Finding The Best Baby Monitors (2019 Reviews and Guides)

Being a new parent means wanting to keep an eye on your baby all the time, but sadly, it’s not possible. If you have to stay outside for long or just a moment, you need a reliable baby monitor.

Having a baby monitor will ease the anxiety that comes along whenever your baby is sleeping in another room, is left at home, or just simply out of your sight.

Baby monitors allow you to monitor your baby from practically anywhere. The digital age is here and baby monitors are upgraded too for your convenience. Most baby monitors nowadays are app-enabled or have Wi-Fi connectivity.

Find your baby’s digital companion on my ultimate list of the best baby monitors. 


Quick Comparison Table

Here are the Best Baby Monitors of 2019!

You can’t deny the reliability of this baby monitor that boasts a lot of 5-star reviews on Amazon. Many parents are gushing about its outstanding and convenient features. Let’s talk about it then – one by one.

The Infant Optics DXR-8 is the first ever baby monitors with interchangeable optical lens capability that allows customization of camera performance. The normal lens covers a wide field that captures your baby close enough while providing a crisp clear image. Another lens offers a 2x optical zoom ideal for to monitor your baby during sleep where it provides a close-up view with no image deterioration.

Nothing will escape your notice with wide angle lens (which you have to buy separately) that provides a full panoramic view of the entire room – perfect for older babies.

Details of the Infant Optics DXR-8

  • 1
    Up to 4 cameras
  • 2
    3.5 inches screen size 
  • 3
    Interchangeable lens
  • 4
    Alarm Function
  • 5
    Room temperature monitoring

You can stream video without delay to a large 3.5 inches LCD full color with automatic night vision, sound-activated led display and retractable antenna. You can also talk to your baby through an intercom push-to-talk button.

Not only that, it also includes a remote in-room temperature display to make sure your baby is safe and comfortable. Plus, the camera can be remotely panned and tilted to show your baby moving around in his crib. I also love that the power saving mode lets the audio on when the screen shuts off.

It includes another camera with aluminum hood protector plus the unit can be expandable up to 4 cameras. It also comes with a battery pack that runs up to 10 hours.


  • Interchangeable lens capability
  • Remote pan/tilt feature
  • 2-way talk


  • Average video quality
  • Relatively Pricier
  • Wide angle lens sold separately

The upgraded Laputa 3.5-inch LCD baby monitor boasts of an excellent picture quality, a reasonable price tag, and features that will provide convenience to any busy parent.

Aside from an improved screen, this baby monitor has an excellent zoom feature that will allow you to have a more detailed look on your baby’s movement. It has a two-way audio which will allow you to talk to your baby remotely - all you need to do is hold the mic and talk like a walkie-talkie. You can also play some soothing music and lullabies (and you can turn it off as you please).

The brand also promises that your connection will be stable (it has a connection range of about 700 feet), and has an excellent clear screen and night vision view. Many parents point out that the signal does not interfere with their WiFi connection - something that is common in many baby monitors in the market today. 

Details of the Anmeate Monitor

  • 1
    Multi cameras
  • 2
    Built-in lullabies, eco mode
  • 3
    3.5” screen size
  • 4
    Temperature sensor
  • 5
    The best cheap baby monitor

One of the best features of the Laputa Baby Monitor is the price tag. It's relatively cheaper than other baby monitors on the market today. Many parents are raving about this on Amazon - it is more affordable than many other brands that have the same features.

One of the most common complaints that customers have expressed for this product is that the battery has a tendency to get weaker over time (and could reach a point wherein it has to stay plugged in for an extended period).


  • Stable connection
  • Two-way audio
  • Music/lullaby feature


  • Could have weak battery life

With color LCD display, automatic night vision, and a large 5” flat screen display, this baby monitor is exceptional when it comes to video quality and streaming.

It offers top of the line infrared technology for that superb view day and night. The camera provides a soft glow night light to soothe your baby while sleeping while a digital zoom provides a close-up view to spot those precious moments of your baby dreaming.

The video brightness can also be adjusted to your preference as well as the volume. Though there’s no 2-way talk feature, sound activated lights indicate the level of noise coming from your baby’s room.

Digital privacy is ensured with the secured technology for additional peace of mind. The range may be short at 600 feet but just enough to see any view throughout the house and is also expendable to up to 4 cameras.

Details of the Summer Infant Monitor

  • 1
    Up to 4 cameras
  • 2
    Sound activated LED lights
  • 3
    5” screen size
  • 4
    Room temperature monitoring
  • 5
    The best video baby monitor

The unit also includes a rechargeable battery and anchor/clips whenever you want to place your monitor on a tabletop or mount it on the wall.


