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When having a baby, a bottle is something that you would naturally need. As a mother, one of our priority is assurance that we are giving our baby germ-free bottles. Of course, you would watch your bottles every now and then, but is it enough to fully get rid of everything? You should already know that your baby has yet to develop a strong immune system, so that means you would need the best bottle sterilizer.


What is a bottle sterilizer?

A bottle sterilizer is a type of container where you would be able to put not only just your baby bottles but as well as other things like teething toys and pacifiers. Anything that’s supposed to be going inside of your baby’s mouth.

When putting the machine into work, it would do its best to sterilize any of the items that you’ve put inside to make sure that the number of germs on it will be eliminated.

What can a bottle sterilizer do for you?

You might probably think, “I can always just wash the bottles, that would be enough, right?” but no! No matter how thoroughly you wash them, there will always be that residue group of germs that you can’t rub away.

On the other hand, do you really have to use a bottle sterilizer?

Well, it all does depend on you, actually. Most of the time, the usual dish washing soap can be efficient enough to get rid of the majority of the germs. It’s not like not using a sterilizer would somehow suddenly cause your child to become sick.

  • With a bottle sterilizer, it is reassuring that everything that goes inside of your child’s mouth is clean
  • With the extra work on getting rid of the remaining germs, the chances of your child getting sick from those objects would be smaller than ever.
  • You need a bottle sterilizer when your new baby has just started drinking from a bottle and starting to go around biting things to keep up with the pain of their teeth emerging from their gums. You never know what sort of contamination these things would have
  • Using a bottle sterilizer gives less effort, quick and time saver compared to the traditional way.

The 3 Different kinds of Bottle Sterilizers

​Of course, there isn’t just one bottle sterilizer out there; there is actually three.

1. UV Bottle Sterilizer

If you have places to go and trips to continue, but still have to bring around your baby, you would need a UV bottle sterilizer. This kind of sterilizer is perfect went traveling, it is, after all, a mobile bottle sterilizer. These are small and easy to carry.

However, because they are so small, you would need to take care of things more than usual instead of leaving it be. You would have to dismantle the bottle and sterilize each one by one.

The great thing about this is that you wouldn’t need to find the main power source in order for it to work, one of the reasons why it’s recommended for when you’re traveling or just going outside of the house.

Also, if you’re on a budget, this one would be great for you as it is less expensive compared to the others.

​Here is a video showing how to use a UV sterilizer:

2. Microwave Bottle Sterilizer


In order to use this bottle sterilizer, the process is very simple. All you have to do is put the bottles and other items inside of a container and pop it inside of the microwave.

This sterilizer uses the heating method where it requires a high heat steam to kill all the bacteria and germs.

Of course, there are its drawbacks where you aren’t able to get rid of the strange smells or drying it up, but it is still useful in its own way.

If you aren’t going for the higher priced sterilizers, you can get these. After all, they don’t cost as much as the others, and they are especially easy to store.

Here is a video showing how to use a microwave sterilizer:

3. Electric Bottle Sterilizer


Now, this kind of sterilizer that can come in different assets, all of it depending on its price. There are types where you would be able to dry the items and even deodorize.

Out of all the other different kinds of sterilizers, this one would be more expensive. However, you get what you pay for.

It uses the steaming method. When I say steam, I mean very, very hot steam. To make things better and easier, all you have to do is put all the bottles and items inside, turn the machine on, and wait for it to finish. Simple as that.

If you have a certain preference as to how the sterilizers would be like, for example how it would look inside of your home and how it would be able to fit, there’s not need to worry. An electric bottle sterilizer comes in many different colors and designs; you would have a lot to choose from.

Here is a video on how to use an electric sterilizer :

What are the different things you need to look for in a good bottle sterilizer?

These few key factors can do a lot for both you and your wallet. There are times when products with the highest of prices, makes one believe that it is worth the buy. But why would it be priced that high in the first place?

​Who knows that the product isn’t as good as you thought it would be, and all the while, there was a cheaper one that worked just as good? (or maybe even better)

​However, these factors really depend on what kind of sterilizer you are looking for. Are you searching for one that is quick and easy (maybe something that you can bring around} or something that would be cheaper?

