The Best Hoverboard for Kids: Today’s Best Brands

Many parents raising kids and teenagers may have probably been asked for a hoverboard. If you're one of them and you've finally decided to buy one, you will be faced with a lot of choices - a challenging responsibility that requires a lot of research!

This article will teach you how to pick the best hoverboards from the many options you'll inevitably face during your search. Below, we'll discuss features, price range, and most importantly, the safety of some of the best ones you can find today.

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5 Best Sausage Stuffers for Your Home and Business (2018 Reviews and Guides)

It is so easy to get quality sausages in supermarkets, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could make your own from scratch?

You’d be surprised at how easy it is to make homemade sausages. Over the years the technology of stuffers have improved and have become more and more accessible. In this article, we’ll give you some of the best options. Whether you’re using it for your daily meals or a small business, there is something here for everyone.

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The 6 Best Lump Charcoal Brands You Should Check Out

Grilling and smoking are art forms. It takes research, patience, and lots of trial and error. If you'd like to get serious about it, one of the most important things that you need to learn is which type of charcoal to use.

This article is for those who are planning on getting started with grilling, as well as the experienced ones who would like to explore new options. The wide array of choices for the best lump charcoal could get a bit confusing, so allow me to narrow things down for you. Below, you will find information that could help you in your search, and answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

There is a wide array of excellent products out there, so you need to evaluate which one will fit your taste, cooking method, and griller. Are you doing low-and-slow, or hot-and-fast? Are you working with an open grill or a closed one like kamado? Read on and this article could guide you through which type to use! 

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The Search for the Best Baby Swing in 2018 (Guides and Reviews)

Babies love to be held and soothed all the time. Once you put them down, then that’s when the chaos starts. A baby swing is your lifesaver!

Baby swings will work magic on your grumpy baby. With the best baby swing, the screaming and crying would disappear.

Most baby swings are not only designed to swing or bounce but also have additional features like toys and sounds. The mobiles are visually appealing to captivate your baby’s attention and the music could help them fall asleep, alongside the smooth rocking motion.

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Finding The Best Baby Monitors (2018 Reviews and Guides)

Being a new parent means wanting to keep an eye on your baby all the time, but sadly, it’s not possible. If you have to stay outside for long or just a moment, you need a reliable baby monitor.

Having a baby monitor will ease the anxiety that comes along whenever your baby is sleeping in another room, is left at home, or just simply out of your sight.

Baby monitors allow you to monitor your baby from practically anywhere. The digital age is here and baby monitors are upgraded too for your convenience. Most baby monitors nowadays are app-enabled or have Wi-Fi connectivity.

Find your baby’s digital companion on my ultimate list of the best baby monitors. 

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The Ultimate Baby Checklist: 25 Best Baby Clothes for Your Baby

Shopping for baby clothing when getting ready for your little bundle of joy is one of the best parts of parenthood, but there is a vast selection of cute and adorable baby clothes that it may become overwhelming to choose the right outfit.

A lot of factors should be considered before choosing your baby’s clothes. The most important ones are the function, good fabric, comfort, safety, and convenience in dressing. Another consideration is that babies grow fast. Thinking ahead wisely can help parents stick with the basics.

Let me make your job easier and help you find the best baby clothes your little one must have in his first months.

Take out your notes and add these baby essentials to your checklist and wardrobe.

So here we go!

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Finding the Best Breast Pumps You Can Buy (2018 Guide and Reviews)

When it comes to baby’s nutrition, you want to give your baby only the best, so you choose to breastfeed. You are so determined that you want to give your baby only your breast milk, by all means, no matter where you are.

If you have landed on this page, it’s probably you want to buy a breast pump since you are planning or already are breastfeeding your little one, but some situations do not let you do it exclusively. It’s either you are going back to work, or you have to go out occasionally.

As the best mom that you are, I want to lessen your load, save you time and effort, and guide you to the right path of finding the best breast pump that fits your lifestyle and budget.

