Is Your Baby Sweating a Lot? Find Out the Cause!

Often thinking that it's just normal for your baby to sweat a lot because it's been happening since day one may not be a bad thing; up until you start to realize that your baby seems to sweat a lot more than other babies do.


There are some uncertainties brewing in your mind and you're beginning to think that your baby's sweating may not actually be as normal as you think. Don't panic just yet, let's discuss and see if this really is a unique case for your baby or something you should be concerned about.

Do All Babies Sweat?

Yes. All babies do sweat. You have to remember that your baby is different from other babies. And that all babies grow up differently than the other.

So, if your baby sweats a lot while other babies do not, don't hit the panic button just yet. Be keen and start observing other things in your baby that may not look normal and that's the time you should prepare yourself to take additional steps.

Why Do Babies Sweat?

​Babies, in general, sweat a lot. This is because of the prematurity of their sweat glands. Babies’ sweat glands - just like every aspect of their body - are not yet mature. As your baby grows, these glands mature and will in turn lead to lesser sweating.

​Newborn is only sweating on the head. We're sure you've noticed that already. That's because the only active sweat glands in your newborn is found on the head. It is pretty common for your newborn to sweat a lot when she's feeling hot.

​Your environment has a lot to do about it also. A room that is always too hot or even too humid can make your baby sweat. And over bundling your baby in these conditions can cause sweating and even becomes a risk factor for your baby.

​An underlying condition is also a common cause. If your child has an infection, (e.g. Urinary Tract Infection, Wound infection, Respiratory Tract Infection, or something else) she will have symptoms that will lead to sweating.

Major diseases and underlying illnesses can also be a huge factor that causes major sweating. However, in addition to sweating, you should also be diligent in checking other symptoms as well before you judge if your child has an actual disease-causing the profuse sweating

​Night time sweating is very common in certain cases. When you wrap your baby too much, then it can cause your baby to overheat. Since your baby has very limited movements, you'll notice that she'll more than likely wake up in the same position your put her in. This can also cause overheating because the reason why we toss and turn at night is mainly because we feel hot and our body is looking for a way to cool down.

​Sweating while breastfeeding is fairly common. That's because your body heat is warming up your little one's head causing her to sweat.

​Is It Normal For Babies To Sweat Profusely?

​Not in all cases. There are some underlying illnesses when your baby is sweating more often than normal and she's feeling exceedingly uncomfortable with her sweating as well. Your babies may sweat from time to time. They can also sweat a lot when this happens but if your baby is literally sweating almost all the time, then this is nothing close to normal.

What Can I Do To Lessen My Baby's Sweating?

Resist yourself from overbundling your baby. This can be dangerous since your baby can overheat and might lead to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Do not surround the crib with quilts, comforters, thick bumpers and other stuff. You only need a firm mattress, a decent weighing blanket and you're good. If you're not yet sure, let your baby use a wearable blanket instead.

Let your baby wear breathable clothes like pure cotton. It can help a lot especially in warmer weather.

Set the room temperature. This is easier with a thermostat but if you don't have any in your nursery, then you can start by opening the windows.

Hydration, hydration! You need to keep your baby hydrated because sweating can drain her of a lot of her body water content as well as natural body salt and minerals. So, if your little one is purely breastfed, you need to pack in on a lot of liquids and food rich in vitamins and minerals.

When Should I Bring My Baby To The Doctor?

There are medical conditions that can cause your baby to sweat profusely. Here are some of the medical conditions that you should really be more familiar with. But before we get to that, here are some additional symptoms that may point to a different reason why your baby is sweating more than normal:

  • Clammy hands
  • Pale skin
  • Slow or no weight gain
  • Fever
  • Unusual breathing like wheezing and sudden snorting
  • Choking or extra snoring in her sleep

Here are some medical concerns that are related to sweating:

  • Hyperhidrosis : It’s a condition where your baby sweats profusely even in room temperature. You will notice that your baby is sweating unpredictably. Once your little one gets bigger, she'll start sweating even in her armpits and feet and back. This is not a serious health condition but it is treatable.
  • Sleep Apnea : This is a sleeping condition where you baby stops breathing or a few seconds and have difficulty in trying to regain her breathing rhythm and in the difficulty to breathe comes sweating. Other symptoms are bluish pale skin, wheezing, and snoring.
  • Congenital Heart Disease : also known as in-born heart disease, it is characterized by difficulties in breathing, excessive sweating in simple activities like eating and playing.
  • Asthma : It is a respiratory condition that limits your baby's breathing. You will notice your little one will be wheezing, frequent stuffy nose, and heavy breathing.
  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS : it is a dreaded condition that results from your baby overheating in her sleep. When your baby's body is overheating, she falls deeper and deeper into her sleep and may never wake up.

There are other reasons that cause profuse sweating, but you have to see all other symptoms or unusual characteristics in your baby's condition and go to a pediatrician to be able to trace a more accurate reason why your baby sweats a lot.

In Summary...

Sweating is very common for babies mostly due to their small bodies heating up real quickly causing them to sweat almost immediately. In order to lessen your little one from sweating we suggest you do the following:

  • Avoid overbundling
  • No comforters, thick bedding, and heavy crib bumpers in her crib
  • Set room temperature
  • Dress baby properly
  • Hydrate your baby

These will surely lessen her sweating overall. But if your baby is sweating profusely even with all these changes and even in normal environmental conditions and little activity, then take your time and bring your baby to the doctor. Don't panic yet, just be calm and see her pediatrician.

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