Best Baby Carriers of 2019: 8 Brands You Should Know About

Not all baby carriers are created equal, so we have created this list to narrow things down for you. Below, we’ll zero in on eight of the best baby carrier products today. We’ll discuss the best functions and new technologies, price points, and possible weaknesses.

 If you’re planning on getting a baby carrier but don’t know where to begin, this article will help you narrow things down!


Before You Buy

Before we begin with the list, here’s are some reminders to take note of.

  • Comfort: It’s already a given that you’d want the most comfortable carrier for your baby. What some parents fail to look at, however, is how it works on them. Find a baby carrier that won’t strain your back and shoulders; a product that can distribute your baby’s weight efficiently.
  • The importance of reviews: Most brands will claim that their product is comfortable, so it’s your job to evaluate which ones are telling the truth. Look at customer reviews if you’re buying online, or better yet, go to a store and try it on with your baby. Testing these things out before purchasing will allow you to evaluate more efficiently.
  • Carrier or wrap?: You will be faced with two styles: a carrier with buckles and straps, and a wrap/sling model. These have their strengths and weaknesses (you'll find out more about this in the article below), but the common reasons are these:
    1. Wraps are usually suggested for those with newborns because of the snug fit and closeness that it provides to the baby and the parent. It, however, could get difficult as the baby gets heavier, as there are fewer support options.
    2. Carriers, those that have buckles and straps for support, are usually preferred by parents who are looking for adjustability, as well as additional technology providing comfort and even weight distribution. 

Top 8 Best Baby Carriers for Your Little One

To find what’s best for you, consider the following brands:



IHDI Approved






Baby hood for sun and wind protection

8-32 lbs


Patented Wonder Cover Bib



Adjustable head support

8-32 lbs


Pocket, BreatheMesh technology

8-35 lbs



(best for summer)

10-45 lbs

Inward only

Made for twins

45 lbs

Inward only

Promotes hassle-free breastfeeding

35 lbs


Patented loop design

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Ergobaby is one of the most popular baby carrier brands today and for a good reason. It's comfortable, adjustable, and effortless to use.

With the Ergobaby 360, you can do different carrying positions for the various stages of your baby's life: front-outward, front-inward, hip and back carry. Ergobaby boasts of having the technology that lets your baby sit in an M-shaped position (knees even to or above the hips), and the spine in a comfy, curved position.

The adjustable, wide padded waistband, which adjusts around 26-52 inches, can fit most body types, so it's perfect for both moms and dads. The product's lower back support won't give you back pains. Also, this also has shoulder straps that will help you evenly distribute the weight of your baby. It won't strain your hips, too, as it's recognized by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as a hip-healthy carrier.

This one's easy to clean and has good ventilation. Made of baby-safe materials and premium cotton, it's breathable and machine-washable.

One of the things that can set you back is the price tag. This one's one of the pricier items on this list. The infant insert is also sold separately, so you need to shell out a bit more cash of your baby is too small for the size. Other than these, however, thousands of parents continue to rave about its product for features that promote comfort to both the baby and the parent.


  • Updated technology
  • Fits most body types
  • thumbs-up


  • Not cheap

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The Infantino Flip 4-in-1 Baby Carrier is cheap but durable - at only $30, you’ll get a versatile product that provides comfort to you and your baby.

This lightweight baby carrier will allow you to carry your little one four ways, depending on their age: facing in narrow, facing in wide, facing out, and backpack. The great thing about this product is it will allow you to comfortably sit your infant, thanks to the adjustable seat. As your child grows, you can expand the seat.

This carrier provides comfort to adults, too. It has padded shoulder straps and a waist belt that allows you to distribute the weight of your baby evenly. The wonderfully-designed Wonder Cover Bib feature also gives your clothing protection from drool, and it’s also machine-washable.

 If your baby is teething, one of the things that you need to watch out for is the strap. Some parents say that teething babies tend to reach the carrier straps and gnaw at them. Other than this, however, this is an excellent, inexpensive product that provides comfort to both parents and the baby.


  • Inexpensive
  • Lightweight
  • Has a Wonder Cover Bib feature for drooling babies


  • Not recommended for teething babies

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Baby Bjorn has been making baby carriers for a while now and continues to improve with every new product they release. This one is the most expensive item on this list, but considering all of the great features, it's an excellent investment.

The Baby Bjorn Carrier One, a best-seller of the brand, is one of the updated models that makes sure parents enjoy a comfortable and ergonomic design, making sure that your baby's legs, spine, and hips are kept healthy.

This carrier provides four different carrying positions: facing in, out, and back, and for newborns (if you’re using this for your infant, you do not need to buy a separate infant insert, which most brands do not have).

Those who are using this to carry their infants will also be glad to know that it has an adjustable head support that can be used until your little one is old enough to hold their head up. This can also be used unfolded by babies over five months as a rest while they're asleep.

This carrier is comfortable not just for your baby, but for adults too. It has extra padded shoulder straps that are very comfy, a waist belt that promotes stability and distributes weight evenly. It is also recognized as a hip-healthy carrier by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

This model does not have a bib and cover - Baby Bjorn, however, has a separate attachment of these for sale.


  • No need to buy the infant insert
  • Has an adjustable head support
  • thumbs-up


  • Expensive
  • thumbs-down
    Does not have bib and cover

All of the products on this list work well with both men and women, but we're putting this one under the category of the best baby carrier for dads for its design. The design of the Infantino Flip Front carrier is gender-neutral, but this is something that many dads prefer because of its simple black design.

Another great product by Infantino, this carrier allows the adult to carry the baby in three ways: facing in, facing out, and backpack style.

