Tummy Troubles: How to Give Relief When Baby Farts a lot?

My baby farted again! It became a hilarious moment in the family when a member keeps on farting especially when it is a baby. When babies fart, it is easy to laugh about it. Why is that?

Do you know that farting is treatable? I am not saying that when your baby farts a lot, she is sick. Fart is caused by the air that your baby accumulated inside her system. Although farting never hurts, it is the gas pain that gives her pain and discomfort.

Do you want to help out?


In this article, we will introduce different steps on how to help your baby find relief to release all those unwanted gas. In each step would be tutorials on how to do it. This tutorial is quick and easy. Before we start step#1, let us learn a short background on why flatulence occurs.

Note: “Learning the causes certainly helps us look for remedies.”

Common causes of a gassy baby:

#1 Swallowing of Air

Aerophagia, as it is called, swallowing of air, is a common cause of gas in the system. What are the situations that babies can swallow a lot of air?

  • Drinking
  • Eating
  • ​Laughing
  • Crying


Drinking and eating fast causes more intake of air compared to eating and drinking slowly.

Air that babies swallowed during crying are a direct cause of gas pains

#2 The process of breaking down undigested food

Your baby’s digestive tract is not yet mature and still growing. Farts are just part of the milk, lactose, and nutrients being digested in the body. So in the process of breaking down this undigested food, gas accumulates. This happens more frequent when breastfeeding moms do not watch her diet and eat lots of food that encourage gas formation

Reminder: “The diet of a breastfeeding mother greatly affects the health of her baby.”

What do you need in this tutorial?

​This tutorial is purely parent and child activity. All you’ve got to need is your baby, your patience and lots of love. Of course, you would need a comfortable area to do it like the crib, bed or your loving arms.

​Shall we do it?

The Tutorial Steps on Helping Your Baby Find Relief from Frequent Farting

As a mother, knowing your baby comes naturally. Every movement, reaction, and even cries have different meanings for you. So when the baby is about to fart, certainly, you know it would come! Is it about the baby’s facial expression?

Step #1 The Bicycle Way

This step is a good bonding between you and your baby. Often, doing this step tends to make them laugh. You can enjoy this moment as well.

1. Lay your baby on her back on a firm surface

2. Start moving baby’s legs in a bicycle motion. It will help her intestines expel the gas.

  • Move your baby’s leg gently. Do not make the motion fast and do not hold your baby’s leg tight 1
  • Talk to your baby while doing the bicycle motion. It will divert her from the discomfort and pain in releasing the gas.

Step #2 It’s Tummy Time!

Tummy time has many advantages. It makes the baby’s upper part of the body strong especially her arms. It also avoids the chance of your baby developing a flat head. Most importantly, this position gives relief by expelling gas that has settled in the baby’s stomach!

1. Put your baby on the floor, or any stable surface. Doing it on your lap would be fun too.

2. Let your baby do the tummy time every day for 20 minutes. If you notice that she likes the moment, you can do it as frequent when you both like it.

  • It is advisable that the baby is awake during tummy time. The movement that she makes helps a lot in pushing the gas out from the tummy.
  • Be sure that you are around during tummy time to supervise.

Step #3 Massage and Relaxation

It is time for mommies to do their thing. Let the gas out by massaging her tummy. Yeah, you will not only help release the gas out, but you will also let the baby sleep from the wonderful soothing experience!

1. Put your baby on the floor or any secure firm surface.

2. Let your baby lay on her back.

3. Using your hands, rub your baby’s tummy in a clockwise motion

4. You can continue combining the massage and the bicycle way to move gas out.

Note : Do not use too much force while massaging the tummy. The baby structure is still very fragile. Pushing hard may do harm than good. Gentleness is the key to this activity.

Step #4 Classic Swaddling

I know that this has raised questions, but there are lots of evidence that swaddling can give relief to harbored gas in the tummy. This is mostly applicable to baby two months and below.

1. Lay the blanket on a flat and firm surface, in a diamond shape position.

2. Fold top corner downward and place the baby on top.

3. Pull one side of the blanket across your baby’s chest. Tuck it in under opposite arm.

4. Fold the bottom of the blanket over your baby’s feet and tuck behind baby’s shoulder.

5. Pull the remaining side of the blanket across her chest. Tuck it underneath.

Warning: Avoid swaddling if your baby knows how to roll over.

Step #5 Rock Your Baby!

Move your baby! Giving her physical activities can help expel the gas. Give her the “gas hold,” moving her in a certain way like rocking, and bouncing.

1. Hold your baby over your arm facing down.

2. Rock her gently. Make sure you are holding her securely. It would be nice if you have a rocking chair too.

3. Bounce your baby in an up and down position. You can do either way, by sitting or standing


As a parent, we tend never to be satisfied in giving our babies what they need. It feels like we can still give more! That is natural when it comes to love. When you think above tutorial is not enough, I suggest you opt for the next two solutions:

  • Probiotics- Helps maintain good bacteria in the belly.
  • Medications - Anti-gas products can be bought over the counter. I advise that you ask doctor’s prescription when given to your baby.

Probiotics and medications main function are not for the releasing of gas from the baby’s system. They are made to cure other illnesses like colic. However, they can aid in pain relief and release of gas. Make sure not to give these to your baby unless advised by your pediatrician.

Did you find the activities fun? Helping find relief when your baby farts a lot does not need a lot of effort. In fact, it is just like doing your normal daily routine with her. You can make it serious and focused, but you can be creative to stimulate good bonding.

If you all have enjoyed our session for today, I am glad to have helped in my own way. This is what this blog is all about, helping out mothers-to-be and new mothers for an awesome baby-mom experience! Hit the share button and pass this to your friends!

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