Baby Spitting Up Clear Liquid: 12 Surprising Reasons You Should Know

Are you worried why your baby is spitting up clear liquid? You notice that she never runs out of it no matter how she kept on doing it the whole day. Actually, it is not unusual to see them spit. In this article, we are going to find out why they spit and learn some mom facts behind it.


Baby spits usually are saliva, water, milk or a combination of all. Spitting up happens when the food intakes of the baby, go back up and out to her mouth. This should not be a problem if it just goes with minimal volume. However, if your baby frequently spits with a larger amount, it may impose problem in her nutrition. She might not be getting the right amount of food crucial for her development. Watch out for weight loss.

But do you know what’s causing them to spit? Here are reasons behind that every mom should know.

1. Undeveloped LES

There is this valve between the esophagus and the stomach that keeps whatever we swallow down. For babies, it is not yet fully developed.

Usually, it takes the whole 12 months for it to develop fully. Along with your baby’s growth, that valve will fully develop. You call this valve LES, meaning, Lower Esophageal Sphincter.

2. Overfeeding

Babies have a very small stomach. When we overfeed them, it will overflow back up. That is why they spit it out. You call this process Functional Infant Regurgitation.

The length of time and the amount of feeding would continue to change as your baby grows. Follow a certain personal program to give your baby the correct amount of milk for her age. The younger your baby is, the shorter time and the lesser volume of milk she will need.

When a baby is full, do not give them many physical activities to prevent them from spitting.

3. Burping

Burping is releasing unwanted gas bubbles through the esophagus then out to your baby’s mouth. Most of the time, these bubbles bring along with them liquids from down as it goes out, thus the spitting of babies. When it does, that is the time that you call it, Wet Burps

Learn to burp you baby the proper way. There are different ways to burp your baby. Do it against your shoulder, pressing her stomach in sitting position, and let her lay down on her stomach.

4. A Cough, Cold and Sneezes

​Babies who have a cough and cold may spit up clear liquid frequently. When they cough, more so if they are full, milk tends to come up from the stomach and goes out from the mouth.

Most of the time, it would only be saliva like more cases in sneezing. But when she got cold, baby can swallow the mucus and tends to spit it out as well.

5. Teething

​When babies are teething, saliva is produced more than the normal amount. This is the body’s aid for the pain of a growing tooth. It helps cool off and soothe inflamed and tender gums. However, too much saliva causes excessive drooling thus the tendency of a baby spitting up clear liquids.

6. GERD- Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

This condition causes your baby to spit up clear liquid in large amounts that it gives throat pains and abnormality in breathing. Symptoms like gagging, pain and waking up screaming. Spitting up are also called physiological or uncomplicated reflux.

7. Sleeping Position

Frequent spitting up especially with larger amounts happens when you have not put her in the proper position during sleeping. Spitting up may prevent her from breathing.

When lying down, there is a great possibility that spits will go out to the mouth and the nose as well. Most likely it will lead to choking your baby while sleeping. This is a very critical situation that you should be focusing on. Prevent SIDS in all situations.

8. Pyloric Stenosis

This is an abnormality that occurs when your baby’s stomach muscles are too big to let the food pass through. When the muscles contracts, the liquid coming in will shoot up back where it came from. This forceful spitting of liquid may be a result of medical reaction from antibiotics taken by moms as medication.

9. Mother’s Diet

One cause of baby spitting up clear liquid is the allergy of dairy products. There are two ways wherein babies can get those allergies. It could be the milk formula that you have chosen to feed her or the diet you as a mother is having. Baby formula can easily be corrected, right?

However, for mothers, this could be a little bit complicated. Concerned moms drastically change their diet pattern as soon as they found out about allergic reactions to their infants. To help you with this, you need to follow some diet programs that would be recommended by your pediatrician. In the case of uncontrollable baby spitting, it is time to call a doctor.

10. Proper Feeding Position

Baby spitting up clear liquid may occur if you are not feeding your baby in the proper position. There are several methods on how to feed your baby. The two popular methods are the breastfeeding method or the choice of bottle feeding.

Whichever application you decide, there is always a proper position on how to do it. Other not commonly methods are syringe, spoon, cup and SNS finger feeding. Learn to prevent your baby’s spitting up.

After feeding, be sure to let your baby sleep in the proper position to prevent choking.

11. Baby Bottles

​There are lots to consider when buying baby bottles. You should know that every age of the baby, there is a corresponding bottle that fits for her use?

Before buying, consider the age of your baby, and you will find out that the younger the baby, the smaller the bottle and the hole of the nipple as well.

Avoid using big bottles for your baby. The milk will flow fast in larger amounts it would take her a hard time swallowing; this will result to constant spitting of liquid or even lead to chocking.

12. Baby Diapers

​Baby Diapers plays an important role for your growing baby. Choose the diaper that is best for your baby’s age. Using small size diapers for your large baby will give her lots of discomforts. One major problem is the pressure it causes in the abdomen.

Once you feed the baby, the diaper pressure is overwhelming; it will let your baby spit out. Find the right diaper size for your baby.


​How did this article help you? Did we cover all the facts that you need to know in connection to your Baby Spitting Up Clear Liquid? As we have written, this natural phenomenon must not cause worry to you parents.

Babies will outgrow it as they grow up. But when things get a little bit over handy, it is best that you should consult a physician. For more inquiries, follow us, and we will guide you on your journey to motherhood!

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