Baby with Big Nose On Ultrasound : Is it Normal?

Going for that monthly growth scan is pretty amazing; you will see just how much your little one is growing. But you just can't shake off the feeling or the question, 'Why does my baby have a big nose?' The only thing you probably saw in the growth scan was the big tubby nose that's probably centralized on the screen, right?

No need to freak out, really. Today, let's talk about you and your genes and the reasons why your baby's nose looks humongous.


​Growth Scans Don't Reveal All

An ultrasound gives us an overview of our baby's condition inside the womb. And nowadays, with the 3D scan, you can see more than what your parents were able to see when they were pregnant with you. 3D ultrasound is a really incredible piece of medical equipment that shows you what your baby may possibly look like and what your baby's condition is inside your womb.


​Most moms prefer a 3D or 4D scan because we can literally see our baby inside our womb.

2D scans are great but completely disappointing since all we see is gray matter. And that we can't even see where our baby is exactly unless the specialist points it out. 2D ultrasound scans can actually see through your baby and so you'll be able to see that tiny heart beating. But 3D ultrasound lets you see a more realistic image of your baby. 3D scans take pictures of the scanned image of your little one and you can see a real image of your growing baby inside your womb.

4D, on the other hand, involves the element of time, where the fourth dimension is referring to time. This means that you can see your baby actually moving and doing things inside your womb. So, you can see your baby sucking her fingers, or making a grimace.

The thing is, we do see a realistic look of our baby's face and gender but what's so different is that you are looking at your baby swimming in amniotic fluid. Just imagine yourself swimming in the beach for extended periods of time and find your fingers and toes and the rest of your body all wrinkly and stuff.

Your baby is like that too. Their skin is wrinkly and a bit swollen because of the fluid in your tummy. So if you think your baby's nose is extremely large based on the 3D scan, don't be too alarmed. Aside from that, your baby's face is literally being smushed up against your placenta. Some ultrasounds even show an incredibly thick set of lips because that is what's being pushed against the uterine wall or placenta.

A Closer Look inside Your Womb

​If you think your baby's nose was huge inside your womb, you should have seen how swollen my baby's lips were. They were huge and it sort of freaked me out looking at it. But when my baby was born, my little one came out with the cutest lips in the world - not thick, not heavy, but just the right perfect size and shape.

​Your 3D scan can give you an idea of who your baby resembles more: you or your husband. But if you are really wondering if your baby has a big nose or that your baby comes out with a flat nose, then don't look at your scan, but look around you. Your baby will definitely look more like you, your dear husband, or your closest relatives.

So, even if you and your hubby do have big honkers but your siblings and his siblings have small cute noses, then there is a possibility that your baby may not actually inherit your big nose.

​You also need to know which characteristics are very dominant in your family and your husband's family to give you an idea of what your baby will look like. Let's take your baby's nose as an example. If your side of the family have small pointy noses - and look almost the same - but your husband's family has a mix of big noses and smaller ones and even flat ones, then look on the positive side. Your baby has bigger chances of inheriting your family's side because that is a very dominant feature.

Your baby's nose, eyes, ears, and smile

​Your baby will surely inherit more than just your nose. She'll inherit her eyes, ears, and even her smile from someone and it would more than likely be you or your significant other. Your baby's features will more often than not be a mix of both of you.

​Apparently, Harvard Medical School conducted a research and discovered that the father's genes are 3 times more dominant than the mother's. So, if you want to blame somebody for your baby having a huge nose, chances are they are from dad's side.

​Other physical features change from the uterus to when they are born. So, if your little one's nose is smushed up against your womb, you'll find that she actually has a pretty cute and pointed nose once she's born.

If your baby looks like a hairy baboon after being born, wait for about 6 weeks and he'll have the smoothest skin you've ever touched. If your baby's face looks like a shrunken head of Peru, then give it a month and you'll find how handsome he is.

If your baby has Dumbo ears, then wait and you'll see how cute her ears are when she's older. Baby's faces change over time, so if you're not happy with how your baby looks like right now, it's not a problem; they will grow up looking fantastic.

In Summary...

​Whether your baby has a cute button nose or a beak for a honker, it doesn't really matter. Your child grows into it and you will still end up loving your little one no matter what she looks like. But always depending on what you see in ultrasound is entirely different from actually seeing your baby once she's born.

So, getting a 3D scan of your baby with a huge nose doesn't completely show you the real picture, just wait and see and be happy!

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