Baby Wakes Up Every Hour: 12 Helpful Tips To Make Them Sleep Peacefully

Babies sleep a lot and that’s not something new, after all, what else do they have to do other than eating, pooping, sleeping, and burping? Being a baby, of course, napping is something that’s normal to them, and usually, a baby would be sleeping hours straight if they aren’t being disturbed, however, what happens when a baby wakes up every hour? Well, you won’t be getting any sleep yourself, that’s for sure.


What can you do to stop it? Here are 12 different techniques you should master to make them sleep through the night.

#1 Put Your Newborn To Sleep!

Since they do not know yet what is morning and night, it is hard for them to synchronize their sleeping time with ours. You do not need to stay on duty during night shift! In four months, they will tend to sleep more.

Keep them awake as much as you can at daytime, so they will be exhausted and sleep all through the night.

#2 Get Rid Of The Pacifier

At an early age, baby’s motor skills it no yet fully developed. If you have made your baby used to suck the pacifier while sleeping, surely they will wake up every time it falls off. So get rid of the pacifier and let her sleep without it. She will get used to it in a few days.

#3 White Noise Sounds

Babies easily get disturbed on slight sounds in the surrounding. To disguise or mask these background noises, you can play any sound that will cover it up.

You can play nature’s recording like the sound of the waterfalls, the chirping of birds or even your own voice singing. Sometimes, just the familiar sound of the electric fan does the trick!

#4 Shorten The Mom-Baby Bonding At Night.

If babies are on the stage of physical development like climbing or crawling. They get too excited to explore and discover new things. When it is time to sleep, shorten your bonding. Be firm on when to stop.

When you can still hear her cooing or making sounds later at night, simply ignore. She will sleep it over eventually.

#5 Tuck Your Baby Early For Bed Time

Babies are easily worn out. You over-excite them, play with them long or even feed them more would simply stress them. So to avoid over doing much of those, put your baby to bed early. A baby who is physically stressed cannot sleep straight peacefully. Early bedtime means a good night sleep.

#6 Satisfied Baby, Happy Baby.

Nothing can beat the comfort you feel when sleeping contented for the day. It is the same with babies!

Give them a hearty portion of milk, a warm bath, cozy and cool clothes to wear, clean and quiet environment, awesome music and a soft mattress and blanket to sleep with.

What else would make her sleep well? Oh, I did not mention the lazy light attached to her crib. Well, that is going to be a long night’s sleep.

#7 Feed Your Baby Well Before Going To Sleep.

If not properly fed, they would wake up at night asking for milk. Make sure they get the right amount of milk enough to make them sleep the whole night.

#8 Let Your Baby Burp Before Tucking Her In

If you forgot to let your baby burp before sleeping, the gas will stay in her stomach and create discomfort during the night. That would be a good reason why she kept on waking up every hour.

#9 Monitor Your Baby’s Food Intakes.

You might not know that your baby has eaten something that is causing her discomfort during sleeping. Note down food that your baby is allergic to and avoid feeding her with it.

Of course, allergy can bring different physical discomfort. It could be itchiness or difficulty in breathing.

#10 You Might Not Notice That Your Baby Is Teething.

Teething is a painful phase for babies. Swelling gums are a complete discomfort. Fever might even be present on and off within this times. It would be hard for you to make her sleep with this condition. Waking up every hour with her would be something that you need to bear for now.

However, you can help lessen their pain by giving them cool teethers to chew. Doctors may also prescribe a pain reliever for her. Who knows, she can sleep well after taking it.

#11 Habit And Props

Hey mom, did you let your baby build the habit of waking up just to get what she wanted? If that is so, you must not wonder she likes to wake up every hour! Every time she wakes up, do you give her milk? Toy? Pacifier? Massaging or all kinds of soothing? Cut it out! Otherwise, she will tend to wake up whenever she likes it.

How about before sleeping? Did you let your baby get used to being carried and danced to sleep? Or rocking her to the max just to let her fall asleep? The truth is, your baby must have loved it so much that she tends to wake up and want it again. Every time she cries, you do it all over again. Cut it out!

Just cut out all those baby perks that she enjoys before and during sleeping and teach her to sleep on her own. Teach yourself too not to give it to her. It would help you a good deal.

#12 Are You Not Sleeping At Home?

Even adults have this tendency of not sleeping peacefully when not at home. There is something nice and warm that we are used to feeling when sleeping at home and if do not have it, as usual, there is definitely not right. If we feel it, there is no reason why babies don’t.

Babies are very sensitive. When you are having a sleep over to family, friends or simply just traveling, you can bring a portable bed like a cot that she uses at home. It would make her feel the same. Having you around in the room would also help. Seeing you nearby is already home!

Final Thought

So how were all that tips I just gave you? Do you think you can pick up at least 1 or 2 that is good for your baby? Certainly, we are determined to help moms to keep their motherhood experience as amazing as possible. There are plenty of ways how to keep it comfortable, and fun Do not worry, it would be a lifetime of opportunity to make it perfect!

Every baby is unique. All the above tips may not apply to your baby. Good gracious, not even one might apply. So, when your baby wakes up every hour, just remember, being a mom requires a lot of patience. Patience is a virtue, and it is not easy to acquire. Tell yourself, that “This too, will just pass like winter fading for spring…” Truly, babies grow fast. And every phase of growing will also be a fragment of memories that you will keep forever. It is just how it is.

​If you know someone who you think has difficulty in coping up when her baby wakes up every hour, don’t be afraid to share this article on any of your social media! Good luck in raising your child, and don’t forget to rest yourself.

2 thoughts on “Baby Wakes Up Every Hour: 12 Helpful Tips To Make Them Sleep Peacefully”

  1. Hi,

    I am having Non Identical twins. Boy and girl baby. Girl has improved her sleeping pattern after 5th month and wakes up once or twice during night that too at fixed interval for feed. They have been on formula since their birth. But very little on mothers feed. Now both have crossed 9th month. they are given rice, protein and formula / milk, cooked veggies. we expose our babies daily in morning sun for 15 to 20 mins.

    My boy baby is having a very poor sleeping pattern. He wakes up every hour or and half during night. He was more addicted to traditional hanging cradle. However we could control his addiction. but his sleeping pattern has not improved.

    My boy baby goes to sleep around 9 PM. but he wakes up every hour or and half during nights. we too wake up and console him or bottle feed him to get him back to sleep but his sleep only lasts for an hour or little more. this will continue till morning 8:00 AM.

    Invite your suggestions…… / opinions…. for improving his sleeping pattern.

  2. I heard that there was something called sleep training. It is supposed to help your newborn to get on the right schedule when it comes to sleeping. I want to know if anyone has heard about this.

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