5 Best Baby Push Walkers You Should Invest On (2019 Reviews)

A baby grows very fast, it isn’t a secret. One day you’re cuddling your little one in your arms and the next, he or she squirms to be free and explore the surroundings. You’ll be surprised how fast they learn basic motor skills expected in their age, such as sitting unsupported, standing, doing their first steps, and eventually, walking on their own.

When your baby begins to develop an interest in their environment, like using toys, it’s important to provide their needs through these things to help them learn, develop, and grow.

Walking is a major step in an infant’s physical development, including their coordination, motor skills, and balance. Nothing brings happiness to babies, and their parents quite like when they walk around for the first time. For some babies, when they learn to walk for the first time, it’s helpful to use a form of support.

One of the most popular support devices is push walkers. A good push walker helps your baby learn to use footing once they’ve mastered pulling themselves to stand on their own. Push toys are tools that babies need to help them move around with the needed support.

Hence, choosing the best baby push walker is crucial to guide them in the first stages of learning to walk.


What Is A Baby Push Walker?

A baby push walker is a device the baby pushes to support walking. It gives the baby the needed support to help them learn to walk on their own, unlike a baby walker that lets the baby stand in an unnatural standing position.

That’s why a lot of parents choose push toys for their babies when they’re starting to learn to walk on their own. It guides them and at the same time, provide support so the baby can walk around, and eventually, develop their motor skills needed for future physical abilities. These include running, hopping, and jumping. 

Benefits Of Using A Baby Push Walker

There’s no doubt that toddlers love “push” toys. That’s why they love to play around with vacuum cleaners, grocery carts, and strollers, among others. But, push toys, which are designed for children can provide a lot more than just fun.

1. Boost Coordination And Build Gross Motor Skills

Push walkers help build gross motor skills. These devices give support for babies who aren’t ready to stand unsupported. It helps the baby stand on their own and take their first steps, in time to be ready to walk alone without assistance. Plus, push walkers help babies build confidence, balance, and strength. Aside from that, push and even pull toys can aid in boosting coordination.

Your kids can get a hang of using these toys by assisting them as they stand. If you practice every day, you might be surprised at how fast your child can easily learn without your assistance.

2. Stimulate Imagination

Babies and toddlers have a good imagination. Playing with push walkers and push toys mimic real-life devices and items that your kids can use in the future. Using these things can help further hone the imagination as well as the self-esteem of young children as they assist you in using real-life items such as a grocery cart, vacuum cleaners, and lawn mowers.

3. Double-Duty Function

Push toys and walkers usually have other toys installed on them, such as blocks, shape sorters, and activity centers. So, your children can have fun and at the same time, learn new motor skills such as walking.

What To Look For In A Baby Push Walker?

There are hundreds of brands and models of baby push walkers in the market today. In choosing the best one for your baby, you need to take into consideration certain features you like. This way, you won’t regret buying the product and you can reduce your choices into the best ones for your child.

Aside from the features to look for, you need to consider other factors such as the size of the push walker and the age requirement. Safety features are also vital. 

  • Features

Baby push walkers come in all sizes and types. You need to consider certain features to help you decide which one to buy. For instance, you can check for the product’s sturdiness – can it withstand the weight of your baby? Make sure it won’t flop over when the baby is using it.

The wheels should have good traction. This way, your baby is safe while he or she is pushing it. Choose the type of wheels, depending on your flooring. Will the wheels glide smoothly on carpeted, hardwood, or tile floors?

Lastly, another feature to consider is the push walker’s speed control. Can the wheels be loosened or tightened to modify the speed for your baby’s use? This is important for safety reasons; some babies may need to start with slow speed first before they can glide through the room without issues.

  • Size

Another important factor to consider when looking for a baby push walker is its size. Is it too big or too small for your baby? You should check out the height requirement or age requirement so you will buy the right type of baby push walker for your little one.

  • Stability

Stability is vital in choosing a great push walker. You like the push walker to be steady enough, so your baby won’t fall. In choosing a push walker, make sure the base of the product is steady and heavy for your baby to have an easy time balancing while walking. Also, it ensures that the center of gravity is close to the surface, reducing the risk of flopping over.

  • Non-Toxic Materials

Many products today contain toxic materials that can harm your baby. In choosing a toy for your little one, an important thing to consider is if the product is non-toxic and safe for little kids.

Top 5 Best Baby Push Walkers

If you’re looking for the perfect baby push walker for your child, you’re in the perfect place. We’ve collated the best products and brands today to help trim your choices.

Durability, functionality, sturdiness, and quality – these are just a few of the characteristics of the Vtech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker. This baby push walker lets your child learn while playing and having fun.

Let your child learn to walk with confidence, from small steps until they get the hang of walking around the room. It’s educative, efficient, and durable, helping boost the creative spirit of your baby, aside from building important motor skills.