​Here are the usual factors that you would need to know :

#1. Capacity

As always, the more bottle to sterilize at one time, the better it can be! However, if you are searching for something mobile, you wouldn’t get as many options that are more than one bottle. Look for a sterilizer that can do multiple bottles in one cleaning.

#2. Is it toxic free?

Usually, sterilizers are made out of plastic, and we all know that it’s not the best material out there. Is it safe? Does it contain any harmful chemicals like BPA, nitrosamine, latex, or PVC?

Important: Avoid the probability of risking contamination.

#3. Safety

It may not look like it could do a lot of harm to you, but you have to remember that this is a device that works with very high temperatures. You could risk burning yourself, and if in worse situations, your baby. Observe its safety features, judge if they are any good, and see if it’s safe enough for you to bring at home

Have you already gotten everything down? If so, it’s finally time for you to get on with the Best Bottle Sterilizer reviews! Here we go!

Have you already gotten everything down? If so, it’s finally time for you to get on with the Best Bottle Sterilizer reviews! Here we go!

The Top 5 Best Bottle Sterilizers 2017


Using this device, you would be able to get all of your baby’s necessities such as baby bottles (or others like pacifiers or teething toys) cleaned in just 5 minutes! With such simple instructions and steps, you would be able to get all of this done in a flash! You would only need 200 ml to get this thing going

If you don’t have the time to wash this yourself, you don’t have to worry! This device is dishwasher compatible. If you’re scared about what could happen when it goes inside of the microwave, don’t be. It’s what it’s made for, and as always, it is alright to put inside any kind of microwave


  • Simple and easy steps to use
  • Can be washed inside of a dishwasher
  • It takes less than 10 minutes to do its work
  • Don’t need to waste precious time in cleaning it


  • It can only sterilize 6 oz. bottles


This is a product known for its light weight. It is great when you are traveling! If you keep the lid on the bottles that it sterilizes, it will remain bacteria free for approximately 24 hours.

To reassure you, this sterilizer doesn’t contain any BPA. Since it is easy to use and doesn’t require a lot of time, it would be great for a busy parent! With its transparent look, you would be able to check if the bottles you’ve put inside are melting or not.


  • Absolutely BPA free
  • Takes approximately 5 minutes when working
  • Safety grip to avoid accidental burnsIs designed for both home use and when traveling


  • Doesn’t fit very many bottles inside
  • Might not fit inside of your microwave


It is absolutely chemical free when sterilizing, and for extra assurance, it is also free of BPA and phthalate!

When the designers were creating this sterilizer, they were aiming for it to be a fast and easy. It can be used within the safety of your own home as well as when you are considering going outside or travel with your baby


  • Completely chemical free
  • Can be used inside of your room and when traveling
  • Can fit more than just your bottles
  • Fast, fuss-free, and easy


  • Can only hold four bottles


Like every other sterilizer, it can kill 99.9% of the bacteria that will come in contact with the bottles.

To make things easier on your behalf you would be able to clean it up fast inside of your dishwasher! No need to worry about sizes, after all, this can fit inside of any microwave.


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • BPA and PVS free
  • Heat-resistant handles
  • Due to its small size, can be used when traveling


  • No negative reviews


This sterilizer comes with a sterilizing tray that’s specially molded in order to hold four baby bottles. If you want to clean it up, no need for any struggle since it can be easily removed.

It’s is completely BPA free and is safe for your baby, and if you want it to be easier, it can also be popped inside of the dishwasher.


  • Sterilizing Tray
  • Safe to put inside of the dishwasher
  • BPA free
  • Saves you so much time


  • No negative reviews

My Best Pick!


Bundle Tumble CleaNum Microwave Steam Sterilizer

​Out of all the other sterilizers, this is the one that meets my budget and my needs. Almost everyone was satisfied with this product. I for one, believe that it’s completely safe against harmful chemicals. The fact that it is safer and easy to use is also a great feature

​It is a simple and adorable sterilizer that I am confident would leave you satisfied

​Indeed, you don’t really have to get the best bottle sterilizer if you do not wish for it. However, if you want your baby’s bottles and other objects that usually go inside of her little mouths to be 99.9% rid of germs and bacteria, a sterilizer would be your best bet!

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