Baby Won’t Sleep Unless Held: Get This 6 Helpful Tips to Make You Happy!

Babies love the warmth of their parents, and she especially loves being held in their arms. Because who wouldn't? It’s like being on a safe and loving pillow that just holds you for as long as you want.

But now you might be struggling:

“What can you do when your baby won’t sleep unless held?”


It is great for a baby, but it wouldn’t be so great for you. If this means that you can’t put her in the crib nor take a nap anywhere else other than your chest, it will result in absolutely no comfortable sleep whatsoever for you.

2 Common Causes Why They Want to Sleep in Your Arms

Baby’s behavior is like this because of a certain reason or two:

1. Baby Got Used to Sleep on Your Chest

​From birth, this maternal bond between you and your baby is very deep. You might not even leave her side all along. A slight cry may worry you. If only possible, you do not want to put your baby down nor leaving her out of sight.

Babies get used to that comfort of sleeping in your arms, bounced and pampered mostly all throughout the day. When it is time to put her down, for her, she is being ripped off of her comfort zone.

​2. Baby Is Not Used to Sleeping in Her Crib.

​Other than that, babies need to adjust to the new feel of the crib or the sleeping surface. Position in lying down is completely different from being held. It could be the hard surface or the feeling of being cold, away from a mother’s embrace.

If your baby is still less than a month old, this type of behavior is natural. Your baby may wake up every hour at the first few days but she will get used to it. You can ask help from your partner to take turns while you are still looking for ways to resolve the situation.

Here are 6 Helpful Tips to Make You Happy Again!

​As days pass by, your baby would be gaining weight. It will take a toll to your tired arms. Do not forget, you just gave birth, and you need all the rest you can get.

Important: If there is somebody who needs the best care, it is not just your baby, but also yourself! But stay with me, and learn the different techniques, on how to put your baby down without fuss.

#1 Swaddling, making your baby the same warmth that you give her.

This trick works well. Your baby loves the warmth that you give her while you wrap your arms around her, so all you have to do is mimic that feeling. You would be able to do that through swaddling. Get a swaddle wrap blanket to make her feel as if you’re still holding her. This way, you would be able to place her in the crib.

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#2 Your scent, assuring your baby you are just near.

Place your scent where your baby can get a whiff using perhaps a piece of clothing that belongs to you. while she is sleeping, she would feel more at peace because your scent is there to reassure that you are just very near.

#3 Keep a routine, giving your baby awareness of schedule.

If you’re comfortable with this suggestion, you should try creating a strict schedule or try to show your baby that you aren’t going to be holding her constantly. There will be a lot of tears, yes, but make sure that you aren’t overdoing it!

#4 Comfortable room, just as comfy as your arms!

If you think that it may be the environment that is bothering the baby, then maybe you can change the surface of her crib.

Add a comfortable mattress, but not a lot of stuffed toys or pillows (you might end up suffocating the baby), apply white noise to the room because babies prefer a little noise due to their time in the womb. Setting the temperature not too cold or warm is needed too.

#5 Feeding, for baby contentment.

The most common method of getting your baby to sleep. Give her lots of milk, but not to the point where she is overfed. Rock her until she falls to sleep.

Afterward, place her in the crib or the area you wish for her to nap in, and wait. This will require multiple practices until your baby has grown used to the crib.

#6 Wear your baby!

I know that this does not completely solve the whole problem. You can apply this solution when you are in transition to let your baby sleep in the crib. At least, with the sling, you can wear your baby anytime. Your arms will be free, and you can move around doing some chores.

Remember, if your baby is still at the infant stage, her not sleeping anywhere else other than on you is completely natural, and if left sleeping alone, she will soon grow out of it as time pass by.

If you have tried everything you can just to make her sleep in a bassinet and is not working, check for signs of your baby being in pain, grunting at night or feeling sick. If this is indeed the case, then take her to the nearest pediatrician and have her checked out before anything else gets worse.

Like I said before, it’s really adorable having a baby snuggle up with you and prefer you compared to anything else, however when it gets too much you would get over-fatigued and it well affect your health.

How are you supposed to sleep when you have a mini you who needs a lot of care right in your arms? It’s indeed something very tough to live with, and so you would need to change this as soon as possible.

Now you do not need to worry when your baby won’t sleep unless held or bounced, this too will pass and when you look back, being a mother is a sweet sacrifice that can compare to nothing. If you have friends there that also needs help in this kind of situation, you can hit share!

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