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How To Pick Safe Toys For Your Active Baby

If you respect your child’s right to play, you will buy him or her safe toys to play with. It is worth noting, however, that toys are not just playthings. They educate and inspire your child. By so doing, they impact positively on his or her growth and development.

Buying toys for children is guided by three main factors, namely:

  • The age of the baby.

  • The gender of the baby.

  • The type of toys available.

  • Let us consider each of these factors briefly.

The Age of The Baby

Right from the time a child is born, she grows mentally and physically. Every day, month and year brings new changes, and so requires new toys and games. For example, from the first day to the end of the first month, infants stare at their hands. They also track movements with their eyes. In the next month, they begin playing with the fingers they were staring at in the previous month. They also begin smiling.

Days come and go. Playing with fingers graduates into gripping objects firmly. A kid plays with these objects in the third and fourth months. The smile is gradually replaced with laughter. The fifth month comes with the ability to transfer objects and toys from one hand to the other. In the following month, the child can rake small objects with his or her hands. This is the time to buy toys like never before.

After the cross of six months comes a myriad of changes to the child. Precisely, she crawls and scoots in the seventh month. She then sits comfortably without your support in the eighth month. By the ninth month, she will try to crawl up the stairs. She will also be able to clap her hands and she will enjoy interactive games.

During the last quarter of the year, the child can stack and sort her toys. She needs staking toys. If she comes across a book, she can turn the pages one by one. She will imitate your actions. When you make a call, for example, she will try to make one with empty hands. This is the time to buy her phone-like toys.

The Gender of The Baby

Children’s toys are tied to their growth and development into responsible adulthood. A boy will grow into a responsible man while a girl will grow into a responsible woman. This means that each baby requires a different set of toys. Naturally, boy will be fascinated by ride-on toys such as tractors with trailers. A girl, on the other hand, will be awed by teddy bears.

The Type of Toys Available

Some toys are not allowed in some countries. Others are just not available in the market when you need them. A child will make use of whatever is available for play. That is why you will see kids playing with spoons, cardboards, and plastic bowls. It is also possible to make handmade toys for your children.

Buying Guide for Toys for Your Active Baby

You now know the factors to consider when choosing a toy for your kid. Here are a few tips to buy the best toy from the market :

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    Understand your child - Don’t adopt the one-size-fits-all technique when choosing the right toy for baby. Every child is unique. For example, some children walk before they reach their first birthday. Others walk a while later. Therefore, consider the unique abilities of your baby and choose a suitable toy.
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    Buy a safe toy – Make sure you consider all the safety guidelines before you buy a toy. For instance, a good toy for your baby should be made of a safe material and should not have sharp edges.
  • location-arrow
    Read reviews – You are always advised to read user reviews of toys before you buy them. This is so especially if you are buying the toys for the first time.
  • location-arrow
    Too much of everything is dangerous – Buying your baby too many toys will do more harm than good.

Safe ride on toy cars for babies

There are several toy types that are suitable for babies under one year. However, ride on toys deserve an honorable mention. This is because their demand has skyrocketed in the past few decades. Ride on cars for kids and toddlers are particularly popular all over the world. There are several things to check for in an electric car for a baby. For instance, you need to consider the size, features and specifications as well cost. If you are looking for an electric car for your son or daughter, be careful to pick the best one. You may need to consider those reviewed by Cloodjo.

Let’s Talk About Your Baby With Big Eyes – All You Need To Know

It seems there are only two things adults find universally cute: cats and babies. Look around YouTube, and you’ll discover some of the trending videos are those that feature them (better if they’re all together).

Why do we find babies pretty, cuddly, and cute? According to research, it has something to do with instinct. Nature has made it this way so we’d be more than willing to take care or nurture them.

But even if the world agrees babies are cute, we do tend to have our preferences. And while every parent will say their infants top the adorability chart, most look for certain criteria. According to studies, people prefer babies with small faces and big eyes – yes, the “anime look.”

Not only are eyes beautiful, but they are also very expressive, and infants are great in that area. When they love, their eyes light up with glee and delight. They capture the perfect essence of wonderment or curiosity. Big eyes also highlight the color of the eyes, which only add more beauty to the face. 