It’s a great buy, with a high rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon, with a whopping 11,252 customer reviews. Priced at just $29, you’ll never regret buying this product. The Vtech push walker is an innovative product, developing your child’s skills from a novice crawler to a professional walker, through its innovative, interactive, and adaptive technology.

The push walker comes in a removable play panel, five piano keys to play music, three shape sorters, two colorful spinning rollers, and three light-up buttons to help develop your child’s motor skills. It also has a telephone toy and the whole activity panel is removable.

The material is plastic and non-toxic, making it safe for your baby to play with. Plus, the wheels work well on hard floors and even on carpeted floors.

One good thing about the product is, it has over 70 sing-along songs, sound effects, and music for your babies to listen to. You won’t hear a single song over and over again, which can be annoying. The product is ideal for babies between 9 months old to three years old.


  • Removable play panel
  • Five piano keys to play music
  • Three shape sorters
  • Two colorful spinning rollers
  • Three light-up buttons
  • Telephone toy
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Sturdy

If you’re looking for a push walker that can assist your child in walking and can be turned into a toy, the Fisher-Price Learn With Me Push Walker is a good buy. For sitting children, they can use the walker as a toy with lots of different hands-on-tasks.

The push walker features light-up buttons, a roller ball, pages to flip for music and songs, and a dial to twist. If your baby wants to learn to walk, this push walker is sturdy, safe, and durable. It has a four-wheel base, which means your child can have a safe and fun walking experience.

This push walker also ensures your baby can balance better when he makes his first steps. Plus, it helps improve gross motor skills, balance, and coordination. It supports the development of children, both physically and mentally.

Priced at just $40, you can already have an assistant in teaching your child how to walk. It received a staggering rating of 4.5 out 5 stars from about 664 customer reviews.


  • Light-up buttons
  • Roller ball
  • Pages to flip for music and songs
  • Dial to twist
  • Sturdy
  • Safe to use
  • Durable
  • Four-wheel base

For parents who want organic and non-toxic materials in the baby push walkers, a wooden push toy is a perfect choice. A wooden walker, the Melissa & Doug Deluxe Chomp and Clack Alligator Push Toy and Activity Walker has engaging activities for babies and toddlers to move around.

The good thing about this push walker is that it has a sturdy base, reducing the risk of accidents and falls. It also features fish on wheels, three chomping alligators, ladybug beads, and a spinning butterfly. The push walker is ideal for use by babies who are 12 months and above if they can stand up and take a few steps.

It also has a wooden handle that extends from the back of the base and has colorful decorations to attract the attention of your baby. Plus, with every step your child takes, the alligators open their mouths with a clacking noise. This noise can further enhance the development of gross motor skills.


  • Sturdy base
  • Fish on wheels
  • Three chomping alligators
  • Ladybug beads
  • Spinning butterfly
  • Organic

Another wooden push walker is the Hape Wonder Walker Push and Pull Toddler Walking Toy, which is a best-selling walker on the market today. The push walker has setback wheels that offer a strong and sturdy base to let the kids learn to walk without falling. Also, the special design makes pushing easier, but also it encourages just small steps.

There are also colorful and movable balls or gears for the baby to play with if he or she’s not walking. Plus, there are rubber lining on the wheels to make sure they won’t slide while they are being used by little kids. This reduces the risk of accidents. The good thing is that the push walker is easy to assemble and use.

Babies who are 10 months old and up can use this push walker. It’s non-toxic and made from completely recycled materials. It’s also a wagon which can be used by the baby as storage for his toys and precious belongings. It’s lightweight, weighing just 4 pounds.

Priced at $80, it received a good rating from customers. It has a customer rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars, with a whopping 277 customers.


  • Wooden push walker
  • Setback wheels that offer a strong and sturdy base

Plan Toy is a company that makes the safest toys for babies as much as possible. Its baby push walker is made of organic rubberwood, nonformaldehyde glue, and non-toxic dyes, making it organic and safe for babies to use.

What’s good about this product, it encourages imaginative play and boosts physical development. Aside from learning to walk, babies can learn more about the blocks and the other toys incorporated on the push walker.

Blocks are toys babies can’t resist. It’s good that the Plan Toy Baby Push Walker has a set of blocks your baby can use to learn and at the same time, play. The blocks are the perfect size for babies and toddlers.

Priced at $70, it has a customer rating of 4 out of 5 stars from 157 customers who bought and tried the product.


  • Colorful and movable balls or gears
  • Rubber lining on the wheel
  • Easy to assemble and use.

Our Verdict

Baby push walkers are important for the development of a child’s gross motor skills, as well as their mental growth. Generally, when a baby has more mobility and chance of exploring their environment, parents choose baby push walkers, rather than regular walkers.

Push toys or walkers help the baby move more confidently, stimulate the kids’ imagination, provides support, helps baby learn to walk, and develops the muscles of the babies, so they are stronger and able to move independently.

If you’re looking for the perfect baby gear, a push walker is an ideal must-buy. You can help your baby learn to walk faster and easier, and at the same time provide a toy for mental development.

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