Both dads and moms continue to rave about how comfy the carrier is. The Infantino Flip Front has a "BreatheMesh" technology that promotes even airflow, so you're sure that both you and the baby are comfortable even in warmer temperatures. The straps are padded, and there is also a pocket where you can store small essentials when you don't have time to pack them in a bag.

This one also has a Wonder Cover Bib, which doesn't only protect you from drool, but also provides a nice splash of color in a plain black background.

There are, however, mixed reviews on the pressure on the shoulders. Some parents say that they can go for hours without feeling strained, while others say that their shoulders get tired quickly (and the weight is not evenly distributed even with the belt). This, of course, depends on the child's weight, but it's always best if you try out the carrier yourself to find out.

This one's affordable, too. At around $30, you will be able to enjoy all the essential functions for a very affordable amount.


  • Great for dads
  • Affordable
  • thumbs-up
    Has the BreatheMesh technology that promotes even airflow


  • There may be extra pressure on the shoulders if worn for an expensive period

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Wrap carriers are excellent for warmer climates as they are usually made of breathable materials. This product is one of the best wraps on the market today.

If you're looking for a baby carrier for summer, this is something that will let you stay cool. The Maya Wrap is made of hand-woven cotton, so you're sure to get excellent air circulation. Both you and your little one will stay comfortable.

Not having complicated straps and other contraptions do not mean that it's less functional. This wrap is very easy to adjust - no need to buy a new carrier for your baby as they grow (although some parents say that it tends to strain the back with extended use).

This summer-friendly baby carrier also allows you to carry your hold your child in different positions: facing in and facing out, and if you feel that they are heavier, you can be worn on your hip.

 One of the best things about the Maya Wrap Sling is the size. Unlike most of the items on this list, this one's very small - it can fit in most diaper bags, so it's not a hassle to carry around. And speaking of convenience, you can also easily carry small things with you (i.e. phone, keys, or wallet), as it has a small zippered pocket.


  • Excellent for summer/hotter temperatures
  • Easy to adjust
  • thumbs-up
    No complicated straps


  • Tends to strain the back with heavier babies

You don't need to buy two separate baby carrier if you have twins. The TwinGo baby carrier is an excellent product that continues to get a lot of praises from parents because of its excellent fit and adjustability.

This ergonomic baby carrier for twins is made of sturdy and comfortable fabric (100% cotton) and top-notch material. Because you will be carrying two kids, the company made sure that it's not only durable but also comfortable for the adult carrying them.

Some of the extra features include a sleep good that supports the baby's head, as well as protects from the sun. There are also pockets (for each carrier) where you can store essentials.

It does not matter if you're petite or tall - this carrier can support heights from 4’11 to 6’5, so it's perfect for men and women of all sizes. You also don't always need to have two carriers on you. This product can also function as two separate carriers.

It is not difficult to strap both babies - there has been excellent feedback on ease of use even without assistance. Many parents have also praised its ability to stay comfy even after a long time of carrying - even when doing more demanding activities like long walks and hikes.

 One of the downsides of this carrier, however, is there is no forward-facing position (only inward). The company says, however. The inward-only position promotes healthy hip positioning as well as even weight distribution.

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The Boba Wrap is an excellent carrier for parents of all sizes, but it has received a lot of praises from plus sized parents - it product works because the material is extremely flexible. At 5.5 yards, it can fit all types of body size.

The fabric, which is made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex, is stretchy and durable, so it won't loosen up even if you're using it for hours. The material is also excellent for breastfeeding.

This wrap is also very stylish, excellent for parents who like neutral colors that go well with any wardrobe. The best selling color is the gray, but there are other stylish, plain ones like black, blue, red, and purple.

 A common complaint among users is the air circulation. Many customers who have purchased this product felt that it could do better in terms of ventilation, as it tends to get hot fast, especially in the summer months because of the thick fabric. It also only has an inward facing position for babies, so if you want a more versatile model that has different positions, you should consider the other items on this list.


  • Great for plus-sized parents


  • Tends to get hot fast
  • Inward facing only

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Undecided on which type of carrier (strap-style or wrap) to get? This product gives you the best of both worlds.

The Baby K'Tan Original Baby Carrier comes in different sizes (XXS, XS, S, M, L and XL), and is made of a durable and stretchy material (all-natural printed cotton) that gets more and more comfortable with use.

There are five ergonomic carrying positions available. This product boasts of a patented loop design that is not only stylish but also provides comfort and added security. You can also switch positions without having to remove the carrier. This one has been certified as hip healthy by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

The great thing about this baby carrier is its unique design - it has a buckle-free wrap style, but you don't need to actually wrap it. It slips easily like a shirt, so you would not have to deal with complicated instructions. The item also comes with a carry bag that turns into a sash for convenience.

Parents continue to rave about the ease of use, too. Everything you need to know - from sizing and steps on how to put it on/remove - are all in the instruction manual, which is easy to follow.

The price is also unbeatable, however. At only around $50, you're getting a well-researched, tried-and-tested product.


  • Patented loop design
  • Buckle-free design


  • Affordable

Our Top Pick

These carriers are some of the best ones today, but if we had to choose one, it would be the Ergobaby 360. It may not be the cheapest, but you’re getting a bang for your buck because of the all the features that assure comfort and protection to both you and your little one.

There you have it!

Thank you for reading! Looking for the best baby carrier is serious business, and we hope you we were able to make things simpler for you.

Some brands introduce many features and functions, so it is easy to get attracted to them right away. Having many functions, however, is not always a good thing: squeezing in so many features in a small carrier could sometimes be unnecessary. Concentrate on what you need, and do away with unnecessary novelty functions.

Good luck with your search. Until next time!

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