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BY STACY BELK, MAY 27, 2017 11:00 AM

Stacy Belk The Blog Author

Our bundle of joy, our little sunshine, a basket full love, my mini me, and so on. These are just some of the expressions we use for babies. And we can't all deny the fact that babies are truly our little ones that bring delight to every parent, to every family, and to every home.

​​​Babies are extremely fascinating. As a new parent, you'll find yourself so engaged and mesmerized even your baby is just peacefully sleeping in her cot. However, in as much joy as they bring, babies need a lot of care and attention. There are a lot of things that babies need especially from you.

Newborn Care

The first three months is very crucial for your little one, she is extremely delicate and she needs you to be really careful in handling her. She needs to be held properly - you need to be gentle in holding your newborn supporting the neck and the back with your arms; because as a newborn, her skeletal structure is soft and still developing.

She should always be handled gently and must always be secured in the crib, bouncer, carrier, or stroller. Her immune system is also pretty low that is why you always need to stay clean and sanitize everything she needs.

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Baby Feeding

Breastfeeding is tricky at first, but once you get your baby to latch on, your little one will do most of the job. In a few weeks, your baby will have lesser but longer feedings.

It is better to feed your baby before they start crying for it because a crying baby has more difficulty in latching on. But if your baby is already crying, calm and soothe her down first before you start feeding and never force them to feed. Make sure you always burp your baby after feeding to avoid her being gassy.

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Baby Health

Keeping your baby healthy is a priority and it also goes with cleanliness - so a sanitized environment is ideal. Cleaning her umbilical stump daily with a damp cotton bud, changing a diaper every 2-3 hours, and keeping your baby clean and dry are just some ways to keep her healthy.

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Baby Sleep

This is the stage when our baby's time zone is completely opposite of ours. When they are born, babies need about 16 to 18 hours of sleep a day. But in every passing month, they will be awake about two hours longer. It may sound a lot but they need it. Babies need frequent naps especially after they feed.

In putting your baby to sleep, make sure that you should only cover her with a blanket all the way to her chest. And letting your baby sleep in a firmer mattress does her a great lot of good since it helps them in their backbone development. As your baby sleeps, you may want to take a nap along with her to recharge your batteries too.

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Baby Safety

A baby has no idea what safety means and her safety purely relies on you securing her all the time. Babyproofing your home when she was a newborn is different when she is 6 months old. By 6-8 months, your baby is already crawling - unless she has a great motor skill and starts crawling at an earlier age. So making sure that your baby is strapped into a 5 point harness on her car seat or high chair is one way of securing your wiggling baby.

Keeping her in an enclosed playpen or within a baby gate is also one direction to go. Danger lurks all around your baby and you just can't risk any ordinary home item to be safe for your baby.

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Baby Products to Buy

Now that we’re already aware of our baby’s overall needs for their health and development, maybe you’re now thinking of the products that you might need for them. And yes, you’re right. There are a lot of baby products that are definite must-haves. For instance, for feeding your baby, you’ll need a good set of baby bottles and of course, a bottle sterilizer. You may also need either a manual or electric breast pump and breastmilk storage bags if you happen to go back to work and you still want to have a supply of breastmilk for your baby at home.

Other babies' must-haves are car seat, stroller, a crib or a bassinet and more. If you don’t want the hassle of going to the clinic every time, you might as well have a thermometer ready on your baby box together with a nasal aspirator. Babies’ immune system is not that great so they may catch colds easily. As parents, we don’t want that to happen but it’s inevitable. What we can do is to prepare a first aid kit for our little one. We should also send them extra love and care.... always.

Talking about safety, you should also make sure to make your entire house babyproofed. That may sound a lot of work but we really want what’s best for the babies, don’t we? So dear parents, let’s also do everything we can to be the best parents to our little ones.