  • Digital colored display
  • Soft glow night light
  • thumbs-up
    At price point


  • Short range
  • Easy to break
  • No 2-way communication
  • thumbs-down
    Some issues with battery charging

The iBaby M6S allows you to keep an eye on your baby from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection through your iPhone or tablet. Alerts for sound, motion, and air quality are delivered straight to your device at the real time. Plus, it allows live streaming to as many as four people so you can show your baby to your family and friends. You can also take, store, and share your baby’s precious moments.

This monitor also has a pan capacity of 360 degrees and tilt at 110 degrees to make sure you follow your baby’s every move and location by moving your finger in your smart device.

See your baby clearly day and night – thanks to 1080p resolution with night vision. Also, you can keep track of your baby’s environment wherever you are through its temp, humidity, and air sensors with iBaby Care app. You can also play lullabies and record your voice so baby will still feel your presence.

Details of the iBaby M6S

  • 1
    Up to 2 Cameras
  • 2
    1080p resolution
  • 3
    Free app, unlimited users, recorder
  • 4
    Best Wi-Fi Baby Monitor

This baby monitor brags about their 60-seconds installation in 2 easy steps. It also supports Android or IOS and dual-band routers’ frequency of either 2.4GHz or 5GHz. And if you are worried about your online safety, mobile streams ensure a high-security protection from public access.


  • Can stream live to up to 4 people
  • Video recording
  • thumbs-up
    Easy to install


  • Won’t work without wifi
  • Functions freezes with slow speed wi-fi
  • No room temperature monitoring

You can settle for an audio baby monitor if you don’t want to spend a fortune but the price, alongside portability is just a few reasons why you must consider on buying one.

It provides 2-way communication with a clear transmission through a one unit monitor for parent and another one for baby. The former includes an indicator to monitor the level of sound in your baby’s room.

Audio baby monitors like VTech DM221 are more advanced than an old-school analog model. It uses DECT Technology to provide crystal-clear sound and to protect the unit from the interference of other electrical appliance.

Details of the Vtech DM221

  • 1
    Up to 2 parent units
  • 2
    DECT technology
  • 3
    Best Audio Baby Monitor

The parent unit comes with a belt clip so you can carry it hands-free wherever you go. The range is up to 1000 feet outdoors or 160 feet outdoors and can also detect audio with a vibrating sound alert
The portability of this baby monitor makes it one of the best choices for travel. The unit is packed with rechargeable batteries that last up to 18 hours of monitoring time. And if you were not able to charge them, you can conveniently substitute with two AAA batteries.


  • Relatively cheaper
  • Portable


  • No video
  • Some says it drains battery quickly

What is a Baby Monitor?

A baby monitor is a two piece of device that uses either a sound or a video wherein a transmitter sits in baby’s room and a receiver with a parent.

An audio baby monitor is a radio system equipped with a microphone used to remotely listen to sounds made by an infant. Some monitors provide two-way communication which also allows the parent to speak back, and some have music to soothe your baby.

A video baby monitors or baby cams shows the picture on receiver screens through a video camera, which lets you see what’s going on in the nursery. For nights, an Infrared LEDs allows seeing the baby in a dark room. A video monitor is an obvious choice for an audio but it comes with a heftier price tag.

Baby monitors are evolving with features like built-in lullabies, movement detections, and Wi-Fi capabilities. Movement monitors detect your baby’s movement by a sensor pad placed under the crib mattress. An alarm will sound if movement stops for more than 20 seconds. Smartphone apps also allow users to link baby cameras to smart devices with Wi-Fi connection

What to Look For Before Buying a Baby Monitor

  • Audio or Video - Video baby monitors are more functional and fully featured but are pricier than audio.
  • Resolution - You might want to consider the video resolution if you want a clearer view.
  • Range - You need a long-range monitor for the signal to reach every area in your home.
  • Portability - This is for moms and babies who travel a lot that needs a compact, easy-to-move baby monitors.
  • Security - No need to worry about the safety of baby monitors nowadays. My list ensures that it’s only you who monitors your baby
  • Additional Cameras - This is necessary if you have a lot of rooms in the house. All the baby monitors on my list can be expanded to up to 4 additional units.
  • Price - All baby monitors on my list ensure quality at price point so you can choose whatever is in your budget and your purpose.
  • Other features - Most video monitors offer night-vision to check your kid in the dark. Some have humidity and temperature sensors, music, and some can monitor your baby’s movements.


Your best baby monitor is your ultimate nursery assistant!

My best bet is the full-featured and favorite of most moms – the Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor.

With the coming of digital phones comes the most recent upgrade on baby monitors - Wi-Fi and 3G/4G networks that lets you easily check in on your baby even away from home.

My list provides you the best baby monitor according to your need and preference. I hope you can find yours!

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