best! No need to struggle, after all, these were chosen according to a number of people that has left these products satisfied, and if you choose the right one for yourself, you would be satisfied as well!

The days are always busy when you’re a mom who can’t stay inside of the house, and so with these milk storage bags, you would be able to feed your baby without having to find the nearest feeding station!

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