Learn More about the Eyes

But perhaps the eyes are such a prominent part of the face of babies they are also a common subject of misconceptions. One of these is they are already born with a fully developed set of eyes.

The eyes develop early in utero. By the time the baby is already two weeks old, these organs will start to form. They will continue to grow and develop as the fetus also achieves maturity. That doesn’t mean, however, babies already have mature eyes once they’re out in the world.

For one, the size of their eyes will change over time. According to American Academy of Ophthalmology, the eyes of an adult will measure around 24 millimeters in length. Newborns, meanwhile, will have about 16.5 millimeters.

Eye facts from the College of Medicine of University of Illinois also point out that the size of the infant eyes is around 75 percent of that of an adult. Moreover, both references reveal they will grow significantly within the next two years of the baby’s life. There’s another one when they reach the age of adolescence.

It’s also not true that their eye color will remain the same. It’s possible for them to change depending on the amount of melanin, which refers to the pigments of color the skin cells produce. Many factors affect its production, such as genetics and exposure to sunlight. The more the person is generally exposed to the sun, the more melanin their skin produces. It is the body’s defense mechanism against the harmful UV rays.

Caucasian babies are more prone to experience changes in eye color as their skin cells gradually build up melanin. For this reason, their blue eyes may become brown or hazel. The best time to determine the exact color of their eyes is when they’re around 9 months old. By then, the color is already permanent.

Most of all, not all big eyes are cute. Some of them may require medical attention and even urgent treatment. 

The Problem with Big Eyes


A baby with big eyes should not cause you any alarm, but you need to focus on the concurrent signs and symptoms. They may tell you your baby’s sight is in trouble. Some of these conditions are the following:

  • Childhood Glaucoma – Also known as pediatric glaucoma, it is a rare eye condition characterized by vision loss. The problem is usually congenital, specifically poor development of the drainage of the eyes. In turn, intraocular pressure builds up and slowly damages the optic nerves, which delivers visual signals to the brain. Some of its symptoms are unusually large eyes, light sensitivity, and constant tearing.
    Babies diagnosed with glaucoma can be treated with surgery or medications such as eye drops that help keep the pressure down or at a normal range. None of these, though, will restore the lost vision. 
  • Megalocornea – It refers to an unusually large size of the cornea. Found at the front, it is on top of the lens, iris, and pupil. Its job is to help refract light as it enters the eyes, allowing the organ to gain focusing power. Children and babies with the condition usually have corneas measuring at least 13 millimeters. This may occur along with childhood glaucoma, or it can be primary megalocornea. The biggest difference is if it’s the latter, the condition is non-progressive.
    Babies with primary megalocornea do not carry the risk of vision loss or rupture of the cornea. In fact, they can still have good-quality eyesight, although some may eventually develop refractive issues such as astigmatism (or blurry vision).

Infant Eye Examination

Parents can spend their time measuring their children’s eyes. Besides, not all eye conditions can be detected by the naked eye. Instead, they require the expertise of a pediatrician.

Right after babies are born, they go through their first newborn test. The pediatrician will assess factors such as respiration, breathing, and condition of the main organs including the eyes. As your baby grows, especially during the first two years, the pediatrician conducts almost the same kind of evaluation every visit.

What exactly happens? Using a penlight, the pediatrician will check the exterior of the eyes, including the sides. The doctor will take note of the alignment, movement, and size. He or she will also determine if the development of the eyes or vision is in accordance to the expected development based on the baby’s age.

He or she may also obtain your family’s medical history as some conditions can be passed on to children, including infants. Some groups are also prone to certain eye diseases. For example, megalocornea is X-linked, so it occurs in males.

If the doctor notices anything different or a potential problem, he or she either provides the treatment or refers you to a specialist such as a pediatric ophthalmologist.

By making sure your baby sees his or her pediatrician on a regular basis, you can help prevent any possible complications that may reduce your child’s vision later. 

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